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Comment Re:Americans...why ? (Score 1) 143

We dont, outside of some crackpots nobody is going to believe it's spying on them etc. Outside of landing and takeoff it's not loitering around. They should be nearly fully automated no human is looking at any video feed. Rather different than your neighbor flying a drone and peeping over your fence.

Comment Re:BUILD (Score 1) 293

While I can not make money building PC's, its rare that I can not throw together a desktop that's similar prices hardware wise. You also avoid nonstandard/weird bits like all the major manufacturers love of cases that barely fit whats in them to start and/or use slightly nonstandard parts (Dell with power supplies with an ATX connector but non standard pinouts/voltages). Also if your not a complete idiot your primary drive will be a SSD that tends to be a massively expensive high end option. In the long run you're better off, I have ATX cases that were bought in the 90's it's not like sheet metal wears out.

Comment Re: so, open season on American civilians now? (Score 1) 72

You are not at war with the school bully or the drunk. You might have to defend yourself from them you might have to kill them when you reasonably believe to not means they would kill you. In war you kill them in the safest way possible, civilian casualties are acceptable as long as your kill your enemy. You kill from a distance you kill with technology you kill them till they submit or there is nobody left to kill. There are reasons why in war you have to treat a captured enemy humanly they did nothing wrong. I would hazard to say if you think getting beaten up is war you have never actually been in one or even a life threatening altercation.

Comment Re:Make no mistake (Score 1) 321

No they do not, it's regulations against reprocessing that leave lots of high level waste around. The boogeyman is weapons grade plutonium that is a waste product.

Look at modern designs like the EC6 it's variable fuel and is being used by the UK to dispose of it's plutonium stocks. It's refueling process is heavily automated and designed for inspections for perforations issues. When the US stopped needing lots of weapons grade plutonium we got this issue, it's not a design flaw rather a market that dried up with the end of the cold war. EC6 reactors literally use the spent fuel of the previous gen reactors at worst we have a much smaller amount of high level waste to figure out what to do with in 60 years but FUD like yours is being used to stop any progress. They are also inherently safer designs not relying on 1960's tech. Mine you that just current design tech with a decade or more under it's belt, the US is becoming fission luddites sticking with it's 60's era designs and all of their problems.

Comment Re:TV's in state of flux (Score 1) 232

SmartTV are useless they are abandonware and they try to lock you into some ecosystem. I'm saying open functional standards. Motion is cheap pennies cheap and general useful outside of the TV. I dont want a stream of cam/mic going to apple/google I might no mind it going to my own gear, I do want vid conferencing and in home paging. Lux to get ambient lighting so internal or external controls can make adjustments. Network based controls allow for things like real time video overlay say a doorbell or baby monitor. Networking lets IR commands trickle back to other devices,

In many ways my voip desk phone has it nearly right but form factor wise it fits in on an office desk not a family room coffee table. Android powered TV's sound great but I dont seem the lasting 20 years like a TV should. So it's far better to keep the brains and the visible parts separate since the brains might get swapped out in the 3-7 years range while the TV lasts far longer than that.

Comment TV's in state of flux (Score 1) 232

4k just starting to stream, 8k on the horizon and most content compressed so much it does not matter.

Were at the saturation point for flat panels so they are struggling to try and keep the market up.

Now that's not to say they do not need work.

CEC needs to work far better.
TV's need wifi and ethernet so they can be controlled/automated/integrated.
TV's need sensors, motion, camera, mic, and lux at least. They need to be exposed in a standard way.

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 814

If they had no intention of prosecuting they should have never talked to the child forget removing him from the school, if that were the case (which I do not think it is) they should be arrested and convicted for kidnapping. In any case a police officer should never talk to a child without a parents permission to get more than basic info (name address parents contact info). A large civil penalty could help impress this on the police, I rather wish it were on the individual officers involved but we have thrown up far to many protections for that to be the case.

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 814

The correct response from the teacher would have been give that to me you can get it back at the end of the day or make the parents pick it up.

Police should never question a child without a parent or attorney. Booking etc fine but a child can not reasonably waive their rights to an attorney / have not reached the majority to be able to waive their rights.

Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 1) 169

See rule two that's fully loaded cost not pay rate, so their full benefits package + salary + overhead + business profit + overhead + insurance etc etc. As a general rule that's at least 3x salary. Insurance costs are significant but generally covered by the first wednesday morning of the month.

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 814

Because it happened to Woz does not mean it was right. This device had no obvious explosive to be a hoax.

Mind you he may well of violated the letter of texas hoax bomb law if so the law is at fault as it's entirely to broad etc etc etc else your average metal lunchbox looks like a bomb as it's metal and rattles if shaken.

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