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Comment Re:Game mods? (Score 1) 267

If you want to type anything longer than a paragraph, you need to add a keyboard, which turns your tablet right back into (yes) a laptop.

Sorry, but no.

Biggest problem with this (and yes, I have tried it myself) that if you actually want to sit a tablet and keyboard on your lap to work it's too damn flimsy. At least with a proper laptop the screen they keyboard and screen doesn't want to tip in pieces off your lap.

You can get wireless versions - I found these are harder to use as per my comment above. You can get cases that kinda-sort-of connects the tablet and keyboard together but again, too damn flimsy to use.

And with most tablets lacking local storage (and being heavily cloud-dependent) and having really crippled apps compared to desktop versions if you want to do any real work you need a real laptop. Otherwise if you get spotty LTE service/wifi you're really screwed.

I have helped a couple people I know who run their own business who bought tablets thinking they'd be great for work use were very disappointed. They said great if you need to look something up on the fly while out and about but for real work they're not very good.

Comment Re:Could Xiaomi take over? (Score 1) 209

Samsung did the best job of anyone trying to differentiate their phones, and as such was the only profitable Android manufacturer for several years. But even they are losing market share rapidly to the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei and their profits have fallen off a cliff in the past couple years.

I've been using Samsung phones and just recently switched away as their flagship models imitate Apple too much - no user-replaceable battery and no microSD slot. I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Comment Re:LG G4 (Score 1) 208

Sure, because even though swappable batteries are bigger, heavier, more expensive to make, compromise the strength of the laptop's chassis,

Uh, the iPhone 6 doesn't have a removable battery and it's bending in people's pockets... in Apple's obsessiveness for thinness, they've already compromised the strength of the phone/laptop chassis.

Comment Re:LG G4 (Score 2) 208

So what are you going to do then? Buy a replacement?

Yes, I did that a little over a year ago when my OEM battery on my S3 couldn't hold a charge for more than 8 hours (with very little use).

I bought a new Anker battery, and this battery surpassed the OEM battery.

What finally drove me to replace the phone was the weird resets while using it, and I noticed other things like bluetooth not wanting to connect. Oh, it also refused to wake up without yanking the battery. It was done. My Galaxy S1 had similar issues, I guess Samsung's phones just don't last longer than 2-3 years.

I still see people using the iPhone 4 (and some 3GS), and I see a lot of 5-6 year old LG Android based phones in use today.

Comment Re:LG G4 (Score 2) 208

Second this, my old Galaxy S3 died back in June, coincidentally about three days after the G4 was released.

I spent a day or so looking around at replacement phones, and most are a nonstarter. A portable device that runs on a battery should have the battery itself user-serviceable, period. Anything else is defective by design.

The G4 is the only flagship that still has a removable battery and a SD card slot (up to 2TB!) The quick charge on mine does work, it charges way faster than my old S3. I've also noticed that all the weird little problems with bluetooth, unusual battery drain, and random resets don't happen with this phone. With light usage my phone can last three days, normal use gets me about two days, and heavy use I can still usually get a day out of it.

The only complaint/issue I have is with the touchscreen keyboard, sometimes it doesn't register a key tap. I have learned to type on it now so I don't see that nearly as often now.

Comment Re:Re serialization issue (Score 1) 105

I almost wonder whether Google are encouraging people to publicize Android vulnerabilities so they can say 'look, this isn't working, we need to be able to push updates to phones ourselves'. They have to do that if Android has any future.

Well, there's only one issue with that. All it will take is Google to push out a patch that breaks the custom UI on the phone making it unusable. Carriers/manufacturers don't allow you to disable skins/UI "improvements" so this could potentially be a problem.

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