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Comment Re:...actually that's kinda cool. (Score 1) 75 75

Still want a VoIP desk phone with a Qi charger, bluetooth cellphone and headset connectivity. Something where I could charge my phone, use the better handset/speakerphone of my VoIP phone and a bluetooth headset. A perfect world would also allow multiple phone ringing for inbound calls, some contact sync, and possibly calendar/task sync as well.

Comment Re:Does this work for any phone? (Score 4, Informative) 75 75

It is Qi so most will work it's pretty much the winner. It's only 1080P (ish since it uses AMD's sync protocol). It's a PLS panel so none of the IPS goodness.

Pretty much is a fairly meh monitor with a qi charging puck shoved into the base they are literally a few bucks added to the BOM.

Plenty of people have modded bases, keyboard, desks etc etc etc to add qi charging this is just a cheap gimmick to try and make a meh monitor look cool.

Comment Re:Free speech isn't the only right in play here (Score 1) 274 274

The restriction was prior restraint of a particular speaker. Insuring you have adequate security, cleanup insurance etc is fine.

Oh I would say the event people intended to have the cops stop it for the PR value rather than going to the courts in the first place.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 0) 274 274

Why should the state be allowed to put such restrictions on permits??? If the fugitive showed up they should arrest him possibly some of the event team for aiding and abetting (though that is a broken law). This is the state restricting speech on public property.

Comment How about those backdoors (Score 1) 80 80

Exploits that were watermarked to the client that your sold them to.

These are not tools that should ever be in police hands. Requiring that outside firms do this sort of thing and thus need to keep the paper trail of warrants that allowed each and every event. Require that they be audited and a special prosecutor look into any apparent/potential breaches of law and prosecute them to the full extent (no plea deals). Require that all security vulnerabilities be disclosed to the public in 30-90 days. Tighten up these warrants in the first place and full public disclosure of the same after a reasonable investigatory period say 90 days.

The NSA etc should have these tools and a very big firewall between them and law enforcement.

Comment Re:tip of the iceburg (Score 1) 157 157

Oh we know how, it requires time and thought.

Now the ECM should be able to send things to the BCM and Infotainment gear. The reverse should be very limited, pretty much remote start and that should be thoroughly checked for sanity. Old school would be serial in one direction yea there are some hardware hacks but not that problematic.

Comment Cheap fission power today (Score 1) 187 187

Make it happen.

Actually EV are one of the few loads that could work well with pv and wind, they are nearly all smart as in have significant computing power. So getting them to start/stop charging as directed by the utility companies and still be charged in time is feasible. Reversing the process is also rather interesting, as in allowing full battery to drain 10-20% back into the grid to avoid firing up peaking plants and recharge that before it's expected to be needed again.

The legal hurdles are pretty big, insuring that the data is not accessible by anybody ever for starters.

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