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Comment: Another explination (Score 1) 52

This might not be an official function of the group anonymous.

Say for example a user runs a botnet and participate in Anonymous. I don't want to be found when the feds hack the server. Some users could simply be using the routers as an anonymous proxy.

This may have no official connection to anonymous. This could be the same as accusing Torr as being set up and run by anonymous as some of the exit notes log into the anonymous server.

There is a possibility this is real, but at this point is is mostly speculation, and possibly a smear campaign.

Comment: Re:$1 a month (Score 3, Interesting) 167

by Technician (#49671019) Attached to: How Spotify Can Become Profitable

The endless list of horror stories of subscription cancellation woes has built up a very real online resistance to signing up for anything with a credit card. Even free as they often are a hidden free trial.

Having had the honor of first hand dealing with online ordering without just as easy online cancellation, has firmly entrenched the once burned twice shy response.

I can name names to be specific.

AOL, Comcast, Viatalk...

Until the industry fixes the locked in reoccuring billing subscription, all sign up proceedures no matter how small are potential fights in the future to cancell, and customers are burnt out dealing with it.

Guilt by association appplies to any service without a contract expiration date.

For spotify to leave the reputation, they should offer term subscriptions. 1 month, 3 month, & 1 year. No questions termination at end of contract. Then provide excellent service so I'll renew because they are great.

Comment: Re:first, don't let them put their shit on YOUR ph (Score 2) 776

Some employers can require on call engineers. The question comes down to salaried or hourly. If salaried and mandentory on call, then the alternate solution is to leave the phone at work for privacy reasons and auto forward to your Google Voice number. My GV account can ring up to 3 phones at once. This can include a landline, cell, and google talk. A VOIP line with some providers can allow multi presence. This includes a VOIP phone at home, a VOIP app on a tablet, etc. I can be reashed, but I don't have to give out my personal cell number to be reached.

My GV piints to a free IP Kall number, which goes to a free VOIP account on IPPI, which has free voicemail, free missed call notifications by email, and multi presence up to 3 phones. Solves my after hours contact number while exiting employer tracking. I can call in using Goolge Voice. I can be home, at a club, or in Disnyland and the origin does not show up, only the GV number.

Comment: Re:Brand? (Score 3, Informative) 227

What amazes me most is the failure to notice the modulation frequency and ti's phase lock to local power.

Non inverter (all older) micrwaves use a 1/2 wave voltage doubler so the magnitron is only on for 1/2 the AC cycle. Google Microwave oven power supply to see a typical schematic.

For unexpected frequencies, a non linerate in RF from arcing in the door seal can cause odd order harmonics. EG splattered food on the door seal area.

Comment: Freezer not required (Score 1) 1

by Technician (#49626665) Attached to: Putting keys in freezer could prevent car break-ins

Any Faraday shield would work fine. I use a stainless steel coffee cup. Due to the diameter and the wavelength, a lid is not required. If you wish to test suitable containers, place your keys in a soup can or other lidless metal container and try to open the door with the container in your hand. If the car can't see the keys, a long range amplifier won't work either.

Comment: Re:AT&T Autopay - Ha! (Score 3, Interesting) 234

Wow, Where are the old timers?

One of the older viruses/malware would redirect dial up just to collect termination fees. This script mailware was most often associated with porn sites., but not always. The frequency of this exploit tended to die down with growing broadband use over dialup. I first saw issues of this with dial up modems. My early cure for this as a prevention was tu use an Actiontech Dual PC modem connected to a router in the same configuration as a broadband modem and router setup.

This provided high immunity to the exploit as the modem contained the ISP dial up number and a compromised attack website could not log into the modem to change the numberr. As a network modem it did not respond to the Hayes AT command set.

A common practice for ohters was to change the escape charactor, but this only provided limited protection as a changed configuration file for common dialer programs could still be altered. Hidden and Read only attributes in DOS addad another defence with limited success.

Old school dial up was compromised by a very old attack against dial up modem use.

Comment: Re:uh... (Score 1) 170

by Technician (#49573351) Attached to: Verizon Tells Customer He Needs 75Mbps For Smoother Netflix Video

They do need to be carefull if they try throtteling upstream bandwidth for customers with lower level packages. It is simply too easy to prove. Comcast is an example of where this was not hidden very well. Customers with 20Meg Comcast connecitons could not stream Netflix nearly as well as 6Meg DSL customers in the same neighborhood. Customers needing redundancy against outages were the very first to note and document the problem.

Verizon needs to be carefull what is placed in their sales training materials as this could come back to bite them.

Since multiple sales agents have called using the same sales script, this could indicate a problem in the sales management team.

Comment: Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 1) 334

by Technician (#49567605) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

I do agree that someone is trying to sell something.

Unless entire large acrage farms convert into solar, the distribution of retail, commercial refrigeration, high density housing (apartments), etc will notmeet daytime demand. Many businesses have installed some solar to offset their daytime energy use.

Most home solar installations are supplimental with only brief periods where the het pump cycles off durring the day that net metering even feeds into the grid.

In my area I have looked into the possibility of off grid, and it would require removal of the laundry pair for hand wash instead and an outside clothsline in all weather.

If I covered my entire roof, I would have to change my primary heating to something not dependant on electric. Yes I could possibly sell some daytime power to the utility for a couple of hours each day, but that small amount an more would be consumed by the supermarket down the street. The utility would never have a net surplus from consumers that is not used locally.

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