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Comment: What a bunch of naysayers (Score 2) 154 154

I'm glad you people weren't around when the Wright bros were doing their thing. Or the Panama Canal. Or the Hoover Dam.

Eventually, this will be a viable project. Decades at the very earliest, before the first shovel full is dug. And then decades later before the first mile mile is complete. Gotta let the enviroweenies have their say.
But one of these will be built. Eventually.

Comment: Re: Devils advocate here (Score 1) 141 141

How much are they wasting? Probably none.

The company providing this is making a profit. Selling students identity, and/or shaving that extra 5% off whatever food substance they sell. The administrators, errr.... school district gets a teeny kickback off that extra profit.

You can do this in a number of ways. IBM chose to do all of them. Why do you find that funny? -- D. Taylor, Computer Science 350