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Comment: Re:"forced" (Score 1) 603

by silas_moeckel (#49548937) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Please going out of your house in endangering yourself.

I'll simplify which vaccines, measles high fatality, and transmission rate pretty fsking deadly. HPV might be deadly low risk of transmission through casual contact. Mumps very treatable. Rotavirus a bout of diarrhea, vaccine side effects 1 in 20k-100k (cdc numbers) require hospitalization and possibly surgery, little risk of transmission as it's fecal to mouth.

Now measles is a are you a fsking idiot the vaccination downsides are nowhere near as bad as not getting it. While Rotavirus is a vaccine looking for a problem, a bout of diarrhea that might need iv fluids vs possibly needing an infant to get sedated and have surgery. Requiring everybody get vaccinated for everything that comes down the pike is a drug makers dream. By that logic teen pregnancy is a medical issue will we vaccinate against it? We have permanent mood altering treatments now, will agression be the next disease? As I said the government has no business requiring people to get a specific medical procedure or discriminating against those that refuse to.

Comment: Re:HDCP 2.2 or later display also needed (Score 1) 225

I'll pass, my first 1080 tv was so early no HDCP at all, I allready have 4k and again they wont support it. Oddly my plex now, xbmc before that, hd tivo's with pytivo before that all worked without hdcp.. I'm ok with paying for content once. I'm not going to buy it if I can not use it.

Comment: Training thats the ticket (Score 1) 75

Big companies spend time training so they can point to it when something happens? Training is mostly a CYA not a real protection.

Firing that helps a lot you would be amassed at the amount of stupid and lazy, implemented simple ssn email filters. Watch how many people send things with full ssn's outside the company (something that should never happen) everything from not redacting after idiot customer puts full ssn in an email to automated reports getting sent to outside vendors without so much as requiring TLS. It's not a one time thing they will continue to do so after being trained retrained.

Something like a SSN should be sitting in a well secure table that only verifies if it's a match since no human should ever need to do a customer to SSN lookup. You can catch a lot of secondary exposures through good filtering and auditing.

Comment: Re:"forced" (Score 1) 603

by silas_moeckel (#49542365) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Your still having government say it's ok that little Johny gives you measles since his doctor says he might be allergic to the vaccine, but little Jannie is not because she is a hasidic jew. You have the same/similar chance to have either of them infect their classmates. The government has no business forcing people to get any medical treatment or discriminating against those who do not.

Comment: Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 604

by silas_moeckel (#49535041) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

So your saying that politicians should force us to do what they think we need to do rather than what we want? You seem to have a funny version of democracy.

A gas tax is the third rail as it's regressive and people see that it's the government taking their money. CAFE was pretty much invisible to the people. We end up with taxes because the SCOTUS gave them carte blanche to tax anything for any reason with any special circumstances instead of having to specifically been given the power to regulate it via constitutional amendment.

Thats all the stick options oddly the people don't like those, we have tried the carrots but failed.

Commuter lanes, we let busses in, the speed limit was the same an busses slow everything down to a speed limit crawl. Do it right make them go faster (an enforced minimum), sure gas efficiency goes down but time efficiency is more important and still save gas over single riders even at 110mph.

Busses, well they are effectively the slowest way to get anywhere that involves an engine.

Commuter rail, could be good the NIMBLY's block any speed increase, we should have 500kph along major corridors. Stations that are where commuters are not city centers compiling traffic and parking issues.

Per car registration insurance etc. I would love an EV adding another car in taxes and insurance makes it more prohibitive. A put put scooter even for around town errands costs me more per day than it saves in gas and wear and tear than it is to register insure and taxes. The fallacy that you can rent a ICE or hybrid when you need more range or capacity, renting a truck for a couple days a month for dump runs is more than leasing one and insuring it.

We give away money to the wealthy with tax incentives for EV's. Altering it to only apply to cars under a certain amount that meet other criteria that gets stricter each year seems more reasonable, short term incentive to make them and long term to continually improve.

Comment: Re:Darwin by proxy (Score 1) 603

by silas_moeckel (#49534991) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

And that turns the bill into the state compelling parents to vaccinate, Those medical exemptions are just as dangerous as the antivax kids.

As to medical exemptions I've gotten paperwork from doctors stating a kid had this or that food allergy, the epi pens etc just in case. Only to find the kid eating said allergen. This is not a one time thing but over and over again and were talking in a scout troop, 60 ish kids and one ever other year or so. Oddly these severely allergic kids tend to go yea my parents are crazy by the numbers thats one kid in about 14.

As a parent it's a numbers game chance of bad outcome from vaccine vs chance of bad outcome coupled with chance of getting disease. Measles is an are you fsking stupid, vacinate my kid do it now do it often hey can I get a booster. Rotavirus 1 in 20-100k side effect requires surgery, the disease requires no treatment 1 in 70 might need iv fluids, why the hell would I give my kid this? Now thats two rather extremely different scenarios, should a parent be forced to vaccinate for the rotavirus the same as measles one kills 1-2 in 1000 the other kills nobody thats otherwise healthy and is a hard transmission path (fecal oral).

Comment: Re:"forced" (Score 1) 603

by silas_moeckel (#49534903) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

If they wanted to mitigate the risk of disease the medical exception would not be in there. They are just as dangerous if not more so (often it's compromised immune system as the medical reason so they pick up things easily). This bill is coercion by the state for parents to comply, it has no apparent medical effect if it leaves one class of unvaccinated children in school but not others.

The bill also breaks the basic compact of required education that will be provided for free, remove the medical exemption and include school vouchers but it's still a bad bill.

Comment: Re:This is a fundamental violation.... (Score 1) 603

by silas_moeckel (#49534865) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

While I may not agree with your reasoning, the fact is vaccines kill and seriously injure people thats the nature of things. The CDC's own paperwork is clear pick any vaccine and has a change of serious injury and death. The MMRV is rated at fewer than 4 per million, deafness, long term seizures/coma, and brain damage, do the math 300m people or about 1200 people in the us with those issues. That is balanced against a 1-2 in 1k chance of death from getting measles (hard to get exposure rate numbers). In effect yes some people will have there lives adversely affected by these vaccines, the gamble is less people have bad outcomes not that nobody gets hurt.

Comment: Re:Oliver Wendell Holmes (Score 1) 603

by silas_moeckel (#49534835) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Forcing people by law to have any medical procedure is broken period. While I like vaccines but the state should never be requiring medical procedures or medications. This is not better than the broken we think your kid has adhd they have to take these meds to stay in school, sure they are mind altering but they make the test scores better. Mandatory implants for the deaf? Have we forgotten the medical intervention that effectively killed Allen Turning, gotta fix that gay. Were still having courts order ECT treatments, with fun circular logic that ETC treatments means they are not competent to choose whether or not to get more ECT treatments. The state has no business making medical decisions unless it's the absolutely last possible choice.

This bill would be better if gave them school vouchers, it's still a bad bill though. The deal with compulsory education was that the state would offer a "free" option, it's already turned that free option into an indoctrination camp now it wants to exclude people? Why should medical exempt kids still go to public schools by this logic they should be forced home school just like everybody else, they are just as dangerous after all the reason they did not vaccinate does not alter the danger to the herd after all.

Comment: Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 604

by silas_moeckel (#49528761) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

Thats the ticket artificially punish car manufactures for giving people what they want. The CAFE standards are broken for sure but sin taxes are never fair. Shift it to a purchase tax, that is transparent to the buying they know that their government is taken their money and for what supposed reason. See how long before people call for it's repeal vs these invisible taxes on companies.

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