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Comment Re:fast growth (Score 1) 189

Git has been around for quite a while now, and it's become widely known and widely adopted. So, no matter how good it is, hipster nerds are going to be moving to something else en masse in the near future.

I'm just waiting for the onslaught of Slashdot submissions announcing it (whatever it is).

Comment Re:fast growth (Score 1) 189

In this case, management is responding to the new people by trying to maintain tighter control on this. This involves hiring a lot of middle managers (mainly so they have someone to order around) and generally treating the programmers like they are less competent and can't manage themselves (probably a lot of the new ones are less competent).

No, it's more likely the managers who are clamping down are the incompetent ones - they don't really know how to manage, so they attempt to fake it. Then, shortly afterward, the talented employees start leaving.

But, in the end, you're right... that's when the suckage begins.

Comment Re:How about we treat the rest of the world better (Score 3, Interesting) 342

While I agree with your sentiment in terms of how we should treat the other peoples of this planet, I don't believe the radical Muslim world's hate for the US and the West - and what they represent, for that matter - has anything to do with how the West has treated them.

I mean, come on. They attack and destroy girls' schools, just because they exist. They destroy irreplaceable historic monuments, just because they exist. What did either of those do to them to "earn" their wrath?

Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 1) 337

It was late... So what? Other paying customers were waiting and yet they didn't make a pretentious internet rage blog post telling Musk how he should feel or how to run his business.

And you know this how, exactly? Have you actually checked?

Even if a bunch of them complained... unless they have some sort of a well-known online presence, it's unlikely anyone would notice.

Comment Re:What works for Jack Welch doesn't always work.. (Score 2) 250

Morons who manage by arbitrary metric tend to do a lousy job of it. Because apparently reality is a problem for such people.

I don't think reality is the issue. The real problem is those people are simply bad at their job (managing) - but they are being paid large amounts of money do do exactly that. They are constantly terrified of being found out, so they grasp onto any simplistic "management" notion their little intellects can actually grasp.

Comment Re:it looked so much like layoffs (Score 4, Insightful) 250

It looked so much like layoffs that I thought it was layoffs.

Well, it does seem pretty obvious they are coming...

Really, this guy should be thanking Yahoo, not suing them. They've given him a head start over the thousands of other Yahoo employees that'll soon be flooding the marketplace.

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