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Comment: Re:More reprsentative stats please (Score 1) 390

by kiddygrinder (#46114541) Attached to: IE Drops To Single-Digit Market Share
the writing's on the wall that their share price will take a bit of a kicking in the short term? how they replace balmer is probably more important than how windows 9 fares but i doubt it will be a big issue, windows 8 has been selling worse than vista so i doubt they'll be taking too many risks with 9.

Comment: Re:its more than just political sensitivity (Score 2) 136

by kiddygrinder (#45581593) Attached to: Bursting the Filter Bubble
this is the most annoying part of the AGW movement, moving to smarter sources of energy has a lot of benefits over just burning oil because "everything is probably fine". i foresee electric cars for example becoming the norm simply because there is a lot more room for improvement in the tech that will make them more efficient and powerful than fuel burners, and this is the easiest way to move forward for deniers and true believers alike.

Comment: Re:It's about control of information (Score 1) 192

by kiddygrinder (#45581561) Attached to: Final Days For Australia's Analog TV
that's not entirely true, there's a lot more fringe stuff like the multi-language channels and the NITV indigenous channel, especially on SBS and ABC. getting a 12 hr a day kids feed on ABC 2 is pretty useful, and a couple of 24 hr news channels that actually seem OK would probably be a boon if i bothered watching that stuff. not saying it's really increased my viewing time but it does actually make tv more useful.

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