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Comment Computerized evidence, destructive sampling (Score 3, Insightful) 27

If your going to use a computer to generate evidence then yes you must allow the defence to look at the technique that means source code. You must never be required to merely observe at somebody else's lab especially when there companys continued business relies on the test succeeding. Realy anything that another lab that is not associated to the first can not do should not be admissible.

This gets even more important when the tests are destructive so it can only be done once. Validating the means used etc etc elsewise it becomes a black box to provide evidence against whoever they want.

Comment Re:Can't Take the Heat........? (Score 4, Insightful) 925

Her own post says that they do need to be terse and blunt. As she said "I would prefer that the Linux kernel have more maintainers so that they wouldn’t have to be terse or blunt." they do not have the manpower to have the time to pussy foot around the whole PC nonsense.

It's about the same in startups you get a lot of things done because you dont worry about somebody feelings it's fsking work you get it done and done well, you mark the hacks that may come back and bite ya. Bigcorp is all about CYA and takes 10x the people to get the work often just as many actual workers and piles of people the manage them and or deal with the idiocy.

Comment Re:Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 1) 135

As the GP said the fee was not that expensive. Vegas is a very easy city to get around as a tourist, your average casino has a line of taxi's waiting for fairs. Compare this to NYC it's a nightmare and post 9/11 most of the covered taxi areas are closed, they ignore street hails etc etc.

Price wise I've found uber around me to be more expensive than a town car for airport runs etc.

Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 5, Interesting) 182

Hint you have to use a certified (by the solar panel manufacture aka the last guys that touched it) to get the fed tax credits.

Like most federal tax credits incentives etc it's pork for a corp interest. All you should need is the signoff from the electrical inspector maybe have them do a quick power output test and sign some paperwork. Instead the value of that work gets marked up the same as the tax breaks.

Comment Re:You know what's wrong with the world? (Score 1) 162

Funny hammer away at the keyboard is the only useful sysadmins, bash, powershell etc is great for break and fix sorts of things. Most everything else youre banging away at puppet/chef etc etc etc. If you're banging/clicking away as a sysadmin outside of wtf break fix or a dev place space (to figure out what puppet etc needs to make it look like) in that last 5+ years you're probably doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Not quite the same thing (Score 1) 91

Read the paper, PRISM has nothing to do with the data they gathered via intercepts that is a different program. From the article 90% of the data was coming from PRISM that is data they got via fisa warrants, they were overly broad and the NSA pushed for a broader scope than what they told the courts.

Of course the NSA spies on other nation states and foreign nationals that is their job as the primary spy agency for the US. But they dont need to bother with the clandestine bits when they get a rubber stamped warrant from fisa and hand it over to a company to get whatever data matches their overly broad query. Same goes for tapping fiber and routers they can avoid that hard work via the same fisa court. This is all far easier than doing it the hard way.

We know they do this the hard was as well, Snoden released papers with them tampering with networking kit while in transit that whole Tailored Access Operations bit for one.

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