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Comment Re:Better than I'd hoped (Score 2) 60

You don't want some idiot's surname on a species just because he had money considering we'll be stuck with that name for centuries.

Why not? How is having it named after someone willing to fund further research worse than having it named after someone who happened to officially discover it? Also note that according to the auction, 'Mr. Metzler will work directly with the winning bidder to choose an official name which must be Latinized,' so it doesn't sound like the winner will have carte blanche (and I imagine the Commission of Zoological Nomenclature can veto truly terrible names, too).

Comment Re:Don't cry for me Seattle (Score 1) 394

Just like with people, the fact that your problems aren't as bad as someone else's doesn't mean your problems aren't real ones that need to be addressed. Sure, a tech boom is great and something to be appreciated, but that's no reason to just let it mess up the housing and economy of your city.

Personally, I am interested in hearing how Seattle handles it.

Comment Re:Problem: Humans are dumb (Score 1) 232

Facebook requires real names.

If you want a service that doesn't require real names, why are people trying to use Facebook for that purposes?

Damn straight. If there's something you don't like about a service you use, you should just slink off and find a different service.

Comment Re:What will be funny... (Score 1) 109

The problem behind the state of US internet access doesn't exist; there are many problems. Building proper infrastructure for an area the size of the US is still an enormously greater undertaking than doing so for an area the size of Cuba, though. The fact that US cities have lousy access is due to a number of other issues and in no way changes the reality that covering 3,805,927 sq mi is a bigger deal than covering 42,426 sq mi.

Comment Re:Nothing Surprising Here (Score 4, Informative) 257

What is sad is that scientists got paid to "figure" this out. Parents have know this forever.

There are lots of things that 'everybody knows' that are wrong. Actually studying these things, even though they're 'obvious' lets us weed out the ones that were just bad assumptions and often refine the ones that actually do have some basis in reality.

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