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Comment: Re:iPad is a luxury? (Score 1) 307

by danomac (#48926179) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

A $700 smart phone is, too. Here in .us, a lot of the price is buried in your 2-year contract, so people see it as a $200 smart phone.

My phone is getting old now, and I was thinking about replacing it. I'm on an older cell phone plan that [right now] is cheap considering what I get. I found out that if I want a new phone under contract I have to go to one of the "new" plans, and if I want to keep the same service level I have now, is $50 a month more. Add to that I still have to pay $200 upfront for the phone. The terms are all 24 months now, so that means that $700 phone actually costs $1400.

When my phone finally goes I'll just buy one outright.

Comment: Re:A combination (Score 1) 214

by danomac (#48738781) Attached to: New Year's Resolution for 2015

Well, considering that this part of the thread started with me posting, and I'm replying to someone who commented on one of my posts in order to clarify my intentions, I'm not sure why you are upset.

I'd much rather take the advice of someone who knows what he's talking about, not some random person on the internet capable of posting links.

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