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Comment: Re:Why not a "$0" only option (Score 1) 240

by Technician (#46743817) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

Seeing no reason to pay redundant prices, and have a company issued smart phone, I don't pay to install apps as I have no way to buy the apps, or permission.

With company issue, am I don't own or buy no apps? How many have a company issued device?

I don't own my own smart phone. I do have laptops, etc that are much better for many applicaitons I do use. Instead of Photoshop - The Gimp, MS office - Open Office, Cakewalk - Rosegarden, etc

Comment: Re:So how many of them are actually qualified (Score 2, Interesting) 214

I wonder how many of them drive a car, or ride in one, or a bus, etc. I wonder how they heat their homes. I think they should also cut off using fossil fuels. If everyone used wood heat, that is not sustainable. Ever seen an apartment complex without electric power? My fossil fuel use is supplimated by solar. I don't own a large enough plot of land to solar power my transportation requirements, let alone the home energy requirements.

Comment: Re:The feds can have the data from my last flight. (Score 2) 78

by Technician (#46710531) Attached to: In-Flight Wi-Fi Provider Going Above and Beyond To Help Feds Spy

1 back up your drive.
2 encrypt your back up drive
3 ship the drive to your destination
4 wipe your drive with a clean install, don't encrypt it.
5 fly and enjoy something from a ripped DVD No need to set off alams with encryption or shady content.
6 after passing security with a sanitized drive, arrive and pick up your real data.

Comment: Re:It's time to bring SCIENCE into classrooms firs (Score 1) 470

by Technician (#46669421) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

Something I never understood, how did the creation story get so much later evidence in science?

The creation and big bang closely match. There was nothing and it exploded.

The great flood. Lots of water from the deep.. Now we find moons or planets with underground oceans.

How did ancient writings get some wild concepts right? Proving creationism and thus God isn't likely to happen with scientific method, but there may be more than psedoscience to it.

Comment: Re:Stastaticians (Score 1) 397

by Technician (#46528793) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Unfortunately, the diversity of the population does not equal diversification in job skills.

This is a repeat of Equal Oppertunity and job quota's from 2 decades ago. In the 70's I had a job with a TS clearance in a technical field and I noted the stark lack of some ethnic groups. I asked my employer about this ethnic bias toward White. He showed me the stack of applications. Minorities very rarely applied or even trained in the high tech trades.

Due to affirmative action in the 80's by t US Goverment, a family relative applied for an apprenticeship with Bonniville Power Administration. He had the highest test score, until another canidate passed him due to race, ethnicity, etc. My brother was passed by for the position. The selected canidate failed out of the program. By this time 6 months had passed and he took another posiiton in private industry.

Now 30 years later, the BPA HR staff is in the hotseat because they gave preference to minoriities as part of Affermitive Action, but did not give any preference to Veterans. I and my brother are vets. I did not even apply with BPA because at the time I knew the deck was stacked against me.

Mainzer's email to staff said BPA was now working with DOE to identify the first wave of applicants, including veterans, who were disadvantaged and provide them with priority consideration for positions at BPA. But his email also suggested that the problems went on until April 2013, a year longer than initially reported.

Stating only a low number are hired is only part of the story. Poor inner city schools, culture, and other factors disadvantage these minority groups. When they change culture, work ethic, schooling, etc and enter the trades, only then will the numbers start to match up.

Do not fix a lack of a race by hiring 100 percent of the applicatents from a race while only picking 5 percent of a mjority. Testing and qualifications do matter to private industry. It should matter in government positions too.

Comment: Re:sure, no problem (Score 4, Informative) 245

by Technician (#46514297) Attached to: Is Analog the Fix For Cyber Terrorism?

A more common control with this type of critical limits is an elevator. The digital controls calls the cars to the floors, opens doors, etc. Between the digital world and electrical/mechanical world is control relays. Limit switches are in pairs. One you are used to. The elevator arrives at a floor and there is a pause while the fine alignment is completed to level with the current floor. The hard limit on the other hand such as exceeding safe space below bottom floor or past the top floor, does interrupt power to the control for the power relays. One drops power to the motor and the other drops the power to the brake pick solonoid. Brakes fail safe in an elevator. Need power to release the brakes.

Yea, it is a pain to reset the elevator at 3 am with someone stuck inside, but that is better than a runaway elevator. And no, there is no software defeat for the hardware limit switches.

Comment: Re:So much marketing, so little fact (Score 1) 413

Reality check. Use Audacity or other program and make a voice recording. Use Amplify to set the peaks at 0 DB. Duplicate the track and shift it several seconds later. Apply Amplify on the new track. Math test, how many DB do you need to attenuate the new track to make it only 8 bits of a 24 bit recording. Each bit is 6 DB. 24 bits to 8 bits is cutting 16 bits at 6 DB per bit. Set the peaks at the new level. Take a listen without changing volume. You will need more than a 16 bit sound card and better ears than I have to hear the echo.

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 1) 194

by Technician (#46441305) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

On printers, I prefer them wired to my LAN. Interface is unimportant other than the correct Net printer protocol for a network port has to be used in addition to adding the printer to the Network Printer Port. My comment orignally was in regards to finding the PRINTER driver, not finding it's LAN port.

Comments regarding older printer is right on. The laser printer was an office tank. Toner carts are less than 1/3 the price of ONE Color ink cart for my inkjet. Drafts are defalted to the laser. OEM price for the printer was originaly $2400.00 US. It has outlived several ink jets that died.

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 1) 194

by Technician (#46441245) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

I have a wireless LAN. I can use the Ultrabook, Netbooks, Subnotebook, etc in a recliner, no cords. Using printer, NAS, etc is all wireless. The printers sit on a shelf out of the way. Cutter is moved to the closet. Ok I have to get up to retrive a print job, but that is much better than damaged USB ports on a laptop. Yes I have several machines as some are optimised for specific tasks and backup for the new machine when it fails to perform. I have Ubuntu, Linux Mint, XP, Windows 7, and the Ultrabook all on portable recliner frindly formats and all connected to LAN resources.

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 5, Informative) 194

by Technician (#46436909) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

As an older guy who has received an Unltrabook recently, and trying do do production work instead of consuming media, I had some issues. Installing older paralell port printers attached to my LAN via Trendnet or other devices proved to be very difficult. Visiting the manufacture of the printers for updated drivers was a total failure. As mentioned, there is a learning curve. To get the drivers, you have to use Windows Update instead. Trying to sort a list of files proved difficut too. A long list has the traditional scroll bars on the right just where you expect them. Dragging the bar does scroll the list, but at the top and bottom are the two buttons which also used to scroll the list without dragging, usefull if you only want to scroll small distances in a long list. Unfortunately in Windows 8 they are only decorations with no function. You either need a touch screen to scroll the list, or highlight a file and arrow up/down through the list, which defeats picking multiple files for copy by Control Click. A small wiggle on a extended list can scroll it by several hundred items making picking files difficult.

Maybe there is a trick to this I haven't learned other than drag drop each by itself..

The touch screen is not the preferred method of picking files from a list. My fingers are about 5 lines tall. A mouse is a much better and precise way to do fine motor skills. Photo editing suffers the interface issue too.

I tried to burn some CD's from a band I recorded. Windows 8 had a serious issue with my external USB DVD drive. Using Windows Media Player had no problem burning ONE disk. The media player on the left side properly identified if the drive contained a music CD, Data CD, or Blank CD. The information IS NOT passed to the right side which stubbornly recommended I insert a Blank CD before I could burn another. I went back to a Windows 7 machine which did properly recognise blank disks in the right side. Too bad they didn't keep Windows 7 functionality in the Window 8 Media Player.

In a nutshell, don't ditch your other machines when you get a Windows 8 machine. You may need the older machines to do older tech stuff like burning CD's, sorting photos, editing audio tracks, editing photos, etc. The Windows 8 machine is a great Facebook, Skype, social media and connected machine, but for production, keep your other hardware.

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