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Comment: April 1st (Score 4, Insightful) 37

by Translation Error (#49387567) Attached to: Wastelanders Decry Lack of Change In Punishment Wheel
You know, if you really want to show your dislike for today's articles, don't post complaints and rants--just don't post. A line at the bottom of each article saying 'Read the 10 comments' at the end of the day will send a much stronger message than any number of complaints.

And there will be much fewer tedious and annoying posts to go through for those of us unfortunate enough to have mod points today.

Comment: Warning (Score 1) 213

Last week a senior Amazon executive appeared before a US Senate subcommittee and warned that there would be consequences if federal regulators continued to act as a drag on its ambitions to launch a drone delivery service called Prime Air.

Ok, I can understand Amazon doing their testing elsewhere, but I'm not quite sure what the resultant consequence to the US is.

Comment: Re:Genderless information (Score 1) 349

As for the other "reasons", they're dumb and weak.
A male partner touched your leg under a table? C'mon, really now. gender bias right there: imagine a male complaining about the same thing performed by a female: I bet everyone would laugh at him. but noo, when a woman experiences it, it's baaad, it's almost rape! Unacceptable!

That absolutely is gender bias, and a rather terrible one, but I don't understand why you're saying that both men and women should submit to it instead of saying it's unacceptable for anyone.

User hostile.