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Comment Re: Mobile (Score 1) 1823

Regarding mobile,while I've found reading the actual articles is easier, I've noticed these issues on my nexus 7:

-sometimes the hot topic / most discussed is blank.
-often tapping the article to show comments does nothing. Eventually after tapping all over the place the stars eventually align and the article loads.
-there should be an interface option to load all comments. Accidently moving back to the main site loses your progress in the comments and it's frustrating having to go through and load comments every. single. time.
-often the 'load more comments' button doesn't do anything
-moderation was supremely broken last time I tried it on mobile.
-scrolling is painfully slow. View desktop mode works fine.

For the main site: fire the UI person responsible for removing the 'read more' button at the bottom of the summaries and put that damn button back where it belongs. Also, quite often I see the title going under other objects on the page.

Comment Re:Side Impact Regulations (Score 1) 276

I was more thinking about the engineering of the car itself. When you quadruple the power it was designed for, I would wonder if the chassis will be able to take that without twisting or damaging itself in other ways. Even the drivetrain could potentially be affected by this, not just the chassis.

Comment Re: This would be better : (Score 1) 106

Haven't seen a blue screen so far, whereas Linux has constant crashes (blame KDE if you wish, but the fact is that programmes crash quite often).

I use both Windows and Linux, and I can't remember the last time I've witnessed an application crashing on either. It's most likely your hardware is faulty.

Comment Editors? Are you there? (Score 1) 102

Finally after years, Canonical is reacting to the negative feedback and respecting users' privacy, so that Ubuntu 16.04 (the next Long Term Support release) won't send local searches over the web by default.

My brain actually froze when I reached the quoted sentence above. After years what now? I normally don't respond to editing but this was a pretty bad one.


Finally, after years of negative feedback, Canonical will start respecting users' privacy by making sure that Ubuntu 16.04 (the next Long Term Support release) won't send local searches over the web by default.

That's probably not perfect either but it's a hell of a lot easier to read.

Comment Re:Another win for Apple (Score 1) 64

Time after time Apple has copied Samsung's designs (including the rounded rectangle that Apple got their panties into a twist over), but now that Samsung is copying the iPhone's worst features (no SD slot, no user-replaceable battery, etc.), even on the flagship Note line, they deserve to be spanked. ;)

I read the other day that Samung's mobile division revenue has fallen over the last couple of quarters. I doubt that's a coincidence, maybe they'll go back to making more sane phones. When my phone was up for renewal, I switched to the LG G4, which still has a removeable battery and microSD slot... I doubt I'm the only one that made a switch.

Also, the stealing goes both ways. I mean, Apple surely didn't invent that notification swipe down menu that was missing from their phones. That was taken from Android.

Comment Re:Game mods? (Score 1) 267

If you want to type anything longer than a paragraph, you need to add a keyboard, which turns your tablet right back into (yes) a laptop.

Sorry, but no.

Biggest problem with this (and yes, I have tried it myself) that if you actually want to sit a tablet and keyboard on your lap to work it's too damn flimsy. At least with a proper laptop the screen they keyboard and screen doesn't want to tip in pieces off your lap.

You can get wireless versions - I found these are harder to use as per my comment above. You can get cases that kinda-sort-of connects the tablet and keyboard together but again, too damn flimsy to use.

And with most tablets lacking local storage (and being heavily cloud-dependent) and having really crippled apps compared to desktop versions if you want to do any real work you need a real laptop. Otherwise if you get spotty LTE service/wifi you're really screwed.

I have helped a couple people I know who run their own business who bought tablets thinking they'd be great for work use were very disappointed. They said great if you need to look something up on the fly while out and about but for real work they're not very good.

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