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Comment Re:If... (Score 2) 363

Here in Canada, there is a law that limits loans based on the what percentage of my income the payments would end up being. I can't help but think a lot of this madness would end if the maximum student loan was based on what is affordable based on the expected income of someone graduating with the degree in question.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 279

The actual result was creating a gender imbalance and far too small of a working age population to support the older generation when they are unable to work. They are predicting that in the near future there will be 4 retirees per one working age adult and that is unsustainable.

If you want to control the population you need a gradual drop, not a sharp one.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

Again, a fake bomb would not qualify as "exigent circumstances" after the point where they determined there was no threat so they had no legal right to question the kid without a parent or guardian present so the police interrogation was a violation of his civil rights.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

On top of that, he was illegally questioned by the police since his parents were not allowed to be present even after he asked for them. .

No perfectly legal, as in "exigent circumstances", google it.

How can you have "exigent circumstances" after the device was determined not to be a bomb?

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

This is a good lesson in why stereotypes are dumb. Have you forgotten about the Oklahoma bombing already? The most casualties in a bombing on US soil was a white guy. Or how about the bombs the Columbine attackers brought in when they shot up their school? Again white kids.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 4, Insightful) 621

I fully expect the teachers to check it out, that's just being responsible I might even expect them to confiscate it for safety reasons (those transformer connections look a bit suspect to me) or based on the fact that he was disrupting class with it. What I don't expect, would be for them to take him out of school in handcuffs and then illegally question him without his parents present or for that matter, having the principal send a letter to all of the parents implying the kid was potentially dangerous.

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