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Comment: Re:IANAL, but my answer would be no (Score 1) 332

Just as a safe, they are free to use whatever means they can to access it.

Compelling a person to give them information that would incriminate them, hurt there reputation or put them / others in harm is broken. If a law says you have to it's still broken and morally wrong and thus should not be followed.

Comment: Re:Subsidized? (Score 1) 257

Problems how often and how sever are a design issue. In current Gen IV you have GFR's that use helium as a coolant, it floats and is unable to stay radioactive for long, Compare to a Gen II with water it stays radioactive for a long time. Gen IV plants can use previous gens waste as fuel, some of the design are fairly proliferation resistant and that is a HUGE issue with helping the third world skip the industrial use of fossil fuels for power and heat.

The point is we got stuck on gen II plants, Gen III has come and gone and were just starting to see ground broke on gen IV plants.

Insurance is about the hype, fact is you get more exposure being downwind from a coal plant sure people are scared but thats because others told them to be.

Comment: Re:Subsidized? (Score 1) 257

The plant you cited is a boondoggle of an outdated design, would expect it got built by highly motivated politicians. In general fission power is expensive due to excessive regulation, put there with the intent to make it expensive. Idiotic bits like things less radioactive than humans, being treated like deady contaminated objects.

Comment: Re:Bad move Ikea - should gone A4WP / Rezence (Score 1) 95

by silas_moeckel (#49164299) Attached to: Ikea Unveils Furniture That Charges Your Smartphone Wirelessly

A wireless standard that nobody integrates is not that useful. Qi is on a lot of devices now, the low end supports 5w of power and medium 120w. People are already hacking qi charging stations into their keyboards and desks. You can add qi charging into nearly anything with a USB port and a flat space.

Now that said something in the 10-20w range would be nice.

The competitors standard relies on bluetooth and thus generally the ability to communicate with the device CPU. Do you trust a random wireless charging station?

Comment: Re:Actually (Score 1) 532

by silas_moeckel (#49098457) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

I doubt that an passive alien race would bother to leave their own gravity well. Hell I doubt a passive species will ever become intelligent int he first place. That said there is little reason for an alien race to care about us, nothing is very useful or unique at the bottom of a gravity well the size of a planet.

It's an issue of population density that is rather curable once we spread out. It's fairly reasonable that they spreading out will keep the aggression in check for a very long time.

Comment: Re:Actually (Score 1) 532

by silas_moeckel (#49096675) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

You can prove that it effects everybody equally??? That this is no antidote for a select few? You can not ever make that happen. How do you counteract it when an aggressive alien race shows up? Native species becomes dangerous?

Humans need 2 things to thrive, near limitless power and space. Aggression will help us get there, it drives us to risk and to reach.

Look at NASA 60 years ago they strapped a chair to a rocket with less cpu umph that an arduino and made it to the moon. Now they are so worried about any possible failure that it takes them decades to do anything. That is the different between one guy in charge with a mission vs committees upon committees.

Comment: Re:Ask the Linux distributors to change (Score 1) 755

by silas_moeckel (#49062959) Attached to: Removing Libsystemd0 From a Live-running Debian System

If they just got our of school, will be working with nobody with more experience than them, and it's a startup with no existing systems, systemd is a great choice for that sort of sysadmins perspective.

Otherwise it fails to give anything compelling useful that could not be done before. It takes a reasonable amount of effort to move to using it with no gain.

Comment: Oh let me list why no (Score 1) 232

by silas_moeckel (#49047829) Attached to: Iowa Wants To Let You Carry Your Driver's License On Your Phone

They want you to install an app. Yet pretty much a picture of the barcode is all that is needed. Considering the poor state of security on phones the rights are far to course grained. The app needs to connect to the DMV for authentication means it has access to data at all times. You quickly have a heavily encrypted app that can can expand it's scope of permissions with clueless users.

They will I assume want you to hand your phone to the cop unlocked. Maybe your smart and setup a secondary login with only the licence and insurances apps more probably you handed a cop access to your entire digital life. Is that enough protection to secure the phone from state overreach?

Expand it out will bouncers be able to validate the licence? In effect that means the state knows when you went to what club.

Will potential employers be able to use it? Now the state knows every place you ever applied for a job.

Will stores be able to use it to cash a check (I know how many people will use this that still use checks)

Are fake ID's really a problem primarily it's for buying booze and we along with a handful of other first world nations has the highest legal drinking age in the first world.

What does the phone app add over the existing ability for police to pull up a photo id via the barcode or just name and address on the in cruiser laptops.

How portable will this be one state must accept another's ID. Will they build in the same protections? If so how will they be required to do so and held accountable for failing to do so?

At this point a simple name and address should be all that is needed to pull up a picture ID.

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