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Comment Re:Relativism (Score 2) 234

What has this got to do with video games? Who knows? But we must understand that this generation is one of the most mentally fucked up generations to have ever walked the face of the earth. So, saying 90's vido gamers turned out 'ok', is clearly bullshit.

I think the idea is that they turned out okay compared to non-gamers from the same time period. Although it's next to impossible to exclude other correlating factors, because those who played games likely had more similar demographics than compared with those who didn't.

As for speculations of why the late 30 early 40 somethings of today are so fucked up, I would guess that the conservative resurgence and Mrs. Reagan and "no child left behind" is part of the problem. A coddled generation taught to rote learn and not to think, and that the grown ups would do all the thinking for them. Not a good recipe for brilliance, in my opinion.

Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 5, Funny) 412

They seem to be really trying to shoot themselves in the foot lately.

No worries, the feet will be removed in v45.0
You will still have plugins for right foot, left foot, and foot extensions, someone just need to write them. And sign them for every new version.

In 46.0, the rendering engine will be removed, but no worries, you can use a plugin.
in 47.0, the plugin loader will be removed, but no worries, you can load an extension for loading plugins.

Comment Re:Trans-Pacific Partnership (Score 1) 183

Agreed. Whenever using an abbreviation or acronym that isn't universal, spell it out the first time you use it. And TPP is certainly not an universal abbreviation. The use here isn't even the most common one.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... for a reason why saying TPP without qualifying it is a bad idea, especially on a nerd site.

Comment Re:$40K still a lot for most folks (Score 1) 37

This is a medical device, which means that for most people, the cost should be covered to some extent by insurance, like wheelchairs.

Except here in the US of A, where health insurance companies are sticklers and won't pay for expensive good products if inexpensive terrible products are available. If you see an American in a low-weight cambered wheelchair without handlebars, you can bet that he paid for it himself, because his insurance wouldn't.

Comment Re:$40K still a lot for most folks (Score 3, Insightful) 37

Normally, the cost would continue to come down as more of these are manufactured, and in some cases when the R & D costs are recouped. ($100 VCR movie.)

In this instance, it matters how large the target market is... [fscip.org] hmmm, larger than I would've guessed.

As Mr. Schrekli has taught us, increased production can also lead to increased prices. As long as there either is a monopoly, or more customers than the cheapest producer can handle, there will be gouging.

As for the price, $40k is not much. My hip implants cost around that much, not counting the surgery.
And in my youth, I had $20k manual wheelchairs (adjusted for inflation).

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1829

Be careful about what you ask for and how you filter. You would have filtered your own message by simply discussing that which you don't like.

Hiding one's own messages shouldn't be a problem, except for extreme narcissists. Hopefully, you read it while you wrote it, and if you get a reply, the parent link will still work.
If you filter something you wanted to see, it's your own fault that the filter isn't good enough, and no one else suffers because of it.

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1829

Apk isn't like GNAA. Apk posts on the topic at hand or in response to inferior addon users showing them many ways how hosts is better and no one proved him wrong validly technically to date.

Many have indeed showed him (you? "inferior addon users" seems like something apk would say) to be wrong. What invariably happens then is a barrage of spamming all of those users' posts with incoherent attacks and claims that they are *PROVEN* wrong. By the claim, apparently.

- hosts files don't support wildcards
- hosts files don't support IP ranges
- hosts files don't support nxdomain
- hosts files don't support location sensitive addresses
- hosts files does not work through proxy servers (who do the resolving on behalf of the client).
- hosts files are parsed linearly and don't scale
- hosts files cannot block only parts of a server

And many, many other problems with it. But that's neither here nor there, as he won't listen to criticism at all; it only strengthens his belief that others are "inferior addon users".
It's all the ad hominem attacks, stalking people to attack them, and repeated spamming that marks apk as a crank. The stalking behavior is especially worrisome. I hope he won't take this to the next level, but I am not willing to bet my life on it. I think he might need help that we're not the right to give.

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