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Comment: Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 2) 345

by im_thatoneguy (#49553513) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

Your last point would be my question to the Original Poster: do you want a stable phone or a phone with lots of features? If you want an incredibly stable phone then it's easy to find and kill all of the bugs. But which is worse having buggy whizbang feature or not having whizbang feature at all? If I had to choose I would pick buggy whizbang feature. Because the only thing worse than doing something poorly is not being able to do it at all.

I worked with a company as an adviser and they refused to add whizbang because they didn't feel they could do it perfectly. Well... the outcome was that people needed whizbang and they picked buggy and slow over not-at-all. And they in my opinion picked correctly. I can tell someone that I can so that but it'll take 2 days and they might pick me. If I tell someone I can't do it at all they'll definitely pick someone else. So even if I'm slow there is still a chance I'll get the job. The end result was the product died because they refused lower their standards and compete.

This is taking place in the smartphone market. You have to have feature parity. The End. Full Stop. If you can't do what someone else is doing customers will jump ship. Android has taken over the market using this strategy and customers are generally pretty happy with the tradeoffs involved.

Comment: Re:It's not about the cost, it's about convenience (Score 1) 362

by im_thatoneguy (#49540505) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

1) iTunes, Xbox Music, Amazon and Google Play have all been selling DRM free MP3s for years so did this happen like 10 years ago?

2) You can download songs from I believe Xbox Music, Amazon and Google Play directly from the website without using itunes so no need to start up a virtual machine.

3) Tell your wife to download her own music and leave you out of it.

Comment: Re:This is the long way to say... (Score 1) 159

by im_thatoneguy (#49515857) Attached to: New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives

No, the Flash isn't the bottlneck. The problem is now the CPU processing the data coming off of the flash. If you have storage constrained tasks these drives are 3-4x faster than other SSDs. But loading a game mostly involves decompressing thousands of compressed textures. Your HDD doesn't help with that task.

Comment: Re:Well done! (Score 1) 536

The other problem is that poor students need more spending that isn't being provided outside of school by the parents so more of the money goes to covering basic needs and less goes to whizbang features like fancy new computer labs. If your school had no need for free breakfast and lunch then you would have another $1,500 per pupil available to buy them a brand new laptop *every year* and a subscription to a programming class. Or it could pay for a full chemistry lab set.

Then you get into social issues that generally come from poverty and you have to spend even more on social workers and discipline. And since wealthy families can afford enriching out-of-school programs the school also has to spend more on tutoring and enrichment programs which cost even more.

So we can't even just level the spending across all schools and call it done--we also have to recognize the extra needs that low income schools face and provide even more. It's easy to teach a kid who shows up well fed from a low-stress home and can focus on school and then goes back home to an environment where both parents are highly educated mentors who can provide an information rich environment.

Comment: Re:It's been nice knowing y'all (Score 1) 417

We could power large indoor hydroponic growing buildings off of nuclear power pretty easily. Society would be very different, but 'fine' in that we could probably sustain our current population levels. It's kind of like that old adage "Hunger is a political problem not a technical problem."

Comment: Re: Definitions count! (Score 2) 173

Nevada's corporate tax rate is 0%. That works for a state that is propped up by high roller Japanese business men at the craps table. It doesn't work for Washington State which has a 'real' economy.

Microsoft needs the benefits of a 'real' state economy like Washington's where people can work and live outside of the gaming or US Airforce industry but they want the tax rate of a state who is willing to lose money on every other industry.

Comment: Re:thank God they didn't have computers.... (Score 5, Interesting) 629

I actually had this happen to me in 7th grade. Another student realized that we could use a password cracking program (I think windows would save pw files) to crack local user account passwords. First of all this is back in the days when windows 95 had horrific security such as storing user account passwords in a file that any user could access. :P And what would happen is that when you logged into Novell windows would often then prompt you for a local user account as well. And almost everybody would type in their their regular username and password to each machine. Well the other student cracked the schools system administrator's password and it was surprise surprise his first name plus like 123.

So for the first time in known history at our school, we finally had several administrators who actually could manage the computers. We changed the desktop resolution from like 640x480 up to a "modern" 1024x768 on all of the machines. We were able to fix teacher machines which weren't working. The "system administrator" at our school's solution to everything was just format and re-install. Which is probably cost-effective for him but not ideal for teachers who would have to reinstall all of their software.

We also had a little bit of fun, using remote desktop software on friends to trick them into thinking that Microsoft Word had a sentient chat bot that they had unlocked. Or moving a file around on their desktop when they were about to click on it so they would have to chase it around.

Well the fun all came crashing down when the system administrator went on vacation and came back to notice that he had apparently "worked" throughout his vacation logging into various systems. My friend who initially cracked his password had been dumb enough to log in as himself, and then 2 seconds later as the admin, then back in as himself again. The admin perfectly sensibly went to the principle, who unfortunately though was 80 years old and completely clueless on technology. The admin filled the principle's heads with "felony hacking" and warned him that we could change our grades (We all had 4.0+ GPAs anyway so...) and also that we could change all of the accountant's books. Which might have been true but... which to me raised questions as to why the IT manager gave himself access to the entire school's accounting records. So the principle called us each in one by one. Told us (without a representative or parent) that we could either as 12 year olds consent to something like 80 hours of community service at the school over the next year or else they would press felony charges against us. We of course all started balling one by one and folded.

After that the teachers would ask us to fix their computers because they but we just had to shrug our shoulders and say "sorry, the school says if we fix your computer we'll face felony charges." Needless to say the computers returned to their shitty unmaintained state. The principle apologized to us a couple years later and said he over-reacted.

Comment: Re:That didn't work (Score 1) 445

They haven't paid nearly enough to developers apparently. You look at "hot" new apps that get a lot of visibility like coin. And it's always Android/iOS.

Even my bank JP Morgan Chase which is one of the country's largest just dropped Windows Phone.

I love my Lumia and I love its camera. I am even a big fan of Windows Phone but when you want an app that isn't facebook it's pretty brutal.

Comment: Re:Interactive (Score 4, Funny) 698

Yes! Do this!

And then make a bunch of completely ridiculous ones too.

"If you're watching this video, Aliens have invaded New York."
"If you're watching this video, Charlie Sheen just accepted the Academy award for best actor."

Have some fun with these! They should't all be serious. Some of the best moments we have with loved ones are just silly rediculous things.

Comment: Re:Bill Nye, the Dogma Guy! (Score 2, Insightful) 681

by im_thatoneguy (#49109409) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge

Ooo I'll do it:

Climate Change Deniers you're as wrong as anti-vaxxers and anti-nuclear power advocates.

As to science being about reasoned evidence defenses. The reasoned evidence defenses of climate change science have been made. The people who deny it don't use science they use a misrepresentation of science or no science at all "Well it was hot yesterday!"

So yes it's perfectly legitimate to slam conservatives who refuse to accept a reasoned well cited scientific paper on global warming and it's perfectly legitimate to slam liberals who think their kids will get autism from a vaccine --not because it's a case of "heresy" but because they aren't practicing science they're practicing belief under the guise of science aka psuedoscience.

Flat Earthers aren't ridiculed because they are heretics. They're ridiculed because they don't have an empirical leg to stand on. Science doesn't say that everybody's opinion is worthy. Science doesn't say (A) is true and (B) is false. But when you have a mountain of empirical evidence saying (A) and no evidence to support (B) but the (B) group uses psuedoscience like "Well we weren't there to observe it on camera. Therefore we don't know God didn't do it." or you have psuedoscience like "My kid got a shot and then developed autism therefore it's a shot" or "The world was warm before so how do we know carbon dioxide is responsible today, we don't" then you aren't exhibiting a critical empirical rebuttal you're just stating an opinion. Science doesn't tell us for a fact that if you jump off of a building without sufficient drag or a soft enough landing pad that you will absolutely die. But if you are a gravity denier and jump off thinking you'll just fly up into the air like a bird we can say "What were you freaking doing? What was wrong with you?"

To expect science to not confidently state things as 'fact' that we pretty certainly know to be true as far as truth can be known is holding science to an impossible standard. Sure maybe gravity won't exist tomorrow. But if we can't at least operate on the assumption of there being facts then maybe you don't exist. Maybe you're a figment of my imagination. And if you all don't really exist then maybe I should be able to go on a shooting spree--after all if one opinion is as good as another and consensus is meaningless no matter how confidently we have observed something then my hypothetical belief that everybody is actually an alien in disguise performing a grand experiment on me is equally valid to everyone else's belief that we are all human on a planet called earth and I should be allowed to defend myself against all the alien overlords.

Science teaches us to be skeptical. But it is ultimately a philosophy based on empiricism. We believe the world to be round scientifically because of all the evidence. It's possible it is flat (or a cube) and we recognize that we will never absolutely know for certain, but we also can say for a fact that the world is round and anyone who disagrees is a nitwit without sufficient proof to overwhelm all of the evidence we have amassed to the contrary.

I know a lot of people hate to "believe" in global warming because it goes against their political ideology. But that's not science. Science is the encyclopedic mass of data that demonstrates its truth (so far as truth can be known).

Comment: Re:Isn't that obvious? (Score 3, Informative) 681

by im_thatoneguy (#49108957) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge

I've found this to be true also especially in Medical circles. I know a lot of doctors who have taken the fact that they are "Smart" aka studied intensely on a subject who then believe that they are world class economists, physicists, climatologists etc. When they are as much ideologues as your average indoctrinated grunt but have enough intelligence to frame their ignorance well.

It's not even limited to Climate Change. Look at almost any post:
"Scientists discover new form of metal."
"Pfffft, how did they overcome the ion bonding in the alloy. Can't be done."

No matter the subject there are a bunch of idiotic complaints about the quality of the research done.

Science is to computer science as hydrodynamics is to plumbing.