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Comment: Skip these (Score 1) 23

by Lumpy (#49497867) Attached to: Recon Instruments' Sports-Oriented Smart Glasses Now Shipping

If they are anything like their previous product, very limited, and not useable.

We tried to use the goggle setup they have sold for years. They sucked, the Dev kit was horrid, and the goggle device was buggy as hell.

Maybe by the 5th generation they will get them right and not so small use but open so that anything can be installed.

Comment: they were pretty scummy. (Score 4, Interesting) 166

by Lumpy (#49496029) Attached to: MakerBot Lays Off 20 Percent of Its Employees

They patented things that other people in the community designed and claimed them as their own. Makerbot may have been one of the first, but they ended up as scumbags.

Now there are a ton of other companies out there doing it better, Good luck to the new CEO, he's captain of a sinking ship.

Comment: Since when.... (Score 4, Insightful) 259

by Lumpy (#49494009) Attached to: FBI Accuses Researcher of Hacking Plane, Seizes Equipment

do we call assholes "researchers"? This guy is nothing but a grandstanding asshole. You dont make comments like that and you dont do the FUD slinging that he does after getting denied.

Researchers do real work and publish their findings for peer review, not act like a street cred seeking HAx0r trolling for Lulz.

Comment: Re:Kind of a dup, but here's a link that explains (Score 4, Insightful) 113

It's the same for all the hype over car systems. EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE they have to install hardware to get access to the data interface.

So yes Terrorists can take over the airplane from their cellphones if the flight crew let them into the maintenance areas and help them install several specialized devices that give them access.

The terrorists need to make appointments so they can make sure that avionics technicians are on hand to help them

Comment: Re:Smaller Is Better (Score 1) 99

by Lumpy (#49477527) Attached to: US Navy Researchers Get Drones To Swarm On Target

Which would make flak guns way more effective. Start shooting flak that is nothing more than simple drones that look for large objects, get close to them and explode.

Flak shells are already 50% there as they have the proximity fuse, all we need to do is add a system to let them steer themselves to big objects.

Comment: Re:Honestly ... (Score 1) 342

by Lumpy (#49470993) Attached to: Allegation: Lottery Official Hacked RNG To Score Winning Ticket

Because smart people would not be as stupid as this guy.

They would have never suspected him if someone that was not related to him in any way purchased the ticket and collected the winnings. He instantly because the focus of an investigation the second he won. Even if he was 100% innocent they will look at someone that has access to ANYTHING in the system with a fine tooth comb and a magnifying glass.

If I was to do it, No chance in hell I would be anywhere near the buying of the ticket or the collection of the winnings.

Comment: Re:If I were the President of Ecuador... (Score 1) 160

So you recommending they Pick up the American President and all of Congress? Because All they do is play those games.

As an american, I completely support that. 100% disgusted with all of Congress and the President. Can they grab all the Republican and Democratic politicians in the country as well?

You scratch my tape, and I'll scratch yours.