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Comment Re:Where is the demo video? (Score 2) 58

There is a video on top of the page, and it's crap.

It appears they read the definition of a random word from a dictionary, and one of the researchers try to make it fit when talking to the subject. Sort of a cold reading.

"perhaps, a travel, or two, a goverment. .. the travel is blabla bla"
- is that true? are you travelling?

"probably it is the knowledge of .."
- are you a college graduate?

Wow.. just not impressed.

Comment 20% increase is a bad thing? (Score 5, Insightful) 271

"but growth in Google's primary business, search advertising, has flattened out at about 20 percent a year for the last few years"

So if I understand the summary, google only grows with 20% each year and that is a bad thing?

I would start to worry if it was reduced by 20% every year.

Comment Re: Hard to believe (Score 1) 804

Unfortunately, it's not available for Windows. If you want people to switch from Windows to Linux, have them addicted to open source programs before you switch them over.

Currently using Chrome, Mozilla and Thunderbird, so I'm almost there..

Would love to try Darktable on Windows, but no luck.

Comment Re:Without any new scifi shows? In what universe? (Score 1) 268

Can't really say I miss space sci-fi. Sure, I loved stargate universe, firefly and defying gravity, but space is not a necessity for a good sci-fi. Perhaps in some years when they can do something that is actually new. There can be only SO many weekly episodes of yet another planet and/or new aliens. ;-)

Speaking of which.. you know they recently revived Red Dwarf? I guess that sort of counts like a space sci-fi.

Haven't actually seen the new episodes yet.. hmm, better get around to that some day.

Comment Without any new scifi shows? In what universe? (Score 1) 268

There were several new shows in the past years. Not many made it though..

From memory, and the amount of scifi might be discussed but in no particular order:
Threshold, Werehouse 13, Defying Gravity, Lost, Person of Interest, Revolution, FlashForward, Eureka, The Event, Fringe, Alcatraz, Stargate Universe, Continuum, Heroes, V (the new one), Dollhouse..

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