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Comment: Re: Two sides to every issue (Score 1) 401

by sodul (#47397689) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

I used to be on H1-B and transferred twice before I got my green card. I never heard that my previous employer had to release the H1-B. Are you talking about the H1-B that are over their initial 6 years and stuck in the decade long green card process? I know this is a different status and sucks big time to be stuck. My recommendation to H1-B holders with long waiting lists: do not wait for you initial 6 years to run out and find a good stable company that respect their employees more than the average, and where you think you can wait for the green card to go through.

Comment: Re:Why does how much money the company's have matt (Score 3, Insightful) 215

by sodul (#46979743) Attached to: Plaintiff In Tech Hiring Suit Asks Judge To Reject Settlement

You seem to forget that Google officially raised their employees salary by 10% after Facebook refused to be part of the illegal agreement. In practice because how the bonus was restructured for some people it was probably an effective increase of up to 25% on the final w2. Considering that most 'tech' at google makes more than $100k per year (staff level engineers make more than $250k per year). multiply that by the number of years this has been going on, and the claimed damage does not seem inflated anymore.

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by sodul (#46691463) Attached to: Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art?

"I need to disable this because I'm constantly moving the cursor with my palms while I try to type and now I need to go buy a USB mouse for this poorly designed piece of shit." terrible.

It used to happened to me, maybe 10 years ago during the PowerBook era. I don't remember the MacBook Pros ever giving me this problem. Now, I have yet to use a non Apple laptop that comes with a trackpad that is nearly as nice to use.

Comment: Re:the moral of the story (Score 2) 448

by sodul (#46101013) Attached to: Developer Loses Single-Letter Twitter Handle Through Extortion

You can use gmail with your own domain name. It used to be free (and still free if you got grandfathered in). There are good reasons to use your own domain name with out without gmail. Most notably it looks more professional and you can actually have a very nice looking email instead of I have, and my last name is 4 letters. It can also be more secure if you provide smtp access over ssl for your organization and so email within your own domain is usually fully encrypted while going over the public internet.

Gmail has been shown on a napkin to be pretty much fully readable while being transferred from one Google DC to an other one.

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by sodul (#44931707) Attached to: Fedora Project Turns 10

I commend the Fedora project for sustaining and growing the popularity... of Arch Linux, Linux Mint, and Debian. Good community spirit, people!

I second that. I started using linux on PPC (Suse on a PowerMac G4) back in 2000. Then used RedHat at work, started using Fedora at home. Dependency hell was a nightmare, especially the upgrades from Fedora 1 to 2 then 3 !!!! Everything including X and drivers had to be reconfigured all over again. Switched to Debian just after Fedora 3, then to Ubuntu around 2007. Still use Ubuntu server every day.

I had to use RedHat at work in recent years and every time it is dependency hell all over again. Even with paid support we still had major pains with it.
With Ubuntu I get 99%+ of the packages I need without having to recompile the world. I don't care for Unity since I use Ubuntu as a solid server system that has a large set of supported packages that all work together and are not many years obsolete (yes I look at you RedHat). For the little Linux UI needs I have I'm very happy with Lubuntu (runs very nicely on a 256MB RAM VM).

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by sodul (#44351553) Attached to: The Book That Is Making All Movies the Same

Unless you have a collection of older films and encourage the younger generation to watch them. Obviously only works within your own family, but it's a start.

That's called Netflix. They have lots of older films and even have Classics and Cult categories. There movies in the Classics start in 1914 all the way to 1993. I'm sure they have a lot more that are not in theses categories but they are making it harder to 'browse' in list mode these days.

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by sodul (#44140605) Attached to: Immigration Bill Passes the Senate, Includes More H-1B Visas

I've personally switched jobs twice while under H1-B, getting something like 10%+ raise each time. The visa is transferable under 2 weeks for an extra fee, and transfers are not subjected to quotas. There is a theoretical limit of 6 years (3 years times 2) with H1-B but it definitely does not mean you have to be tied to any specific company. At least that's how it was for me 6 years ago. While a H1-B is tied to employment, you have 'reasonable time' to leave the country, or get an other job. I've seen someone out of a job on H1-B, stay in the area for a few months (reasonable time) and get an other job with the visa being transferred. All legal. Also note that after my first H1-B job, which was actually my first job out of college, I did get paid much above the legal base salary which was about $60k/y in 2001.

The real problem is when the employees that are on extended H1-B past the 6 years while waiting on a green card application. Because the extension is tied to the green card application and hence that company which is applying for you, this mean that you are literally stuck or have to leave the country.

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by sodul (#43950923) Attached to: Oracle Discontinues Free Java Time Zone Updates

Well you could with implicit line joining:
def square(x):
'DEBUG: x=%x' % x)
        return x*x

Note that the print starts indented but since a parenthesis is opened the rest of the statement can continue anywhere on the next line. Until the closing parenthesis whitespace rules are ignored.

But really you should use the logging module and set log levels. Debuggers are good tools as well, but I usually rely on unit tests to track bugs (or rather, not have to track them down).

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by sodul (#43378993) Attached to: Apple Devices To Outsell Windows For First Time Ever In 2013

Well I would 'like' that if it only took $20 to magically have more space and the very same user experience. In practice, not so much. Most likely the new memory is a lot slower and the whole device experience will show, with complaints of 'why are my photo albums so slow now'? And why can't I just upgrade from 16GB, to 32GB and then 48GB seamlessly? Half the stuff disappeared when grandma replaced the old memory thing with the new, this sucks!!! I never have to deal with helping people fix technical issues on iDevices, with other things with more 'features', that means more complexity and me having to help fix them.

Seriously the masses treat their devices as appliances, my laundry machine has a color display and chime tunes (seriously). I don't bitch because I want new tunes on it. I don't pimp my car and, again the masses do not. There is a market for easily pimp-able cars, yet most people really do not care.

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