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Comment: Re:Or people could, you know, do their damn jobs.. (Score 1) 57

by silas_moeckel (#48587521) Attached to: BGP Hijacking Continues, Despite the Ability To Prevent It

Teirs of providers screwed up, Telecom Italia should have never accepted the routes. Considering that the whole AS has 84 ipv4 prefixes that could/should be summarized it's a pretty static list. They have one "client" bgp session to their own second AS. Telecom Italia is big enough where it looks like bigger fish dropped the ball filtering it's nearly 40k routes (possibly also hardware issues 40k long prefix lists can make routers unhappy).

Comment: Re:Broadband Internet needs to be classified utili (Score 1) 127

by silas_moeckel (#48558245) Attached to: Civil Rights Groups Divided On Net Neutrality

Split the difference, glass between your house and one or more central points is a utility. Layered networks a switched/vlaned muni network that can get community services, lifeline internet, emergency services, startup ISP's, local patching, or whatever people can think to do with it. Now bigger providers can take a pure optics handoff as well. The muni is only taking care of glass and potentially it's own swtich network. The muni potentialy has the long term view to put the glass underground.

Comment: Re:This is of course complete nonsense (Score 1) 84

by silas_moeckel (#48539097) Attached to: US Treasury Dept: Banks Should Block Tor Nodes

Blocking the apparent source IP's is useless it may even help the use better means. Flagging the transactions for further inspection without letting on to the source could be rather useful. A block just means the attacker moves to a different vector say routing through a botnet. Hell low tech and a router on a cantenna to a mcdonalds wifi half a mile away.

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