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Devices on my home network (less modem):

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None -- who said I had a home network?
  788 votes / 2%
But a single one, typically.
  749 votes / 2%
Two or three, typically.
  5677 votes / 17%
Between 4 and 10, inclusive, typically.
  18386 votes / 56%
More than 10, typically.
  5208 votes / 16%
Should I count the neighbors on my Wi-Fi?
  1460 votes / 4%
32268 total votes.
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Devices on my home network (less modem):

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  • by bragr (1612015) * on Friday October 21, 2011 @12:15AM (#37787518)
    Off the top of my head: Between the 3 people that live here (girlfriend, apartment mate, and I), and the roommates girlfriend who is frequently over, there are up to: 3 Androids, 1 Blackberry, 4 laptops, a chromebook, a media center, and home file/media server. This doesn't include assorted other devices belonging to friends who visit regularly. There is actually enough traffic that I am considering putting in a second access point to lesson the peak loads.
  • 13 desktops, 3 laptops, 2 access points, one Wii, one wired printer and one wireless printer.
  • by therufus (677843) on Friday October 21, 2011 @12:18AM (#37787532)

    Web/Samba server
    Torrent server
    Main PC
    Parents PC
    Nintendo Wii
    HTC Desire HD
    Samsung Galaxy S2

    That's 9 by my count.

    • masterix (my main server)
      fasterix (development machine)
      terabytix01 (first nas)
      terabytix02 (second nas)
      gamix (game pc)
      bobix (sons laptop)
      connerix (other sons laptop)
      assurancetourcix (squeezebox touch)
      boomix (squeezebox boom)
      squeezix (squeezebox classic)
      popcorn hour
      4 android mobiles
      hp procurve 24 port switch

      the tablet is coming next week.

    • by mapkinase (958129)

      I am sure you won something here, I am not sure what it is though.

    • by Jim Hall (2985)

      I have:

      game console
      2 Roku
      2 laptops
      backup server (old MacMini)
      2 smartphones

      That's 9. Wow, that's a lot more than I thought. Had to list them all out to realize I have a lot of networked stuff.

    • by dj245 (732906)
      This is one of the reasons I put a patch panel in my basement and am running Cat6 all over the house, with multiple drops at each room location. WIFI can maybe cut it for now with a few devices, but the trend is to have more and more high-bandwidth devices.

      Plus, I can easilly set up a CCTV system and run it over the Cat6 with baluns on each end. Cat6 in every room is not only very useful for me, but adds a lot of value to my house (for the right buyer obviously). Maybe home networking will go fiber at
  • Hrm... 1 printer, 3 desktop computers, 2 laptop computers, 2 phones, 2 iPads, 1 PS3. I think I picked the wrong category and crept into over 10 devices.

    For a 2 person household, I think it's time to cull.

    • by arth1 (260657)

      That's not much at all.

      Seriously, the poll doesn't make sense to me. What about those of us with more than one home network? Are we supposed to count devices once for each network they connect to, or just count the largest network, or count each device connected to a network?
      If the latter, well, in a two person household:

      3 Linux servers
      1 Firewall router
      2 access points (separate 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz)
      1 wireless bridge
      3 switches
      1-2 workstations
      4-5 laptops
      1 PDA
      1 e-book reader
      1 mobile phone
      1 PSP
      1 LocationFree TV

    • Yeah I can't tell if it's awesome that we're living in the future... or if it's a sign of a soon to implode society but as a (1) person household:

      - Desktop
      - Tablet PC
      - Android Tablet
      - Phone
      - Xbox 360
      - TV
      - HD-DVD player
      - Kindle
      + 1 web manageable router
      + 1 web manageable AP

      So about 8-10 per capita (of one). And I was eyeing a networked printer this week to be able to move that off to a closet...

  • 2 Tivos
    Two Mac laptops
    One old Mac laptop acting as a movie server
    Two iPads
    iPod Touch (plus another old Touch that only gets used once in a blue moon)
    Android phone
    (do I count network hard drives?)

    And here I thought I'd actually cut back on devices recently - guess the portable ones are the problem...

  • and I have not a home where to install a network, you insensitive clod!
  • - My desktop (Win 7)
    - Wife's desktop (Linux)
    - My laptop (Win XP)
    - Wife's laptop (Mac OS X)
    - Server (Linux)
    - NAS (embedded Linux)
    - uPnP media player (WDTV Live)
    - Games console
    - My iPhone
    - Our iPad

    This will soon grow to 11 as my wife is going to buy a smartphone of some description soon. List does not include the 4-port modem/router itself, nor any switches (got a couple of HP Procurves in there).

    • You should be ashamed that your wife is out geeking you.

      • by Cimexus (1355033)

        How would that be? Because she runs Linux/Mac OS rather than Windows?

        Firstly, she almost never uses the (Linux) desktop. Literally a few times a year. 99% of her use is on the Mac which I wouldn't call "outgeeking". Secondly I run Windows on my primary machine(s) because I'm a gamer - it's the only realistic choice for what is, primarily, a games machine. The Linux server is basically "mine" so I do have a Linux box to experiment with still.

        Having said that, she's a geek too, but to say she outgeeks me migh

    • by Bigbutt (65939)

      - My desktop - Win7 (three virtual desktops; FreeBSD, Red Hat, Windows 98 SE)
      - My laptop - OS X
      - Wife's laptop - Vista
      - My Tablet - iPad
      - Wife's tablet - iPad 2
      - My phone - iPhone 3GS
      - Wife's phone - iPhone 4S
      - Firewall - Linux
      - Work Laptop - OS X
      - Printer
      - Game Console - WII
      - Two switches ( I counted them as they're on the network :shrug: )
      - Apple Extreme WAP ( counted this too as it's separate from the cable modem )

      I have a few other systems in the closet or under the desk but they're not normally on and

    • by danomac (1032160)

      I've got:

      Asus RT-N16
      Desktop (linux, Win dual boot for games)
      Laptop (linux, Win dual boot)
      HTPC (linux/mythtv/xbmc)
      Server (linux)
      Xbox 360
      Mac Mini
      Galaxy S phone

      I think I'm forgetting something though. Meh...

  • by agm (467017)

    A lot when you think about it:

    1 "normal" PC (Linux)
    Wife's PC (Windows)
    Printer x 2
    Digital photo frame (actually a butchered laptop runny Damn Small Linux)
    iPod Touch
    Nokia phone.
    CNC computer in garage (running real time Ubuntu)

    Which is 11.

  • Desktop PC
    Macbook Pro
    WIndows laptop

    I think that covers most things.

  • 1 Desktop (Debian)
    2 Laptops (Debian + OSX)
    1 PS3
    1 PS2
    1 Wii
    2 Phones (iPhone + N9)
    1 TV

    And of course whenever someone comes over the number increases. I had to increase the DHCP pool and switch to a larger subnet, as many devices would clash.

    • Hah, I voted wrong. I forgot to include the phones. That takes me to at least 11. Could be even higher with all the gear I've got piled up that I intend to do something with 'someday'.

  • Does dumb switches count? Because I have a few netgear gigabit switches as well.. and ip cameras.. and.. and..

  • by EnsilZah (575600) <> on Friday October 21, 2011 @07:15AM (#37789238)

    Pretend I enumerated them and I'll pretend you cared.

  • android_a14807b008bd87f xx:xx:xx:xx:CE:72 1 day 00:00:00
    abby-laptop xx:xx:xx:xx:E1:CA Static
    eeepad xx:xx:xx:xx:02:21 Static
    lg-bd530 xx:xx:xx:xx:F2:5F Static
    p1505n xx:xx:xx:xx:B9:00 Static
    mini xx:xx:xx:xx:40:7
  • 2 adults (we both are IT) & a male teenager

    File server (ppc powermac)
    desktop x 3 (iMac & 2 homebuilt game rigs)
    Laptop x 4 (MacBook pro & 3 windows)
    iPhone x 3
    iPad x 2
    PS3 x 2
    DirecTV connector

    Extra credit - I cabled the house myself
  • Hmm let's see, we got 2 velociraptors with Iphones. We really did try to switch them to Droids but you ever try to take a toy away from a raptor?
    Then there is the room full of monkey(s) trying to type out Shakespeare's works, kind of open on the count from that room. My buddy says it is infinite but I think we can eventually count them all. ;)
    Now the neighbors who keep hacking into my wifi are really starting to bother me because they have at least 3 servers loaded with illegal music, movies and the com
  • With so many connected devices these days, it's easy to go > 10. The AT&T guy that was working on my DSL a couple years ago said he had never seen anyone with the amount of devices that were on mine, but from some of the responses I see here, it is not uncommon. We do not have smartphones, or the total would be even higher

    5 PCs and a Mac - I have a PC and a Mac, wife and kids have their own PC (and that is not counting VMs)
    2 PS3s for Blu-Ray and gaming
    Xbox 360
    3 Ipod Touch
    2 TVs with In
  • Cat (Score:5, Funny)

    by Quadari (877345) on Friday October 21, 2011 @08:58AM (#37790022)
    The cat sometimes likes to sit on top of the router because it's warm. Does that count as being "on" the network?
  • 4 laptops
    3 desktops
    4 smartphones

  • Couple of PCs, a netbook, a TV, a BD player, Dreambox, some sort of phone (make? who cares - it's only a phone), printer, NAS, Roku.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday October 21, 2011 @09:49AM (#37790864)

    Heh. It reminds me when, about two years ago, a neighbour came over to complain because my wifi was not working. One of the most surrealistic situations I've ever lived.

  • 2 laptops,
    1 netbook
    1 Wii
    2 printers , one laser, one inkjet
    2 NAS
    1 PAP2T (VOIP) I'm surprised I don't see more on Slashdot.
    4 desktops, Windows XP, Windows 98 (GPS maps + MIDI workstation), Ubuntu Studio 10.10.

    Do I count 3 network switches to connect clusters of devices in a room?

  • by subreality (157447)

    5 desktops
    4 laptops
    3 smartphones
    3 powerline networking bridges
    3 access points
    1 router
    1 SIP ATA
    1 Withings scale
    1 printer
    1 Roku
    1 SNMP plugstrip

    Plus a bunch more if you count things that don't have an address, like switches

    And even more if you count VMs

  • 3 laptops (mine, wife, work)
    1 desktop
    1 netbook
    3 Android smart phones (mine, wife, work)
    1 Roku
    1 Wii
    1 iPad
    1 Zune (but I haven't used it in years)
    1 old iPhone 3G, now used as a glorified iPod Touch
    1 camera with an EyeFi card

  • iMac, PowerBook, MacMini, HP PC 1, HP PC 2, Xbox, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, 4 android tablets, Sun Sparc Server.....

    Oh and a kindle when my Dad comes to visit...which seems like every couple weeks. All his doctors are close to me. It's a 4 hour drive from where he lives now.

    Should be pointed out that I do work from my home, so things like the android phone and tablets are all from work related projects where I was testing various hardware configurations.

  • Iphone,iphone,ipad,ipad,ipod.
    TV,appleTV, xbox,ps3,wii, bluray.
    BedroomTV, bedroom AppleTV, bedroom Bluray. bedroom xbox.
    guest bedroom TV, guest bedroom appleTV
    Cisco phone,Cisco phone,Cisco phone,Cisco phone,Cisco phone,Cisco phone
    Office PC, Office Mac
    Wifes Laptop, My laptop.
    House Server, Trixbox server, Theater Crestron processor, House Crestron Processor.
    Whole House AADS, Two mp3 servers, Sirius radio IP reciever.
    Garage PC, 2 AP's and 3 managed switches.

    Only 39 IP addresses excluding the iPCop router. so I

  • Lets see
    3 desktops for my primary work area
    1 Desktop for girlfriend
    1 Laptop
    1 netbook
    1 color laser
    1 multifunction inkjet (never print on it though)
    1 wii
    1 Playstation
    2 xbox 360's used as media center extenders
    3 Wifi bridges (double up as 100bt switches)
    2 Gige switches
    1 storage server (18tb usable)
    1 WMC Server
    1 HD Homerun
    2 Tivo's
    4 droids (old ones makes great remotes)
    5 voip phones
    8 ip security cameras
    1 Hottub (yea it's got wifi)

    And probably a handfull servers for work at any given time. The Tivo's and the xbo

  • by cygnwolf (601176)
    3 people in the household... Not counting the modem, I have: IPCop firewall/gateway (Jove) Network 1 (Green) 2 PCs (Mine and wife's)(Europa and Callypso) All-in-one Printer/Scanner A single switch for these items. Network2 (blue) Wireless access point. 2 i-pods (Haley and Encke) 2 Laptops (Phobos and Deimos) Wii 1 Blue Ray Player 1 Roku Sooo 11 not counting network hardware, but counting the firewall machine...
  • More than 0, typically. I am the 98%!

  • Connected to the 12 Mbit DSL modem...
    • 1 - 24 port 10/100/1000 switch
    • 3 - Wireless AP's to cover the whole upstairs/downstairs reliably and cover the back yard.
    • 1 - Vonage VOIP station
    • 1 - Linux server for all external facing services
    • 1 - Windows 2008 server - for email handling
    • 4 - PC's directly hard-wire connected
    • 1 - Blu-Ray player hard-wire connected
    • 1 - XBox 360 - hard-wired
    • 1 - HP Printer hard-wired
    • 1 - Wii - over wireless
    • 3 - DirecTV receivers - through DirectCinema box over wireless
    • 2 - PC's over wireless
    • 1 - La
  • Wii, Acer mini-laptop, Cr-48, two desktops, printer, rarely an ancient Dell laptop.

  • router
    laptops (3)
    servers (2)
    smartphone when I'm home

  • by Skynyrd (25155)

    2 smart phones (mine & hers)
    2 computers (mine & hers)
    1 PS3
    1 media computer (connected to amp/tv)
    1 NAS for media

    Probably typical for people without kids.
    We may add an iPad or tablet.

  • I run a sneakernet. Every device in existence is technically on it. Most of them have a very high latency, however.
  • by dave562 (969951)

    I don't need the headache at home. Between my desktop, PS3 and my girl friend's computer we're up to three devices. Four if you count the firewall, five for the wifi AP. Six for the MBP, seven for the work laptop.

    I admin a multi-hundred node network. The last thing I want to deal with is more admin work when I get home.

  • 2 people

    my main laptop - Server08
    her main laptop - Vista
    media pc/file server - Server08
    extra laptop - Win8
    firewall/DHCP server - linux
    security cam DVR - linux
    backup PC - dualboot ubuntu+Server08
    car diagnostics laptop - Win2000
    laser printer
    digital camera, via Eye-fi (in the mail)
    Verizon FiOS STB x 2
    2 x 10/100 switch
    1 x 10/100/1000 switch

    no phone type things
  • NAT/DHCP router, only device with an external IP address
    current computer
    smart phone
    and the neighbor pays for his share of the wireless, so he has three devices that have the WPA password. Think he only uses one, though.

    If we count virtual machine, I have two running right now. One webserver, and the other a pentest set.

    Other devices that are here and are able to connect (have a cable to them, have their MAC on the DHCP filter list):
    old laptop, rare that I need it but it's still conne

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