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Comment: Re:The low end tablet market is sewn up (Score 1) 87

by im_thatoneguy (#46811747) Attached to: AMD Not Trying To Get Its Chips Into Low-Cost Tablets

Because if the market for x86 is destroyed by ARM there will be no more high end x86 market. ARM would love AMD to take the sidelines and cede the market entirely. Then they'll try to sell you an ARM desktop.

Intel is wise enough to see that they need to be a competitor now or be a has-been later. But AMD might recognize this and figure that Intel can do the hard fighting for x86 continuity and then just reap the rewards.

Comment: Re:2 1/2 D (Score 1) 126

by im_thatoneguy (#46811643) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

But that's exactly the problem that 2.5D brings. You don't know what's behind foreground objects.

That's not necessarily true. With a deep framebuffer you can have multiple ZSamples including occluded objects. For DOF that would be perfectly sufficient and a 2.5D point cloud. Conversely you could have a perfectly detailed 3D scene but use a per-pixel camera projection of your plate to refocus but have occlusion artifacts.

2.5D/3D isn't terribly important for DOF calculation. Then again even with the Deep image you still would have problems with reflections on curved objects and refraction etc.

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by im_thatoneguy (#46811513) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

The market is brutal. If he had said "I tried to get a job at Pixar, SPI, Dreamworks etc but I couldn't make the cut" I would give the guy some slack. But if you're going to claim that you're hot shit an award winning animator and the only unemployable because you didn't suck up to the right people then I'm going to call you on it. Plenty of people aren't employed due to lack of talent/practice/training in this industry. But don't say it's because you didn't go to the right parties or you didn't hold the door open for a recruiter.

Comment: Re:A different beast (Score 1) 285

by im_thatoneguy (#46802991) Attached to: $42,000 Prosthetic Hand Outperformed By $50 3D Printed Hand

More importantly it ignores labor costs. Simply listing the price of the materials isn't an apples to apples comparison to the robotic hand which needs someone to setup the 3D printer, and then actually assemble the hand (Probably takes someone with a working hand to perform the threading of the cables etc.)

Comment: Re:Sunk Costs (Score 5, Insightful) 285

by im_thatoneguy (#46802393) Attached to: $42,000 Prosthetic Hand Outperformed By $50 3D Printed Hand

Well, not only that but most people don't know how to operate a 3D printer, nor how to customize the hand to fit the individual. So while the $42,000 hand includes the professional services involved with fitting the device, the 3D printed one depends on a charitable donation from the 3D printing operator to do the work. It won't be much but it's all probably going to be significantly higher ($400-$1,000) for the human being to operate and configure the 3D model for the individual.

I bet there are only $100 worth of aluminum, gold, silicon and acrylic in the $42,000 hand too.

This drives me crazy when people don't include the costs of labor. It would be like someone getting a car donated to them and saying "Wow cars only cost $200 for a title and registration! Why do people pay thousands of dollars for a car!?" Because someone gave you one for free!

I work in film production. I have a $50k camera that I rent out. On most productions your total rental per day will be about $2,000 a day. Now you could say that you could shoot a TV commercial for "only $2,000 in rentals!" But that ignores the fact that cameras don't operate on their own, lights don't just place themselves, actors should be paid for their skills, assistant directors need to keep production on schedule, locations need to be paid for the rights to use their property etc. So yeah it "only costs $2,000" as long as you ignore the $20,000 per day in crew costs for a small production.

People who say a film only costs $20,000 to make are either productions that somehow shot and finished in 1 day or else they're saying that their crew's time was worth nothing.

If I spent $10,000 on a 3D printer. I couldn't just open the box and push the "Give me a 3D Prosthetic Hand" button. I would either need to spend a good week or so learning how to print ($100 an hour * 40 hours = $4,000) or else spend $1,000 on a professional to setup and configure the scene/hand for me specifically. /Rant.

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by im_thatoneguy (#46797029) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

You couldn't find a job at any of the studios? What did you do to piss people off? I know plenty of people without any connections who are doing just fine finding animation gigs. I hate to be "that guy" but the only person who I've ever heard about making the right connections was someone who showed up in town, didn't get anything within a couple months of showing up and complained that the whole system was rigged and left. If you are blacklisted you must have been a world class asshole to a lot of people.

Comment: Re:2 1/2 D (Score 1) 126

by im_thatoneguy (#46796859) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

If you have a depth channel you could displace a 3D plane in camera space and render that in 3D. So 2.5D/3D is a bit arbitrary.

If you had a perfect 3D model and the one photo though you still wouldn't have enough information to render true Depth of Field. The real problem isn't 2.5D/3D it's the fact that there is no parallax information for occluded information. That can be interpolated well enough for simple situations but ultimately you're trying to infer data which will cause artifacts.

Comment: Re:Better idea: Improve cell phone camera lenses. (Score 1) 126

by im_thatoneguy (#46796835) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

The problem is the focal length of the lens not the quality of the design. With such a small sensor (due to the size constraints of a cell phone package) you have to have extremely short lenses. Even if you had F0.8 in order to get a reasonable portrait focal length you're looking at single digit focal lengths.

Comment: Re:wouldn't matter if it weren't canned (Score 1) 396

He might not even be lying. They don't have the hard drive space or the capability to spy on everyone. Of course he doesn't want to spy on *everyone*, just suspected muslims, dissidents, homosexuals or anyone else who might not support the Kremlin.

I would remind everyone that after the Boston Bombings the Russians were very helpful in providing all of Tsarnaev's text messages. They just "happened" to have him under surveillance. What luck!

Comment: Re:Doesn't seem to be on purpose (Score 1) 446

by im_thatoneguy (#46721943) Attached to: Heartbleed Coder: Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake

When the Boston Bomber was identified Russia was kind enough to provide investigators with all of his text messages and phone calls.

Of course they aren't surprised. They openly admitted that they were doing the same thing before Snowden was a household name. Every country is doing everything legally possible (and then some) to spy on anyone they can. That's not new. The only people surprised by Snowden's leaks were people who had a false sense of security.

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