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Comment: Re:No biggie (Score 3, Insightful) 58

by kiddygrinder (#49364023) Attached to: Australian Government Outlines Website-Blocking Scheme
vpn is indistinguishable from other encrypted traffic if you change the handshake/other markers as that's all deep packet inspection is going on, china can't block it and you could say they're "extremely motivated". the only real way to block vpn is to block all encrypted traffic, goodbye https.

Comment: Re:version control program != the code itself (Score 1) 34

by kiddygrinder (#47814959) Attached to: State of the GitHub: Chris Kelly Does the Numbers
what's software? is it soft? does it "ware" out. what's a program? am i watching TV? you're just bitching because you don't like the name, it's just as clear as the naming process for a billion other concepts. i hate the idea that you're down on people for hosting their person projects on there, what's your problem with people having a good place to host their stuff? i use projects hosted on there pretty much every day, do you work at sourceforge or something?

Comment: Re:Individual Energy Use Is Insignificant (Score 3, Insightful) 710

while you're correct, *everybody* feeling like they are helping by turning off a light would actually amount to something, a fraction of a fraction though it may be. i don't go out of my way but i do buy energy efficient tech where performance doesn't matter, set up my desktops to go to sleep after an hour or so (they way i use them it doesn't bother me), use a raspberry pi as my server etc. at worst i'm making bugger all effort to make my power bill cheaper.

Comment: Re:It would need to be submitted to a standards bo (Score 1) 180

by kiddygrinder (#47421735) Attached to: Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)
the problem is that the standards body for ecmascript is so fucking slow and actually getting browsers to support the next version is even slower.
this causes people to think that maybe they can create their own ecosystem and bypass all the bullshit, what really needs to happen is someone forces everyone to stop fucking around and do it one way, not that i have any hope or belief that this is even possible.

Comment: Re:You want IE to be relevant? (Score 1) 105

you misunderstand me i think, i don't care in the slightest if people upgrade windows as the only part of that that effects me is the browser version. I still have to support ie8 at work and while that's a massive step up from the old ie6 days it still pisses me off.

my other point was that they're not doing themselves any favours by not allowing older windows versions install newer versions of ie as they're just pissing off users into switching away from ie since it's free to do so, not pissing them off into upgrading windows. eroding one very important market share for marginal at best gains in another if you will.

Comment: You want IE to be relevant? (Score 3, Insightful) 105

start by removing the OS restrictions, maybe you think limiting late versions of IE to windows 8 is a selling point for windows, but it just makes people download a browser that supports their operating system and makes web devs pissed off at having to support 3 different versions of IE, 2 of which suck donkey cock.

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