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Comment: Bamba (Score 4, Interesting) 243

by EnsilZah (#49122095) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy

There's a popular snack in Israel called Bamba, which consists of puffed corn coated with peanut butter.
Pretty much everyone eats it, and it's pretty common for parents to feed it to children as soon as they can handle solid food.

So I was wondering how that affects the allergy rate for Israelis.
And apparently a study shows that when comparing Israelis to UK Jews of a similar background, the Israelis had a tenth of the peanut allergy rate compared to the UK group.

Comment: Huh. (Score 1) 468

by EnsilZah (#48910839) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

I didn't realize things are getting so bad in the US that merely knowing the location of a traffic cop puts their life in danger.
I wouldn't even expect that to be the case in most third world countries.
That sounds like some Mad Max shit.
No wonder they're acquiring all that surplus military equipment.

Comment: Re:Strange definition of success (Score 1) 213

by EnsilZah (#48782749) Attached to: SpaceX Rocket Launch Succeeds, But Landing Test Doesn't

The difference is that for the manned flights you've mentioned, returning the astronauts back to earth was part of the primary objective and they wouldn't have launched if they didn't have a high likelihood of accomplishing it.

The goal of SpaceX Falcon 9 launches is to deliver cargo to orbit, once that is accomplished the mission is a success.

The fact that they can use the spent first stage of the rocket for development testing towards developing reusability instead of just letting it splash down into the ocean is a bonus.

Comment: SpaceX (Score 4, Informative) 235

by EnsilZah (#48709883) Attached to: The Billionaires' Space Club

I've been following SpaceX recently so I thought I'd point out a few things about them in regards of breaking new ground.

The company went from being founded to launching its first commercial payload to orbit in about seven years. (Which seems pretty quick in aerospace timescales)

They're consistently delivering supplies to the ISS for about half the price of their competitor using the Dragon capsule which is also able to return cargo back to Earth.
The Dragon capsule was designed with carrying passengers in mind, and version 2 of the capsule which will be undergoing launch abort tests soon is scheduled to start taking astronauts up to the ISS in about two years or so.
It will also be capable of landing propulsively.

They've undercut the prices of all existing competitors significantly, making them scramble to design new rockets to match SpaceX's price, but they'll only be ready around 2020.
Meanwhile SpaceX has been testing reusing the rocket's first stage.
The upcoming mission to the ISS will have its first stage attempt to land on a barge at sea, with the ultimate goal being landing back at the launch site.
Elon claims a theoretical potential hundred-fold price reduction for launches, but even a ten-fold reduction would have a significant effect on the industry.

In the longer term, SpaceX has plans for much larger engines and spaceships, with the ultimate goal of landing on Mars and eventually enabling people to move to Mars for around $500K.

Comment: They forgot to mention. (Score 5, Funny) 166

by EnsilZah (#48672229) Attached to: North Korean Defector Spills Details On the Country's Elite Hacking Force

They forgot to mention how the final test, called the Kobayashi Maru, involves hacking a Gibson by playing tic-tac-toe while receiving a blow job from Jeff Bridges.
By this point it's not that difficult, because it's Unix and you know this, but making your MacBook interface with the alien computer you built from the schematics sent by Setec Astronomy is a bit of a challenge.
And of course those who fail will be taken away by agents and made to mow the lawn for the rest of their lives or something.

Comment: So, apparently... (Score 1) 227

by EnsilZah (#48671823) Attached to: Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball

One of the sites allowing people to 'rent' the movie had a few problems with the implementation, allowing people to share the URL with anyone, as well as just save the movie file from their browser.

I was expecting people to be able to just record the screen and then post it to teh torrents, but that turned out unnecessary as a prefect quality 1080p file has been available since yesterday.

It was as bad as I expected.

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