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+ - 118 Mobile phones in Pakistan ->

Submitted by mujahidsymbios
mujahidsymbios (3998553) writes "The use of smart phones has now become limitless. Even in Pakistan people are frequently switching to smart phones, not because we are getting wealthier but because there are brands which are offering smart phones at affordable prices. In this world of peaking tech would you prefer to get yourself burnt in scorching rays of sun for the sake of buying a “SMART” phone or would you be “SMART” enough to buy it from the Largest Online Shopping website of Pakistan, ? We have every brand you can possibly think of Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Q mobile and more. In the end the choice is yours!"
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+ - 118 Ghana and PUMA->

Submitted by The Times Of Africa
The Times Of Africa (3858755) writes ""African Football is important to PUMA, and the ten years of partnership we have enjoyed with the GFA have seen some great moments – none more so than the Black Stars being a kick away from becoming the first African team to reach a World Cup semi-final, four years ago. The appetite and passion for football in Ghana is infectious, and this wonderful spirit has endeared the national team to the World. We are proud to be associated with them and to continue this relationship." concluded Christian Voigt, PUMA’s Senior Head of Sports Marketing.

PUMA’s association with GFA goes back to 2005.

“Over the past decade, PUMA has excelled in its commitment and support for the Ghana Football Association, and we are very happy this partnership will continue."

Kwesi Nyantakyi, President of the Ghana Football Federation continued: "PUMA understands African Football and the nature of its teams and they have delivered everything we have asked of them in helping prepare all of the Ghana senior and youth teams to go forward and be successful."

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+ - 118 Claims & Cost Management->

Submitted by jamespetervk
jamespetervk (3829069) writes "Logic has developed one of the strongest claims teams in the region. This team of legal experts, contract specialists and forensic investigators combine to offer an exceptionally proactive group of professionals that can mobilise quickly."
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Submitted by brokerluis
brokerluis (4051637) writes "BOROBUDUR TAMPLE INDONESIA
The Borobudur sanctuary is one of the jawels of the world cultural heritage. A vast Mahayana Budhhist monument in the form of a pyramid-shaped mandala, it was built in the heart Java arround 800 AD by the Sailendra dynasty and abandoned shortly after completion. It covers an area of almost one and half hectares, with a central dome almost 35 meters above the base. It was built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, then three circuler platforms of 72 openwork stupas and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walss and balustrades are decorated with 1.400 bas-reliefs and 432 statues of Buddha. (source: UNESCO)"

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+ - 103 Best muscle supplements->

Submitted by LisaFjohns
LisaFjohns (4053731) writes "Step by step and then I'll show it to you in full speed so we going to start off right here then you gonna go down day three late out into a push-opposition they he got it going to a jumping jackboot parallel to floor actually going to jumping jack you going to go down as you push up you bring your blacksnake Testostorm bring it to the front and then finish off with you baby again nice and simple make sure to keep the form keep this structure and what you going to start of interest fifteen of those 15 seconds rest fourteen of those 14 seconds rest me surgeon for speech in exactly how it works the now he said exercises too hard and you can’t even complete 15 reps to start the work at work then I wanted to still do a full body exercise but one that's a little bit easier what we going to do is something called push press 0 you want a couple of dumbbells an employee in ago he's you going to bring the spring babies here you going to take it down okay not all the way into a squat just hold sway and you going to just do that guys just 21Rep cope okay so a simple exercise still brings you a full body into play but it's a lot easier and if you can DNA to size start with this one course at least you can start the workout and then you can build up to the other two exercise eventually so they go you lost phone at Vons work that's going to help Ben belly.


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+ - 118 AVALON Airshow 2015 the Best Ever | Cre8 Exhibits->

Submitted by medinabaeu
medinabaeu (3770743) writes "One of the world’s most spectacular airshow took place this month in Australia and it left all in attendance in awe, the Cre8 team included. The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (AVALON) was this year staged at Avalon Airport, Geelong, Victoria from February 24th- March 1st."
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+ - 102 Buy e cigs online->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Teenagers can easily get electronic cigarettes online although it has been banned in many countries and states. According to USA, a recent study has revealed that teens were able to buy e-cigs online 94% of the time."
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+ - 102 How to Publish Your Book on Amazon for S99

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A long time ago, on a desktop far, far away...

That has not dreamed of not only creating their very own guide, but seeing it in publications on, having a copy for their bookshelf, getting 'five copies for my mother'?

Well, now you can do-it for a $99 fee and some cybernetic elbow grease. These pages will show you how I did it, and chances are you can perform it too. I have been reading for many years about Print On Demand, the awesome new techology where you place in PDF files on one end (One for the address, one for the interiors) and a beautiful, perfect-bound, bookstore-quality book arrives another. I've also seen the technology in motion at an document imaging tradeshow (that is my career, by-the way.)

I have known other people who have used Print On Demand (POD) as a way to self-publish, including my own personal father. My problem with that is I have no room in my garage for books, I don't need to get involved in the act of attempting to sell and delivery books, handling results, etc.

Suddenly, while Googling something this morning, I came across some fantastic Goo. Amazon, the online bookstore, has consumed a POD writer named BookSurge, which makes it another Amazon section. Now I could upload it to Amazon/BookSurge, simply take my book project, pay a fee, and VOILA! my book is o-n Amazon for everybody to get. It delivers within 48 hours, BookSurge pays a 25% royalty to me within 60 days, I can also get five copies for my mother in a discount!

I sent BookSurge and was assigned an account manager, who I will call Joseph (because his name is Joseph). I asked about the details of publishing a book. For $599 I could have the hand-holding, mail us your manuscript version of the writing, or if I was bold, brave, and could format my own PDFs, for $99 I could utilize the Author's Express system to upload my book projects.

$99 looked just like the way to go, because my book design project was made to be the precursor of many more titles.

I ran throughout the site, getting example PDFs, submission guidelines, and whatever else I may find. Your website recomends using Adobe -something or another- for text formating, and Adobe Acrobat 6 (not 7!) for PDF creation.

I decided from the git-go that Microsoft Word and PDF Factory Pro will have to work for me, since that is what I had on my desktop, and I don't need to spend months studying another desktop publishing software, though I'm sure it is an excellent one.

Besides, I was already considering writing these pages, and I wanted to come back up with an activity most everyone will be comfortable with. Be taught more on an affiliated paper by browsing to files.

The sole shortcut I took is that my cover is plain-text, with no images on it. I decided my first book will probably offer mainly if not entirely o-n Amazon, and a fairly cover is not that impor-tant there. Regardless, I could always return and improve my version (The excess fee for resubmitting both the interior or the address is $50, once the book is published.)

Sample documents and an entire step by step explanation of how I arranged and posted my three books (so far!) is at"

+ - 103 Modular And Custom Home Builders->

Submitted by johnsonmike902
johnsonmike902 (4053723) writes "We are a national modular home builder. We build single-family and multi-family residential homes and commercial properties. We are also one of a few select companies specializing in luxury modular homebuilding. For More Info About Our Services Contact Us Or Visit Us Now !!!"
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+ - 102 Ram Navami->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Shri Ramcharitmanas Satsang Samiti was established in the year 1990 A.D. and it was registered under ‘Societies Registration Act 1860 in the year 1992’."
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+ - 118 How WordPress And Joomla Has Proven To Be Beneficial?->

Submitted by linathinfotech
linathinfotech (3563921) writes "WordPress and Joomla both are the PHP CMS with multiple benefits. WordPress CMS offer so many templates and plugins to make your website attractive, responsive and SEO friendly. On the other hand, Joomla offer free templates, security and many other content management tools for more flexible website."
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+ - 180 Ordnance Survey releases mapping tool->

Submitted by rHBa
rHBa (976986) writes "The BBC reports that the UK mapping organisation Ordnance Survey has added 4 new products to its open data portfolio: OS Local, Names, Rivers and Roads. Perhaps the most interesting of the free data sets is OS Local which provides a base map to identify ‘hotspots’ such as property pricing, insurance risk, and crime.

The OS are not creating a new Google Maps-style service of their own but rather are providing their data for use by other third-party apps and online tools. They expect developers and designers to use the data to enhance their own products and improve the information people can access via the web.

What uses would you put this sort of data to if it were available in an easily parsable format for your area?"

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