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Comment: Re:Maybe because the movies were not that good? (Score 5, Insightful) 105

by phantomfive (#49382969) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars
More specifically, the actors weren't so great. Hot grits are happy to note that Natalie Portman has had plenty of roles in movies since then, but she was one of the best actors in the series (not great, but still). Same with Harrison Ford: he was in a league above everyone else in Star Wars 4-6.

I don't think the summary is right either....what actor launched their career from Harry Potter? What actor launched their career from Twilight? What actor launched a career from Transformers? It seems like blockbuster movie series normally don't launch huge acting careers, so how is Star Wars really different? Maybe because Carrie Fischer wrote a book about how her career didn't take off?

Really though, #firstWorldProblems. Actors have trouble becoming 'stars,' have trouble making millions. This is so sad I'm about to cry.

Comment: Re:Obligatory xkcd (Score 1) 68

by phantomfive (#49382409) Attached to: Thousand-Year-Old Eye Salve Kills MRSA
Related to that link, a quote from the article:

Some of the ingredients, such as copper from the brass vessel, kill bacteria grown in a dish – but it was unknown if they would work on a real infection or how they would combine.

So they were trying to take it a step beyond 'killing bacteria grown in a dish.' They used it on mice skin (still not a human trial, of course).

Funny quote from the article:

Sourcing authentic ingredients was a major challenge, says Harrison. They had to hope for the best with the leeks and garlic because modern crop varieties are likely to be quite different to ancient ones – even those branded as heritage. For the wine they used an organic vintage from a historic English vineyard......Bullocks gall was easy, though, as cow's bile salts are sold as a supplement for people who have had their gall bladders removed.

Comment: Re:STEM *is* Humanities (Score 1) 312

by phantomfive (#49382231) Attached to: Why America's Obsession With STEM Education Is Dangerous

STEM is about organizing ones thoughts for clarity, something "humanities" strives to do, and in trying, often misses the mark by a wide berth.

Frankly, more and more STEM degrees miss the mark by a wide berth as well. We call people who had the misfortune to graduate from such a university "stack overflow programmers."

Comment: Re:Not another new rendering "engine" (Score 1) 122

by phantomfive (#49379325) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

Just how hard is it to render HTML?

Hard. If you don't render the page exactly like other browsers, and the web pages 'break' in your browser as a result, then no one will use your browser. The result is you need pixel-perfect rendering of a standard that was designed specifically to not allow pixel-perfect rendering. And of course, there are multiple HTML standards......

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"