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Comment Accused? (Score 1, Insightful) 219

"suing Cox for refusing to shut off the Internet access of subscribers that Rightscorp accused of downloading music via BitTorrent."

And I 'accuse' the CEO and entire board of RightsCorp of doing exactly the same. I have given no actual evidence, but the simple accusation should be enough, right?

Comment Re:All of us (Score 1) 400

Munitions Systems Specialist (IYAAYAS!) An ammo troop, huh? I used to wait for you guys all the time. I might have even been waiting on you personally. You know who I am...:)...that crew waiting on your delivery.
But and I are probably on some 3rd level 'list', by virtue of having knowledge of how and where.

BTW...happy belated Veterans Day.

Comment Re:Final bill (Score 1) 342

No, I'm just saying once you get ALL the other players into the mix....EPA, NIMBYs, multiple will be FAR more expensive and WAY late.

In my local area, we recently cranked up 'light rail'. Of course, making that light rail actually go across city lines to where it needs to go is a major clusterfuck. Why? Because it is a different 'city'. Norfolk VA + Virginia Beach. A major east cost resort destination. But that doesn't's a different city, so we need a whole new series of impact studies and city funding.
Designing and funding the thing from downtown to the beach from the start would have been an obvious way to build it. But no....Downtown to 1/2way to the beach. Because....fuck you, gimme my kickback.

Comment Re:A bank outsourcing IT support? (Score 1) 602

I am a Suntrust customer. Have been for years.
There aren't a lot of alternatives, unless you go to a small local Credit Union or similar. The mergers and buyouts over the last decade means BoA, Wells Fargo, or other large asshole bank.

(and your bank has probably done something similar)

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