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Comment Old and died I think PICK AT (Score 1) 379

I remember running into a PICK AT system for a database application server quite a few years ago. Making a back up of the OS was difficult due to the non standard format. Found very little info on it at the time which made life difficult to service the system. It ran on a PC AT in the time of DOS.

Wikipedia on PICK

Comment Re:Blind test. (Score 5, Interesting) 587

Some cell tower companies and ham radio operators moving into elite neighbourhoods with high lawyer representation often will pre build the expansion and not install the equipment to collect baseline data and use the new complaints and lawsuits as baseline of the pre existing conditions. It's hard to make a case against the new cell tower or ham radio operator when the court case reveals to the plaintiffs the only operating device is the obstruction beacon.

Later when the equipment arrives and is installed, the community is not informed. Only then can the real cases be identified. Most of the time, the numbers are in the 0's.

If you put up a tower in a nice neighbourhood, make it look nice. Leave it unpowered for a few months. Reduce power on nearby towers to make marginal areas worse. Offer better signal by upgrades to nearby towers. Switch on the new tower to cover the poor coverage areas. Result, more even signal coverage with fewer towers running high power to reach into dead zones.

Comment Re:Oblig xkcd (Score 1) 170

LOL. Have a fast computer and fast connection, however the security filter reduces that to slower than home DSL for internal sites. What good is a 100+ meg connection verifiable by DSL reports when the corporate VPN appears to be on a bank of 56K dial up modems?

Slashdot is what you do while waiting for Remote Desktop to refresh.

Comment Re:Classic FUD (Score 1) 373

I leave my fob battery at home ever since I learned about the replay attacks and had a physical key (no chip) for my keyring made. FOB without a battery works as a regular chipped key when inserted in the slot in the dash. Actually, the battery died and I never bothered to replace it.

You can't do a replay attack if there is no signal to read.

Comment Re:The reason Google Hangouts is vacant. (Score 1) 152

This is the very reason I don't have a Google Hangouts account or post anything on a company internal or external site. Any objections to the content can be a career limiting move. I've seen this way too often. I don't give my employer my nicks or post from work.

Don't want any real life people thinking they can lay a world of hurt in a real way for something posted in the virtual world. Too many micro-managers with power trips out there that have nothing better to do but scrub the company image.

It's not slander if it is true, but that does not stop repercussions if the post is tied to a real life person.

Comment Addressable Pixel LED strings (Score 1) 224

This may be a problem when the people posting videos of their animated Christmas light shows with addressable pixels get taken down. The would be akin to Microsoft taking down cleaning services because they advertise washing windows and glass shops for selling Windows. This could backfire. Even flatscreen manufactures could get hit by advertising the warranty based on the number of dead Pixels. The term Pixel is not copyrightable by itself no more than Windows is and for the same reason.

Comment Re:WTF Not Prejudice, Discrimination. (Score 4, Informative) 337

Using the definition of Discrimination, that needs to be called out for what it really is.
This Affirmative Action is by the action and expectations, is Discrimination based on race and gender. Get it right.

We need to end all discrimination.

All lives matter is correct.
All black lives matter is discriminatory because it is race based discriminatory protection by race.

United Negro College Fund is openly Discriminatory. It does by name and action, discriminate by race. Why are we allowing intentional race discrimination.
Affirmative Action is openly Discriminatory. It does by name and action, discriminate by race and gender. Why are we allowing intentional race and gender discrimination.
How long would a United Caucasian College Fund be allowed to exist if it's charter and campaign was exactly the same as the United Negro College Fund?

Help call out and end All race and gender discrimination.

Comment Re:Read TFA, only some sensors affected (Score 1) 120

The test data from a variety of manufactures devices show most were not substantially resonant in the tests.

Due to prop balance in drones, it may be a relatively safe assumption the ones with resonant issues are not used in drones but limited to low frequency applications such as Wii remote sensors.

Comment Re:Outdoor (Score 5, Interesting) 466

Due to the very poor selection of DC appliances and often their RV bloated price tags, I have opted to keep AC, but generate it locally. Instead of buying a DC to DC supply for a laptop to get 19V for about $100, I bought a 1KW inverter instead for about the same price. If I don't want all my lights to be Fluorescent Cool White in color, I can use the 9W 3K bulbs instead in a warm white with high Color Rendering Index >94%. Try it. Try to find 12V RV bulbs that are not Amber, Red, or Cool White 6K. Most of the outlets in my RV are running off the inverter. Only the kitchen and bath loop are still on traditional shore power or generator along with the AC. This limits the generator runtime where shore power is not handy.

I have not trimmed my home use enough yet to cut loose from the grid. Heat pumps and long wet winters on solar just is not a match yet. They haven't fixed the solar when the sun doesn't shine problem yet.

I don't have to mess around with trying to adapt everything to 12 or 24V. With a good size deep cycle battery, even normal microwave oven, blow dryer, other short duration high amperage loads are possible that is simply not an option on DC.

Comment Re:dry ink (Score 1) 223

I had the same problem ever since the home printing had a high TCO for printing photos. Ever since traditional film processing locations switched to digital and prints are about a dime, I have the same problem. Most of the time the printer has no working ink and Laserjet has replaced the inkjet for most tasks due to economics.

Epson has seen the handwriting on the wall. Adapt or die.

Inkjet has become a nich market catering to either graphics artists, digital plotters and other commercial applications that use bulk ink for the most part due to the cost of supplies for volume printing.

Epson has nothing to lose by trying this. The old market for high priced ink is following 35mm film. There is a market for it, but it is not competing with the cell phone camera for casual photography as it once was.

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