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Comment Re:Catch the rounded ones early (Score 3, Interesting) 300

Indeed, this whole conversation brings back memories of my grade 11 Computer science class where I got to see a very motivated and highly intelligent girl brought to tears repeatedly because CS was the one class she just couldn't master (not a girl thing either, I've met several good female programmers). I have also seen people teach themselves to code (the best one at 40) It takes a certain kind of logical thinking to master software development and I have yet to see anyone find a way to teach that part of it.

Having said that, I think offering programming classes to more students is a good thing since it increases the odds of someone who has the right talent for it being able to try it for the first time. I just don't think any of it should be mandatory.

Comment Re:6 years (Score 1) 127

Maybe not. I finally gave up and bought a phone without a physical keyboard and I HATE it. Everyone tells me I'll get used to it, but that never seems to happen.
The Android Space is now dominated by phones that all look the same, act the same and have the same features and the only thing that changes is the size and the phones I loived were the first victims .

If Blackberry gives me an Android phone with a keyboard I'm there in a flash.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 1) 435

I hope ISPs assign at least a /60 otherwise we're likely to end up with a huge mess of hacks in the Linux kernel to allow subnetting of a /64 and also some form of autoconfig.

You can already subnet a /64. MAC addresses are 48 bits leaving plenty of room for multiple subnets and you can go even smaller if you use static IPs or DHCPv6.

Comment Re:Why do teens *need* all these drugs??? (Score 4, Interesting) 133

Don't blame just "Big Pharma" Parents prefer the drugs because it's less humiliating than thinking something went wrong with their parenting and at any rate it's a less time consuming fix that going to a physiologist. Teachers prefer the drugs because they let them keep kits seated for longer. Doctors prefer the drugs because it's easier than trying to get a child/teen to eat properly.

Big Pharma can hardly be blamed for selling us all something we begged them for in the first place.

Comment Re:Linux users bid higher for Humble Bundles (Score 1) 867

Much of the problem has been the quality of Linux ports in the past with some of them being so bad that it's just easier to keep a Windows machine around if you are into gaming. You can't just port a title by compiling against the Wine libs.

Also even Steam's store makes being on anything other than Windows to be an absolute nightmare. If you sort by OS you cannot sort by any other category. Want a Linux RPG? You get to either search by "Linux" and sort through a ton of FPS and other crap. Or search by RPG and have to scroll past a ton of Windows only titles. Basically, Once I find a game I want to play, I find the experience on par with Windows. But quite honestly, if someone doesn't tell me about a good Linux game they like, I can't be bothered to hunt for them and so Steam has made a lot less money from me than if their store was actually functional for me.

I also can't be bothered to keep a Windows machine around anymore, I gave my last Windows machine away when I realized I hadn't booted it in 3 months and that was for updates.

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