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Comment Re:Scrum Was Never Alive (Score 0) 371

I have a new methodology! It is time-tested, scales like there's no tomorrow and best of all: it's free, for all!

In the best traditions of methodologies, its name is an acronym: JSWASTM!

One bad thing: you cannot learn this methodology in a $15k course. That would go against its very nature.

JSWASTM stands for Just Start Working And Screw Those Meetings.

Comment Re:Keep an older copy of Chrome around? (Score 1) 208

Use Seamonkey.. It looks old, and it's at least as fast as Firefox, and with better security options. It has an email client, and an HTML editor, it'll play all the latest videos, and make popcorn. It's the browser that does everything, and it only weighs a few meg more than Firefox. It's a *Full Figured* browser.

sounds a bit like ed

Comment Re:Precalculated (Score 1) 109

You must not be living in the Netherlands. There they have the same system you describe, but after it fills in 2-3 things itself, you have to do the remainder (read: 99%) of the work. What I hate is that a large portion of the taxes goes to a whole industry that is there to help/claim/arrest you with your taxes

Comment Re:0 hours to 0 hours (Score 1) 244

At first I thought you were trying to be a bit provocative, but then I read the rest of the comments so far. Looks like you're one of the majority. And I wonder why? I really thought most people would like watching game of thrones, house of cards etc. Sure you could also do sports, quality time, or work in those hours but most of us have enough time to do all of those.

Comment Re:Vague article (Score 5, Insightful) 319

Doesn't matter what new powers he wants, it will be one step further in reducing peoples privacy and freedom. At some point in time the cure becomes worse than the disease. I think we're already past that point.

Let me be clear: it's awful what has happened. But so is the death of a child hit by a drunk drivers car. Or a swimmer drowning in the sea. If we were to stop swimming, or playing in the streets life would not be worth all that much.

Like the drunk driver, these terrorists are losers. Don't make them anything more than that.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.