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Comment: Re:Cost (Score 1) 386

The problem is they get sold a bill of good they never use. We have smartboard in every classroom, the actual smart portion of them is nearly never used. A projector and a screen would have sufficed just fine as that is what the use. Now the smartboard can easily cost 10x what the projector and screen does.

It's pretty much the same with anything technical, school see huge markups often when the bidding is limited to approved vendors for this or that matching grant.

Comment: Re: My Kids Don't Text (Score 1) 386

Get a cell phone plan that does not suck, my Son's costs me all of 72 a year + his use which is a rounding error. (ting BTW great company).

Cell phone give a level of communication and thus freedom. Preteen is an important age to start riding bikes to friends go with friends to the park etc. Basically lots of things where the parental involvement takes a step back.

Comment: Re:Obsessed with keeping government out of busines (Score 2) 289

by silas_moeckel (#49720171) Attached to: North Carolina Still Wants To Block Municipal Broadband

Muni's should make a level playing field. We have the tech to do it, a single fiber per home/business (ok maybe more for business) can with cheap passive gear provide 8+ different connections (bidirectional CWDM). So the muni's role is the physical plant they provide a point for all comers to connect possibly a L2 network for others to build upon and to provide baseline services.

Part of all that is to stop thinking in IPv4, it's trivial for a town to get enough IPv6 IP's to hand out /64 or greater to everybody. That makes it trivial for a single firewall to connect up multiple networks and route correctly. So you might end you with a muni network the connects muni services, schools etc etc. Your ISP who may or may not bundle cable phone etc but you could get IP based phone/cable from others and still have 4 free CWDM bands for later expansion.

Comment: Re:100 mph? (Score 1) 393

I used to have to fight to get a sleeper car on the overnight train from nyc/boston to chicago. Compared to a late booked redeye it was cheaper but took 10 hours longer. For me it get me to city center for 8:30 leaving at 7pm but I was well rested, had a good dinner/breakfast and I was showered and ready to go.

Comment: Re:So alternating strips and 2 voltages (Score 1) 75

A tray implies that it's sitting screen up pretty much parallel to the ground. Thats fine for listening to music and voice commands. It's horrid for GPS or passenger infotainment where you want it mounted to the dash, headrest, seatback, etc.

Granted car companies love selling GPS nav and infotainment packages for a couple k that are outdated in a few years.

Comment: Re:100 mph? (Score 1) 393

100mph is to slow, trains are irrelevant because they can not complete due to their lack of speed. Pretty much the rest of the developed word has high speed rail while we lack to political will to deal with the nimbly's. Trains will continue to be irrelevant until they become competitive price/time wise.

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