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Comment There probably isn't one (Score 2) 154 154

Especially if you are looking to wirelessly transmit 1080i/p reliably. I've tried and wireless was so unreliable (display artifacts and whatnot not present with wired) that I wound up going to the crawlspace and running wires to every device in the house.

I wound up only using wireless for phones and tablets, every other device that has a physical LAN port is plugged in. I haven't had any network related issues since I ditched wireless.

Back in the late 90s I tried a wireless video transmitter (back then it was composite video) and every time my neighbour turned on the microwave the signal cut out. Presumably for low res video you could probably get away with wireless.

Comment Re:Conservative. (Score 1) 319 319

then back to ubuntu again (What asshole greenlit those scroll bars and 1px target to resize a window?!)

Well, at least you can see the scroll bars. I was using OS X and I couldn't figure out how to scroll the window because some "genius" decided to hide them when the window stops scrolling. How useful is that? I did figure out how to turn that off, but that shouldn't even be a setting.

Comment Re:Screws with users (Score 1) 319 319

They placed the turn signal on the left side of the column, placed the gearshift on the right side of the column, and placed the brights control on the floor, operated by the left foot.

Column shifters can operate differently too:

1. Common old automatics had PRND[3]21. I was in a newer vehicle that had PRNDM. In order to access manual gears, you have to move the selector to 'M' and use buttons on the shifter stalk to access all lower gears. So when you are towing and need to drop down a gear to control your descent, you need to muck about with the shifter+buttons+dash display to make sure you've picked the right gear. Compare to before when you move the shifter stalk down one (or two.) Intuitive, eh?

2. I certainly haven't forgotten the manual shifter on the column, or 3-on-the-tree. Put new drivers in it and they'll never figure out how to move it as they'll think it's automatic. They'll probably grind gears a lot though. :-)

Stuff evolves.

Comment Re:Hipster "designers" are the reason. (Score 1) 319 319

By the time it gets to Microsoft and Apple OS GUIs, it's not "hipster". It's mainstream.

Um, Windows 8? It's so bad they're giving away Windows 10? Mainstream my arse. People go out of their way to avoid Windows 8.

I have heard chatter among non-tech-savvy coworkers saying they've given up on their new laptops with Windows 8 because they couldn't figure out how to get pictures off of their camera. They are using their 6 or so year old laptop and the new one collects dust.

Comment Re:Screws with users (Score 1) 319 319

I can one-up that - I drive manual transmissions - have for more than 20 years. Both vehicles of mine are manual transmission (car and truck.)

I was driving the work van (automatic) the other day with a coworker, and while slowing down I lifted my left leg and reached to the center of the van - where I found no manual shifter. My coworker was wondering what I was doing.

Talk about muscle memory...

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Insightful) 487 487

However, just because I gave Person A access to my wifi, that doesn't mean I give everyone Person A knows access to my wifi. This could end up in legal hot water territory.

I guess that I just won't be giving any guests access to my network anymore. They can pony up and get their own mobile data plan for their devices.

Comment Re:Number of comments is really down (Score 1) 269 269

No kidding. Whose bright idea was it to overlay the comment count and icon over the title? It obscures long titles now.

I think the UI designers unzipped their pocket full of tricks and forgot to zip it back up again, it's turning into a how-not-to-do-UI example.

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