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Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 728

They have a book that says they have an invisible friend, and that this invisible friend will provide them some kind of paradise after death. A way to ensure they get to this make-believe place is to kill people who don't have the same imaginary friend.

Belief in an afterlife is not only unreasonable, it's dangerous.

Comment Re:Athiest Symbol (Score 1) 518

There is a subtle but important difference between these two situations. In the OP, the religious garb does not impede identification. In your situation it very much does. The best solution available to my mind, is to have the appropriate picture taken but if identification is required later have it performed by a woman.

You would support institutionalised and government sanctioned sexism? For what? So someone's imaginary friend doesn't get annoyed?
  No thanks. Freedom is far more important that supporting crazy, harmful and dangerous ideas.

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