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Medal Insurer Won't Pay Out For Security Breach Because of Lax Security 8 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Will Technology Disrupt the Song? 61 comments
Medal How To Die On Mars 86 comments
Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Patent Troll 40 comments
Creationists Manipulating Search Results 207 comments
Medal Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned 220 comments
Mandriva Goes Out of Business 115 comments
Russian Space Agency Misused $1.8 Billion, May Be Replaced 69 comments
IRS: Personal Info of 100,000 Taxpayers Accessed Illegally 63 comments
Medal Amtrak Installing Cameras To Watch Train Engineers 222 comments
Microsoft Bringing Cortana To iOS, Android 54 comments
Linux/Moose Worm Targets Routers, Modems, and Embedded Systems 96 comments
Building Hospitable Open Source Communities (Video) 86 comments
Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School 215 comments
Hyundai Now Offers an Android Car, Even For Current Owners 75 comments
Hot Topic To Buy ThinkGeek Parent Company Geeknet 97 comments
Exploit Kit Delivers Pharming Attacks Against SOHO Routers 26 comments
Court Orders UberPop Use To Be Banned In All of Italy 184 comments
Charter Strikes $56B Deal For Time Warner Cable 145 comments
British Politicians Delete Negative Wikipedia Descriptions Before Election 109 comments
Medal Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed? 353 comments
Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Named Chief Design Officer 139 comments
Attackers Use Email Spam To Infect Point-of-Sale Terminals 81 comments
Bats' White-Nose Syndrome May Be Cured 85 comments
Sniffing and Tracking Wearable Tech and Smartphones 52 comments
Large Amount of Star Citizen Art Assets Leaked 106 comments
Medal Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn 235 comments
Sex-Switched Mosquitoes May Help In Fight Against Diseases 148 comments
Hackers Can Track Subway Riders' Movements By Smartphone Accelerometer 68 comments
Galapagos Island Volcano Erupts After 33 Years, Threatening Fragile Ecosystem 185 comments
Medal Medal Google's Diversity Chief: Mamas Don't Let Their Baby Girls Grow Up To Be Coders 405 comments
Largest Eruption In the Known Universe Is ~100 Times the Size of Milky Way 72 comments
Privacy Behaviors Changed Little After Snowden 112 comments
Mozilla Drops $25 Smartphone Plans, Will Focus On Higher Quality Devices 88 comments
Medal Medal D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker 432 comments
No, Your SSD Won't Quickly Lose Data While Powered Down 102 comments
EU Drops Plans For Safer Pesticides After Pressure From US 154 comments
Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10 227 comments
Firefox's Optional Tracking Protection Reduces Load Time For News Sites By 44% 203 comments
Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble? 104 comments
San Bernardino Sheriff Has Used Stingray Over 300 Times With No Warrant 99 comments
Daimler and Qualcomm To Develop In-Car Tech, Wireless Charging 41 comments
Medal Medal Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment 721 comments
Hubble Discovers a Fast-Aging Star Nicknamed "Nasty 1" 29 comments
Machine That "Uncooks Eggs" Used To Improve Cancer Treatment 39 comments
Medal Medal What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI 403 comments
Microsoft Reportedly May Acquire BlackBerry 126 comments
India Ends Russian Space Partnership and Will Land On the Moon Alone 117 comments
Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation Packs Thunderbolt 2, Quadro, IGZO2 Panel 132 comments
Al-Qaeda's Job Application Form Revealed 148 comments
Google and Gates-Backed Khan Academy Introduces "Grit"-Based Classroom Funding 115 comments
Medal A Beautiful Mind Mathematician John F. Nash Jr. Dies 176 comments
Soft Sensors Map Skin Mechanics 9 comments
Universe's Dark Ages May Not Be Invisible After All 55 comments
Nerve Cells Made From Blood Cells 39 comments
Software Patch Fixes Mars Curiosity Rover's Auto-focus Glitch 53 comments
Amazon Decides To Start Paying Tax In the UK 241 comments
Medal Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession 292 comments
The Hoverboard Flies Closer To Reality 75 comments
Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things 225 comments
Oculus Founder Hit With Lawsuit 120 comments
Medal Medal Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage 599 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can SaaS Be Both Open Source and Economically Viable? 48 comments
Death In the Browser Tab 96 comments
Researchers Devise Voting System That Seems Secure, But Is Hard To Use 100 comments
New 'Deep Learning' Technique Lets Robots Learn Through Trial-and-Error 64 comments
Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud 107 comments
TPP Fast Track Passes Key Vote In the Senate, Moves On To the House 98 comments
Cute Or Creepy? Google's Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear 101 comments
Medal Bank of England Accidentally E-mails Top-Secret "Brexit" Plan To the Guardian 396 comments
NSA-Reform Bill Fails In US Senate 135 comments
Medal 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0 386 comments
Epic's VR Demo Scene For the GTX 980 Now Runs On Morpheus PS4 Headset At 60 FPS 35 comments
California Votes To Ban Microbeads 247 comments
WSJ Crowdsources Investigation of Hillary Clinton Emails 231 comments
Protons Collide At 13 TeV For the First Time At the LHC 50 comments
How Cities: Skylines Beat SimCity At Its Own Game 85 comments
'Prisonized' Neighborhoods Make Recidivism More Likely 163 comments
A Conversation with Druva Co-Founder Jaspreet Singh (Video) 39 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone? 312 comments
Video Games: Gateway To a Programming Career? 169 comments
Chrome For Android Is Now Almost Entirely Open Source 51 comments
The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police 157 comments
Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone 233 comments
New Class of "Non-Joulian" Magnets Change Volume In Magnetic Field 39 comments
Adult Dating Site Hack Reveals Users' Sexual Preference, Extramarital Affairs 173 comments
ESA Satellite Shows Sudden Ice Loss In Southern Antarctic Peninsula 267 comments
Medal Medal Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users 529 comments
India Targets July/August To Test Its Space Shuttle 77 comments
Medal How Java Changed Programming Forever 381 comments
Factory Reset On Millions of Android Devices Doesn't Wipe Storage 92 comments
NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones 94 comments
Musical Organ Created From 49 Floppy Disk Drives 75 comments
DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect 182 comments
Gravitational Anomalies Beneath Mountains Point To Isostasy of Earth's Crust 94 comments
Netgear and ZyXEL Confirm NetUSB Flaw, Are Working On Fixes 34 comments
YouTube Live Streams Now Support HTML5 Playback and 60fps Video 60 comments
Medal What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"? 375 comments
Security Researchers Wary of Wassenaar Rules 34 comments
Australian ISP Offers Pro-bono Legal Advice To Accused Pirates 66 comments
The Wrap - Hacked airplane, POTUS on Twitter, WiFi by balloon 0 comments
Medal Student Photographer Threatened With Suspension For Sports Photos 377 comments
Academics Build a New Tor Client Designed To Beat the NSA 62 comments
Ask Slashdot: Career Advice For an Aging Perl Developer? 267 comments
GM's Exec. Chief Engineer For Electric Vehicles Pam Fletcher Answers Your Question 107 comments
Stanford Researcher Finds Little To Love In Would-Be Hacker Marketplace 73 comments
CareFirst Admits More Than a Million Customer Accounts Were Exposed In Security Breach 82 comments
Take Two Sues BBC Over Drama About GTA Development 81 comments
Asus ZenFone 2 Performance Sneak Peek With Intel Z3580 Inside 108 comments
In 1984, Jobs and Wozniak Talk About Apple's Earliest Days 74 comments
Pre-Orders Start For Neo900 Open Source Phone 134 comments
US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools 126 comments
Linux 4.0 Has a File-System Corruption Problem, RAID Users Warned 225 comments
Medal Medal The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read 413 comments
Oldest Stone Tools Predate Previous Record Holder By 700,000 Years 103 comments
Telstra Says Newly Acquired Pacnet Hacked, Customer Data Exposed 15 comments
Secret Files Reveal UK Police Feared That Trekkies Could Turn On Society 214 comments
Rate These 53 Sub-$200 Hacker SBCs, Win 1 of 20 45 comments
FBI: Social Media, Virtual Currency Fraud Becoming a Huge Problem 39 comments
Simple Flaw Exposed Data On Millions of Charter Internet Customers 29 comments
Hydrogen-Powered Drone Can Fly For 4 Hours at a Time 116 comments
New Chrome Extension Uses Sound To Share URLs Between Devices 77 comments
Huawei's LiteOS Internet of Things Operating System Is a Minuscule 10KB 167 comments
How 1990s Encryption Backdoors Put Today's Internet In Jeopardy 42 comments
Medal Medal The Brainteaser Elon Musk Asks New SpaceX Engineers 490 comments
Learn About The Technology Education And Literacy in Schools Program (Video #2) 11 comments
Inside Google's Loon and Wing 0 comments
Grand Theft Auto V Keeps Raking In Money 95 comments
Eugene Kaspersky: "Our Business Is Saving the World From Computer Villains" 288 comments
Do Russian Uranium Deals Threaten World Supply Security? 99 comments
Canadian Piracy Rates Plummet As Industry Points To New Copyright Notice System 224 comments
Adblock Plus Launches Adblock Browser: a Fork of Firefox For Android 111 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue? 384 comments
Critical Vulnerability In NetUSB Driver Exposes Millions of Routers To Hacking 70 comments
Medal Medal Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax 826 comments
Martian Moons May Have Formed Like Earth's 50 comments
After a Year of Secret Field-Testing, Brain-Controlled Bionic Legs Are Here 50 comments
'Logjam' Vulnerability Threatens Encrypted Connections 71 comments
AP Computer Science Education Scalability: Advantage, Rupert Murdoch? 47 comments
US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals 100 comments

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