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Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers 17 comments
Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot 20 comments
The CIA Does Las Vegas 45 comments
Medal NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive 51 comments
Medal Unboxing a Cray XC30 'Magnus' Petaflops Supercomputer 49 comments
Winners of Raspberry Pi Photography Contest 2014 7 comments
Researchers Create Virtual Reality 'Parties' To Treat Drug Addiction 39 comments
Medal Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8 127 comments
Was America's Top Rocketeer a Communist Spy? The FBI Thought So 131 comments
French Provider Free Could Buy US Branch of T-Mobile 86 comments
New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects 22 comments
Passport Database Outage Leaves Thousands Stranded 125 comments
Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay 43 comments
HP Gives OpenVMS New Life and Path To X86 Port 120 comments
Peter Hoddie Talks About His Internet of Things Construction Kit (Video) 51 comments
Ask Slashdot: When Is It Better To Modify the ERP vs. Interfacing It? 192 comments
Medal UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity 247 comments
Medal CIA Director Brennan Admits He Was Lying: CIA Really Did Spy On Congress 241 comments
PHP Finally Getting a Formal Specification 128 comments
Fotopedia Is Shutting Down; Data Avallable Until August 10 42 comments
iFixit Takes Apart the Oculus Rift DK2, Finds Galaxy Note 3 Display Inside 54 comments
Nevada Construction Project Could Be Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory 74 comments
Grad Student Rigs Cheap Alternative To $1,000 Air Purifiers In Smoggy China 166 comments
NASA's JPL Develops Multi-Metal 3D Printing Process 30 comments
"BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil" 193 comments
Unesco Probing Star Wars Filming In Ireland 163 comments
Nokia Buys a Chunk of Panasonic 54 comments
Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers 114 comments
Countries Don't Own Their Internet Domains, ICANN Says 105 comments
"ExamSoft" Bar Exam Software Fails Law Grads 97 comments
Medal Vint Cerf on Why Programmers Don't Join the ACM 194 comments
Chinese Government Probes Microsoft For Breaches of Monopoly Law 105 comments
Google, Linaro Develop Custom Android Edition For Project Ara 45 comments
SpaceShipTwo Flies Again 22 comments
Student Uses Oculus Rift and Kinect To Create Body Swap Illusion 87 comments
Journalist Sues NSA For Keeping Keith Alexander's Financial History Secret 176 comments
Amazon's eBook Math 287 comments
The Problems With Drug Testing 161 comments
Is the App Store Broken? 239 comments
Meet Apache Software Foundation VP Rich Bowen (Video) 14 comments
More Quantum Strangeness: Particles Separated From Their Properties 138 comments
Medal Medal Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step 494 comments
Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Released 47 comments
Quiet Cooling With a Copper Foam Heatsink 164 comments
UK To Allow Driverless Cars By January 185 comments
Black Hat Researchers Actively Trying To Deanonymize Tor Users 82 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common? 340 comments
The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought 119 comments
An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax 177 comments
Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating 121 comments
Medal Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive 305 comments
Comcast Confessions 231 comments
Reglue: Opening Up the World To Deserving Kids With Linux Computers 88 comments
Airbnb Partners With Cities For Disaster Preparedness 54 comments
Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms That Built 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense 181 comments
Opportunity Rover Sets Off-World Driving Record 46 comments
University of Michigan Solar Car Wins Fifth Straight National Title 25 comments
The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released 155 comments
Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess 127 comments
Medal Medal 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections' 560 comments
EA Tests Subscription Access To Game Catalog 63 comments
Which Is Better, Adblock Or Adblock Plus? 395 comments
A Look At the Firepick Delta Circuit Board Assembler (Video) 43 comments
seL4 Verified Microkernel Now Open Source 80 comments
Enceladus's 101 Geysers Blast From Hidden Ocean 39 comments
Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond) 309 comments
Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance 175 comments
Tesla and Panasonic Have Reached an Agreement On the Gigafactory 93 comments
3-D Printing Comes To Amazon 62 comments
Ask Slashdot: Open Hardware/Software-Based Security Token? 110 comments
Better Living Through Data 38 comments
$299 Android Gaming Tablet Reviewed 65 comments
Medal Medal A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States 414 comments
Ridley Scott to Produce Philip K Dick's The Man In the High Castle 141 comments
Put Your Code in the SWAMP: DHS Sponsors Online Open Source Code Testing 61 comments
Medal Medal Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline 841 comments
London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites 159 comments
How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D 182 comments
Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM 231 comments
Dear Museums: Uploading Your Content To Wikimedia Commons Just Got Easier 24 comments
UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test 63 comments
Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5? 170 comments
Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children 155 comments
OKCupid Experiments on Users Too 161 comments
Samsung Delays Tizen Phone Launch 110 comments
New Findings On Graphene As a Conductor With IC Components 34 comments
Medal The Misleading Fliers Comcast Used To Kill Off a Local Internet Competitor 250 comments
A Fictional Compression Metric Moves Into the Real World 133 comments
A Credit Card-Sized, Arduino-Based Game Device (Video) 33 comments
Ask Slashdot: Preparing an Android Tablet For Resale? 112 comments
Medal Medal Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They? 540 comments
US States Edge Toward Cryptocoin Regulation 168 comments
Internet Census 2012 Data Examined: Authentic, But Chaotic and Unethical 32 comments
Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs 96 comments
Attackers Install DDoS Bots On Amazon Cloud 25 comments
Google's Mapping Contest Draws Ire From Indian Government 95 comments
Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film 117 comments
Build Your Own Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun 39 comments
World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft Goes Into Production In China 85 comments
The Oculus Rift DK2: In-Depth Review (and Comparison To DK1) 54 comments
Medal Medal Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture 507 comments
Microsoft's Nokia Plans Come Into Better Focus 149 comments
How Bird Flocks Resemble Liquid Helium 40 comments
Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code 145 comments
Newly Discovered Virus Widespread in Human Gut 99 comments
Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission 84 comments
Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro 154 comments
A Router-Based Dev Board That Isn't a Router 53 comments
Medal Medal Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine 571 comments
Medal Medal Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken" 728 comments
SpaceX Executive Calls For $22-25 Billion NASA Budget 114 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Would You Do With Half a Rack of Server Space? 206 comments
Amputee Is German Long Jump Champion 175 comments
Nasty Business: How To Drain Competitors' Google AdWords Budgets 97 comments
Medal Medal In France, Most Comments on Gaza Conflict Yanked From Mainstream News Sites 511 comments
Do Apple and Google Sabotage Older Phones? What the Graphs Don't Show 281 comments
Report: Nuclear Plants Should Focus On Risks Posed By External Events 132 comments
Bose Sues New Apple Acquisition Beats Over Patent Violations 161 comments
On Forgetting the Facts: Questions From the EU For Google, Other Search Engines 184 comments
When Spies and Crime-Fighters Squabble Over How They Spy On You 120 comments
Two South African Cancer Patients Receive 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implants 71 comments
Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Get (or Share) News About Open Source Projects? 85 comments
Medal Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE 271 comments
Bad "Buss Duct" Causes Week-long Closure of 5,000 Employee Federal Complex 124 comments
Apple Acquires "Pandora For Books" Booklamp For $15 Million 26 comments
AP Computer Science Test Takers Up 8,000; Pass Rate Down 6.8% 119 comments
Nightfall: Can Kalgash Exist? 86 comments
Medal Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should 288 comments
Household Robot Jibo Nets Over $1 Million On Indiegogo 61 comments
Private Data On iOS Devices Not So Private After All 100 comments
Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity 157 comments
Medal Enraged Verizon FiOS Customer Seemingly Demonstrates Netflix Throttling 394 comments
Day One With the Brand New Oculus Rift DK2: the Good, the Ugly and the Games 48 comments
How Stanford Engineers Created a Fictitious Compression For HBO 89 comments
Australian Government Moving Forward With Anti-Piracy Mandate For ISPs 128 comments
Medal Cable Companies: We're Afraid Netflix Will Demand Payment From ISPs 200 comments
FBI Studied How Much Drones Impact Your Privacy -- Then Marked It Secret 139 comments
The Truth About Solar Storms 90 comments
Compromise Struck On Cellphone Unlocking Bill 77 comments
The Army Is 3D Printing Warheads 140 comments
The NSA's New Partner In Spying: Saudi Arabia's Brutal State Police 125 comments
Russia Posts $110,000 Bounty For Cracking Tor's Privacy 98 comments
Medal Switching From Microsoft Office To LibreOffice Saves Toulouse 1 Million Euros 293 comments
Google Looking To Define a Healthy Human 125 comments
SLS Project Coming Up $400 Million Short 132 comments
New SSL Server Rules Go Into Effect Nov. 1 91 comments
Siberian Discovery Suggests Almost All Dinosaurs Were Feathered 139 comments
eSports Starting To Go Mainstream 116 comments
Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress 165 comments
Medal Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation' 334 comments

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