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Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 1, Insightful) 550 550

If you don't like people re-interpreting your words as rabid, intolerant vitriol, lead by example. She didn't say everyone who had anything to do with Gamergate is an evil monster.

When there's public abuse and large numbers of people thinking "Meh, whatever" or "Not my problem" allow it to continue and are part of the problem. Instead of "being neutral", support the parts of the movement you believe in and condemn what's not acceptable.

Comment Re:I'm an Uber and Lyft user, here's why (Score 2) 193 193

Uber and Lyft can be put out of business very quickly if the protected monopoly of Taxi companies and various commissions just started offering a more competitive environment; that's the big threat here. You have a service that comes in and undercuts a cash cow for governments and for license holders. They don't like it because it threatens their bottom line and that's a valid argument but instead of being more competitive, they protest and burn things (like in France recently)

It's easy to provide a cheaper/better service if you're avoiding expenses and legal requirements that are legislated for your competitors. Could 'official' taxis do a better job than they are now? Sure. But let's not pretend they're currently operating on equal footing with Uber/Lyft.

Comment Re:Interesting study (Score 1) 195 195

Sure, being able and willing to refine a model and better predict results gives researchers more credibility, if looked at objectively. But there are a lot of people who don't look at the issue objectively and will use any possible tool to try to discredit the concept of global warming, mostly because trying to deal with it would be 'bad for business' or accepting it would necessitate making undesired changes in their lifestyle.

Comment Re:Accepting Responsibility (Score 2) 352 352

Hm, so, you're saying if you wrote some software that has undesired, incorrect behavior that could easily be considered deeply insulting and someone told you about it or even-gasp-complained, you'd tell them to stop fucking whining. Oh, and insult anyone who thought an apology for your fuck-up is appropriate.

What a piece of work you are. Just the sort of person I'd want to work with or have designing products. I'm sure that when a bad outcome comes about, despite your behavior and decision-making clearly having been perfect, your response will be polite and professional.

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