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Comment Re:Not the holy grail (Score 1) 357

The physics are so bad it hurts.

It uses the power the reaches the earth not the power than the sun outputs. The suns output is about 3.846 × 10^26

It's assuming we can sustain population growth, while many first world countries are negative growth.

It assumes we stay on this rock, people and industry need to shift off planet for growth.

Comment Re: in-vehicle concierge (Score 1) 410

Hud's are very useful putting the info you need in your vision.

Steering wheel controls keeps your hand where they should be.

Adding features apps etc to a car stereo is fsking useless. Cars last a couple decades I would not want to be stuck with 1995 computer tech today. I do want a standard interface and a few components. Bluetooth works pretty well for low speed stuff in a very standardized manner. Displayport/HDMI/usb3 to run one or more screens, sure cars might have 4k in a few years but reality is displays in cars need to be different than a general use. Pretty much the car needs an amp, past that a radio tuner and gps is useful.

Comment Yawn (Score 1) 145

People told them this would happen when they came up with the system. Government gets gamed every time is makes winners and losers, fishing quota's, water quota's etc when you use a ratio from previous use and allow them to be sold somebody will game it.

Want less emissions, make cheap energy. Want to make lots of cheap energy it's call fission the tech was commercialized 50 years ago. Build some plants the use tech that is not 40+ years old and stop trying to regulate it into the ground (anything less radioactive than the average human is not radioactive waste). Use systems like gas based primary where a leak would not be radioactive by the time it gets past the containment vessel. Use cogen where the "waste" heat is put to use like desalination and hydrogen manufacturing. Use prefab standardized SMR's with iterative designs, so your replacing/upgrading the SMR's on a regular basis not trying to keep some 40+ year old plant online.

Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 3, Informative) 235

At most it should go "I see a cop trying to pull us over should i call 911 for you?" aka the same thing I tell my child to do.

In any event the person in the vehicle needs to be able to quickly override the computer's or 2 people can corner any car to carjack it.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 192

Could just simplify it to so observations of any kind of private property with an exception for computer vision and similar that is not stored for any appreciable time and only used for navigation.

If your going to make laws for giggles throw in no government agency may employ drones for any purpose other than search and rescue that do not comply with civilian regulations and no information gained by drones directly or indirectly may be used in criminal or civil cases.

Comment Re:Time to hold the government accountable (Score 1) 211

Sorry to reply to myself, it's not a question of tracking we all know with a warrant current and historical data can be gotten. The issue this is warrantless gathering that can include violating multiple federal laws that they are getting away with since they are the cops. Pretty much if I can not do it legally they should not be able to without a court order or a specific law allowing it.

Comment Re:Time to hold the government accountable (Score 1) 211

TFA does not mention it because the cops are actively trying to hide what this kit does and when they use it. They are getting called out on the location data. The bigger issue is a cop can arbitrarily listen in/track whatever with no oversight. Getting the same data from towers can also be done in realtime but leaves a paperwork trail.

The 4th circuit which covers Baltimore says it requires a warrant in United States v. Graham. Even the 11th which disagrees still requires the lower burden of a court order. Neither allow for cops to gather this sort of thing on a whim like they are now. So with little doubt the cops inside the 4th circuit are violating the at least the spirit of the ruling.

Comment Re:Time to hold the government accountable (Score 1) 211

Seems you're wrong the actual stingray device can do GSM Active Key Extraction which allows them encrypt the communications. So yes the devices can be used to listen to people's calls.

If it's your phone you can consent to it no warrant needed.

In any event the state has no business hiding the fact these were used and how. It's one thing to protect a witnesses entirely another to intentionally deceive in discovery. To protect a witness requires the judge to agree it's needed the police/prosecutors should never be making that decision.

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