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Comment: A great anti-piracy strategy (Score 1) 247

by Quadari (#37907426) Attached to: New Mac OS Trojan Produces BitCoins
If I were Lemkesoft (publisher of Graphic Converter), I would be really happy about this. What better way to get more people to buy legitimate copies of your program then by scaring them with examples of how stealing the program leads to malware. Maybe software publishers should think about doing this on purpose. If they flooded the torrent world with malware-infected versions of their software then it might scare some users straight.

Comment: What time? (Score 1) 61

by Quadari (#37561488) Attached to: 2011 Ig Nobel Prizes
"...will be handed out tonight at 7:30 EST at Harvard University." Last I checked, Cambridge, MA is currently on Eastern DAYLIGHT Time, not Eastern Standard Time. So that makes the start time of the ceremony very confusing. Or maybe you can only show up if you can actually figure out what time to be there.

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