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Comment: Re:Varies, I suppose (Score 1) 490

by silas_moeckel (#49515139) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Charge inefficiencies, ac/dc, and dc/ac conversions.

EV batteries only make "sense" if it's a sunk cost since people already have them and can make some money in the exchange for the wear. I cant find numbers for Aquion's tech but your going to end up loosing energy in charging them, self discharge, going back to AC and probably doing DC/AC at/near the panels and back to DC to charge them. It's a few % here a few % there it quickly adds up. We have 253m cars and 318m people in the US your average ev has a 30kWh batter that's 30 hours powering my house. I'm also nearly doubling my household electricity use.

Adding a big storage battery to every solar install is a pretty big chunk of cash especially if you want several days of capacity at that point your pretty close to getting a bit more battery and go completely off grid.

Comment: Re:Varies, I suppose (Score 1) 490

by silas_moeckel (#49509541) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

You do realize that batteries whose sole use as a grid buffer is extremely inefficient. Using an EV battery something thats already smart and connected to the grid often could be a good fit.

There are a lot of issues, the NEC is pretty much killing the usefulness of solar in emergencies due to concerns of linemen and firemen primarily.

The tax incentives are just federal pork for "certified" solar installers (they paid a bribe to the manufacturer/importer).

The smartgrid is trending to be the NSA's dream, let's put a network that goes into everybodys home that they have no control over. Sure I want my hot water heater (if it was electric) to shift around it's consumption but I don't want a black box from the power company to do it. At this point it's looking at best like cablecard. We need to isure that open hardware and code can run this. We need an application specific gateway tier thats also open. We need protection from sin pricing, I should not pay a different rate for my hot tub or ac vs my refrigerator. We need protection of all this data being used against us, it's than just power consumption data. Today it's big draws were looking to make smarter once it's standardized it moves lower in the food chain. These devices have uuid's of some sort, maybe it's great that you can find out where a stolen tv gets plugged in but it's awful if your freespace wireless charging now reports everytime your cell phone is in range.

Comment: Re:Varies, I suppose (Score 1) 490

by silas_moeckel (#49507173) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Grid scale power buffers??? We do not have any tech that scales well and is efficient. If there was we could put them into peoples homes with solar and avoid the whole the grid is a battery BS.

Yes there are devices that are balancing power to demand they tend to be expensive and inefficient. This is where things like using EV batteries could be a great thing. The logistics of it is a nightmare though.

Comment: Re:Students + Anonimity (Score 1) 232

Yup and when it was not a completely unprovable he said she said they did. A friend was the only female officer so pretty much had to show up at every domestic dispute and rape allegation while on duty. The vast majority were unprovable two people in the room no evidence of force, often the women were questionable witnesses being drunk or high at the time. Plenty of cases where when there were witnesses that were impartial the drunk/stoned girl was willing and eager to take on drunk/stoned guy before they found someplace private. I'm not saying that some of these were not rape, but if your standard is merely accusation it's broken and lets not start of the two drunks raped each other idiocy.

It boils down to needing some physical evidence, without it cops will go yea thats nice lets go fill out useless paperwork.

Comment: Re:Isn't a Claymore or mine an "autonomous" weapon (Score 1) 166

by silas_moeckel (#49453795) Attached to: UN To Debate Lethal Autonomous Weapons

No they are not, you certainly can use traps as offensive weapons, have you looked at what IAD's are used for? They restrict movement in both time and resources to clear them. They are used to harass supply lines. They can be well unitized to cover potential escape and maneuvering routes that you can use you own maneuvering to make appealing or push your opponent into.

Automated weapons are potentially much safer to civilians than land mines.

Comment: Re:Never consumer ready (Score 1) 228

by silas_moeckel (#49453611) Attached to: 220TB Tapes Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future

You do realize that for either of those two use cases they are not in typical enterprise settings. No hardware raid controllers (or at least being used a jbod) means no need for TER. They are not buying anybody solution the tech is a core business function. You average enterprise cares about somebody to call to fix it more than we saved 50% on hardware.

For my own company you better beleive we use consumer grade drives internally. Things like ZFS mean all the hot data is on SSD anyways (and while you can use a consumer ssd for write cache a lot of research is needed).

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