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Comment: Re:Great idea... (Score 3) 160

by danomac (#49330903) Attached to: Energy Company Trials Computer Servers To Heat Homes

Correction: They regulate the minimum temperature for rentals. The landlord has to provide a heating system that can heat to a minimum temperature for the winter, typically 20-21 C.

I have rented several units, I've never seen a unit where there was no temperature control. One of my friends, however, liked to rent basement suites, and they often had no separate heat controls. The thermostat would be in the upstairs part of the house.

Comment: Re:Death traps. (Score 1) 451

by danomac (#49295309) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future

Seat-belts and airbags also occasionally kill people, but they save ten lives for every one they take, and people accept the tradeoff.

Unless you or your family has been affected, then you tend to think a little differently. I've had the misfortune of having ABS fail thinking I was in a skid, so during a low speed stop I almost rearended the car in front of me. I did have the reflexes and quick thinking to go to the shoulder to miss an accident. However, as a result, I don't completely trust the ABS on any car now.

Comment: Re:Buggy whip makers said automobiles aren't... (Score 1) 451

by danomac (#49294997) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future

I for one am eagerly looking forward to autonomous cars purely because of the minor few that make the roads dangerous for everyone else.

I'm eagerly awaiting a time where people stop being so focused on getting cars around and start focusing on moving people around. I think the amount of infrastructure required to have millions of cars moving around is a waste, there must be other ways. And no, I'm not suggesting that trains are a solution. But there must be better ways that nobody has bothered to think up yet.

Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 1) 362

by danomac (#49189725) Attached to: Would You Need a License To Drive a Self-Driving Car?

As such, you can bet that any model that hits the road is going to be DAMN safe.

I don't know about that. We still get safety recalls today that involve airbags deploying after a bump, cars shutting off while driving, cars accelerating out of control... these three examples are different manufacturers.

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