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As we have seen with the last few years of hurricane season, putting the fiber huts etc while cheaper is a logistics nightmare in an emergency. The move to put everything on a pole is simply about getting things cheaper. In a rural setting sure but not within 20 or so cable miles of the CO.

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I would love to see a passive fiber network that is run by the muni that allows cdwm from central meet me rooms (aka the old telco CO). BX optics are nice, but would rather have optics with different send and receive wavelengths without the built in cdwm splitter/combiner so you can have multiple providers reusing the same fiber.

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Your 10 story office building would be out of reach of this, 3.9m is your average commercial building floor to floor distance and I've yet to see one with the primary dmarc in the middle floor :)

In the case of only 1 or 2 clients pulling only one or two pairs might be the correct thing.

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That is going to barely make it from the pole to the house. Tack on how much the gear will cost and this is cheaper than pulling fiber? Pull the fiber and be done with it 2 strands of single mode from the 70's would still get me any speed available today, sure it might need C/DWDM to do it but it's doable with standard gear.

Comment: Look for one that does not take email DMCA notices (Score 2) 146

That filters out 99% of the garbage right there. Just look at their web site.

If you don't want personal info it as a business with a business address (po box works) and possibly a lawyer to write up the one copy paste counter notice you will ever need and pay them to deal with the inbound complaints.

If your just hosting remember your paying what a few bucks a month? DMCA notices are a cost they get shuffled in and out as quickly as possible. If you want them to look at them you need to be a bigger fish or worth there while so at least dedicated server if not a rack or more.

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