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Comment Re:Moon? No. (Score 1) 70

They are offering the moon as an option, just not mentioned on the page you linked.

Which is where 'how it works' links to. From the always informative /. summary, or from anywhere in their site.
how it works, from the Shooting Star, Lunar Memorial, or Milky Way Memorial.

Who knows....it may not be a scam. But if you want to tell me how the Lunar thing works, then do that. Don't link to something else altogether.

Comment Moon? No. (Score 2, Insightful) 70

From their 'how it works' site: http://elysiumspace.com/how-it...
"Depending on the initial altitude of the latter, our memorial spacecraft will respectfully and peacefully orbit the Earth from a few months to several years."
"Eventually, in a last poetic moment, the spacecraft will harmlessly reenter the Earth’s atmosphere, blazing as a shooting star."

So basically, just like every other 'ashes to space' launch. The word 'moon' appears nowhere.

Comment Re:So don't put it in backwards? (Score 1) 157

Yes, I noted that. Which goes to show that if it can be done wrong, someone wil do it wrong.
I could think of a couple of ways to design the fuel nozzles to prevent doing it wrong either way, but they would increase costs and fail potential.

With this thing, it would be pretty easy to design it so that you cannot put the pen in backwards. A slightly tapered hole, and the pen sized appropriately.

Comment Re:Logical (Score 1) 211

I work somewhere with the same problem. How do you work less when the problem is that you can't find enough developers in the first place?

You've overworked yourselves into a corner.
If I come in for an interview, and you guys tell me "We routinely work 70 hour weeks"...that's it, interview over, see ya, bye bye.

You have to change your corporate culture first. NOTE: This may involve firing your boss. And his boss.

Comment Re:Logical (Score 4, Insightful) 211

The rest of us have had to work "hundreds" as my boss calls them, which are 16 hours a day on weekdays and 10 hours a day on weekends, for over two years. Also, we haven't allowed any vacation time other than around Christmas in nearly three years.

Change this first. Then you might get some actual employees.

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