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Comment: Re:difference between driver and passenger? (Score 1) 364

by Translation Error (#47871623) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled
I'd expect a device (RFID?) that's active when the car is in operation would be installed in the owner's car, and the phone would have an app that's paired to the device check for its signal. Depending on the range, it may or may not reach passenger seats, but this would only be an issue when the person is a passenger in their own car.

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by Translation Error (#47834555) Attached to: Scientists Sequence Coffee Genome, Ponder Genetic Modification
Well, if you'd quoted a bit more of the text, it might seem a bit more reasonable (emphasis mine):

"For any agricultural plant, having a genome is a prerequisite for any sort of high technology breeding or molecular modification. Without a genome, we couldn't do any real advanced research on coffee that would allow us to improve it — not in this day and age."

So, yes, you can do selective breeding without having the genome sequenced, and you can try to determine over the course of generations which plants have or may produce the desired traits, but if you do have the genome, you can greatly speed up the process by genetically checking the qualities of the plants and basing your choices on that.

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Hell, I'm a grown man with a good job and here I am arguing on the Internet in the middle of the night, I've got the defenses to fight this to a greater extent and I even struggle with it.

Now, that's just silly. You should be arguing on the Internet while you're at work, like the rest of us.

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by Translation Error (#43176913) Attached to: Too Much Gold Delays World's Fastest Supercomputer
Well, why don't we go to our resident expert on the matter--Mr. Article.

Munger also reported the problems with the connector pins, which Oak Ridge Today's John Huotari noted was due to too much gold mixed in with the solder. Gold is used for connectors because it does not oxidize quickly, and because of its high electrical conductivity; however, when mixed with solder that contains tin, the gold and tin can combine, making the combination brittle under certain conditions. Cray is reportedly replacing the connectors to alleviate the problem.

Seriously, if you want more information badly enough to go into the comments and create a post asking for answers, is it really too much effort for you to click on the link in the summary?

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