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Comment Re: Rule #1 (Score 1) 228

It might make you feel better that the purpose of those planning meetings, and sprints, etc, is to give developers a sense of urgency, so they work harder. No joke, check out this article, from a project manager's perspective. Quote:

most of the Scrum terms work in the same way, used to describe different pieces of work, seperating them into smaller manageable pieces based on the time frame it takes to complete each piece. Why? Its all about motivation theory and the relationship between motivation and time, essentially its all about how to make the team more productive by creating a sense of urgency. This is also the main purpose of Stand-ups and Time boxing.

Believe it or not, these motivational strategies make me want to work less hard, not harder. They reduce my respect for the manager, and make me not want to follow them.

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 117

Well, specifically, I was thinking of Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland)

Oh yeah, that's true, Norway is fun, I forgot about the north. In the US, every house has phone coverage (subsidized), but it's wired. Also, trains go through places people don't live.

In 2005 I was working on a messaging system for tracking trucks over cell networks through Europe. One of the requirements was to be able to survive without coverage for a few weeks at a time. Part of that was because of the complex patchwork of standards throughout Europe, though. Not sure if that has changed. One thing is for sure: a good cell-phone blocker could block them all. :)

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 117

Hmm, well, I guess my European perspective has misled me. Here regulations force mobile operators to serve unprofitable areas as a condition for getting to serve high population density profitable areas. I mean, I spend a lot of time on either my parents' summer cottage in the middle of nowhere

I don't think there is any place in Europe that counts as "the middle of nowhere." In parts of Nevada, you can drive for half an hour (at 110 kmph) without seeing another car.

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 117

Where in the Western world are you not able to get a reliable Internet connection even if you're just a regular consumer?

Take a train from San Francisco to Chicago and 40% of the way, there is no cell phone service. In the desert, in the mountains, deep in the countryside.
And internet outages happen in the middle of Silicon Valley, and they can happen anywhere.

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 1) 117

To underestimate how much automated trucks will inside out the industry is not to really understand it. This will wildy reduce accidents. The number of people injured by trains is tiny compared to the 80-100k per year with trucks (about 4-5k per year).

Automating trucks is great in theory: the difficulty is implementing it in practice.
That's why I brought up the train example: automating freight trains is an easier task, by several orders of magnitude, and yet it hasn't been done yet. We still keep a driver on.

Comment Re:Down under (Score 2) 49

But "que han dejado tus perros" means "that have left your dogs" with a stylish order change (the real meaning is "that your dogs have left").......but as a matter of fact even people might fail at understanding that.

If you wanted to clarify that the dogs were left (not the caca), then you can add 'a' to indicate the object, as in "...que han dejado a tus perros."

(not sure about "caca", though).

Caca is correctly translated as 'shit' (though swear words vary depending on the country. We do this in English too: bloody and shag are not swear words in America, but are in England).

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 388

Figuring out what's accurate is an impossible dream.
Most likely Obama would negotiate without the preconditions being met (since that's basically the style he campaigned on),
and it is hard for me to believe that the Russians and Iranians really want Assad out. Their plan seems to be to stabilize the country for their client.

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