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Comment: not necessarily ridiculous (Score 4, Interesting) 228

by Chirs (#49337817) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

Imagine that a nation had a small "clean" nuke that could be delivered with pinpoint precision. At that point it's basically just a more efficient form of high explosive. Why *wouldn't* they use it? (As opposed to tens or hundreds of conventional bombs.)

The issue with nukes is that they're WMDs. If they got to the point where they were no longer WMDs but rather just a very efficient way of blowing up a relatively small area (a single remote military installation, for example) then people are going to use them.

Comment: why does that matter? (Score 1) 52

by Chirs (#49333759) Attached to: Australian Company Creates Even Faster 3D Printer

It doesn't matter to me that 3D printing might begin with a just means that I have no use for it *at this time*.

If it gets good enough and cheap enough *then* I'll have a use for it.

Other people may be able to use it now, and more power to them. But for me it's just an expensive toy and if I need something printed I'm better off paying someone to do it on a good/expensive printer out of better-quality materiels.

Comment: classic example? (Score 1) 515

by Chirs (#49331071) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

By the way, I like to have sex with women because I LIKE IT.

One could argue that this is a classic example of objectification...

Let's see:
"The objectifier treats the object as a tool of his or her purposes" -- check
"The objectifier treats the object as interchangeable (a) with other objects of the same type..." -- check
"The objectifier treats the object as something whose experience and feelings (if any) need not be taken into account" -- check

Comment: not a bad thing if you control the keys (Score 1) 362

by Chirs (#49307109) Attached to: OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers

As long as you get final say over who approves the software, then UEFI secure boot is great.

The issue is that Microsoft will be in control of what software is approved.

For now all x86 hardware still has the ability for you to disable secure boot and to load your own keys. What's changing is that this will be optional. Once that ability is removed, then that hardware will only boot software signed by Microsoft.

Comment: NOT "network timekeeping", just timekeeping (Score 4, Informative) 166

by Chirs (#49303255) Attached to: Internet of Things Endangered By Inaccurate Network Time, Says NIST

The network is not necessarily involved. The example given of a self-driving car talks about the amount of time taken to distinguish between a plastic bag blowing in the wind and a child running in front of the car. This is not "network" timekeeping, just regular real-time processing.

Comment: Why not? (Score 1) 229

I note that the Porsche 918 uses two electric motors, one for each axle.

Putting an electric motor at each wheel would eliminate the transmission, allow the use of smaller motors, and allow for active torque control at all four wheels (instead of just being able to break you could accelerate each wheel too).

I suspect that to minimize unsprung weight you'd want to have a small driveshaft at each wheel.

Comment: either really cheap or really expensive (Score 3, Insightful) 252

by Chirs (#49287777) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building a Home Media Center/Small Server In a Crawlspace?

If you're dead set on putting it in the crawlspace, then either:

1) Go cheap enough that it's essentially disposable and you can replace it when it dies.
2) Go expensive with SSD storage and passive cooling in a totally sealed case. (To minimize environmental issues.)

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