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Comment: Re:Someone doesn't know PR (Score 1) 140

Really? I wouldn't. I'd feel kind of good about working for a company that, in addition to the large amount of software donations they make year-round to charitable nonprofits (Windows for a $12 administration fee to the organization that distributes them, Office for $23?) is offering deep discounts on Windows and 'making more than 12 million copies of Office available to students for free at qualifying institutions' (from the first link in the summary).

Yeah, it's only software, but it's the latest full-featured version of useful software that Microsoft has no reason other than generosity (and yes, PR) to discount or give away. And Apple may be donating hardware, but realistically, what else do they have to offer that's of much use to schools if it doesn't come with Apple hardware?

Note: I have never worked for Microsoft, but I do work for a charitable nonprofit.

Comment: Re:Make an app, then see if it has a market?? (Score 1) 72

"Journeys & Notes - This is a social app meant for the space between an origin and a destination: It connects you to a community of people who have traveled the same path that you're on. Whether you're taking the bus to work or jet-setting across the globe, you can both leave behind notes for others to discover and read what others have shared."

If I'm in Barcelona and want to know about Barcelona, what does it matter what my source point was and my destination point? Is a restaurant different in flavour if I arrived at it North to South than East to West? Does it make great tapas if I came down from Girona, but not if I drove up from Sitges?

If you're in Barcelona and want to know about Barcelona, this isn't the right app for you. If you're traveling from, say, Boston to New York, however, how would you find out about interesting things along the way--look up info on each town/county/state you'll be traveling through? I know I wouldn't bother doing that, but if I could consult a single repository of things worth checking out on my trip...

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If they use the principles of physics to create technology that helps biologists and doctors scan the human body better than before, shouldn't it be a Nobel prize in biology or physics?

It's the manipulation of molecules, which falls under chemistry.

Comment: Re:Well .. most asian food in the US is crap (Score 3, Insightful) 103

by Translation Error (#48026897) Attached to: Robotic Taster Will Judge 'Real Thai Food'
The offerings of ethnic restaurants in foreign countries are often adapted to better suit the tastes of the local people. Look at Chinese food in the US--it's quite different from what you'd get in China. Then look at Chinese food in Japan--it's different from both of the above. Or just look at pizza in Italy, multiple regions of the US, and Japan.

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