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by ctrl-alt-canc (#46343337) Attached to: Crowded US Airwaves Desperately In Search of Spectrum Breathing Room
Ham radio operators have a lot of space allocated on the UHF/SHF bands. It is quite diffifcult to justify this allocation, given the fact that these frequencies are mostly left unused (if you do not believe this, just turn on a spectrum analyzer and give a look). Reallocating a part of these frequencies to wireless carriers could bring benefits to the whole US population, reducing the digital divide.

Comment: Re:I am still skeptical (Score 1) 180

You probably lack some knowledge about effects of EM fields on tissues. The damage possibly caused by RF fields generated by mobile phone is due to heathing, not to ionization.
BTW, most of the damage caused to tissues exposed to high doses of ionizing radiation is still due to heathing. Damage due to chemical effects caused by ionization and to DNA damage appear later in those who received exposure to ionizing radiation.

Comment: I am still skeptical (Score 2) 180

I looked briefly to some of the reports published by MTHR, and it seems to me that there is a fundamental flaw (pretty much common to many studies published on this topic). The absorbed dose from the tissues is proportional to the transmitter power. Now the transmission power of handeld devices (like GSM) depends from the received SNR at the BTS: actually a negotiation about the power to use takes place between the BTS and the handeld device to limit the transmission power, so that batteries of the handeld unit last more and interference to neighbour BTS cells is reduced. IIRC power can be varied between 1 milliwatt and 8 watt, i.e. three orders of magnitude. If this enormous variation of the radiated power (and of the absorbed dose) hasn't been taken into account in the study (as I suspect), the research conclusions are very questionable.

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