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Comment Often the simplest tool is the best job. (Score 5, Insightful) 432

And this is a pretty good demonstration of a less simple tool not being better.
At it's core, a thermostat has a simple job to do.
The more complexity that is added to the design, the more points of failure there can be.
And, really, how much benefit does internet connectivity really add to a thermostat anyway?

Comment Re:Old School (Score 1) 99

But if Amazon Drones means there are literally no consequences for being ill-prepared and a careless ass - then why does the lesson need to be taught? Just as most of us now are not taught how to milk a cow or till a field, the art of being prepared is a skill of yesteryear in a world with ubiquitous drone coverage.

The important part is "a world with ubiquitous drone coverage".
There are still places where Amazon can't/won't deliver quickly by traditional means. I suspect those will also remain out of range of drones for a very long time.

Unless you are content to never travel outside of major cities, then learning to be competent in basic skills like thinking ahead are still useful for being a mostly functional human.

Comment Re:Noway (Score 1) 120

But without the 10-20% Amazon cut. The difference probably won't be that significant.

I'm more concerned about the idea of "standardizing prices". Especially if they try to do it over larger areas.
The cost of doing business is different in different locations, why would you expect the price to be the same?

Comment Re:Is javascript dangerous? (Score 1) 125

In case you don't believe me, consider that in 2014 Java had no zero day exploits at all. But some people are still vulnerable to bugs from 2012. The ask forgiveness not permission auto update policy was pioneered by Google and unfortunately took a long time to become accepted as the standard due to the old mindset, especially amongst tech geeks, of "my computer is my castle".

On the other hand, where I work several of the Java apps that the business runs on are (stupidly or lazily) coded to work on specific versions of Java. Auto-updating java can (and has) break one application while improving how another works.

It's frustrating as hell not being able to trust an update, just in case it might break the payroll time tracking application again.

Comment Re:That's revolutionary (Score 1) 363

Naive, maybe.

But planting trees is better than not planting trees.

Plus, they have other benefits. Like producing oxygen, food, shading the ground, absorbing water (as opposed to runoff), stabalizing soils, providing habitat for critters, they are affective windbreaks,and trees just generally make the place look nicer.

Comment Mars has no magnetosphere (Score 3, Insightful) 549

Screw Mars. Spend all that money on making it nice HERE. We have the means. We have the tech. We could have a star trek utopia right here... Free education, opportunity through small businesses, cheap housing, plentiful energy. We could have all that right here if we just put a smidge of effort into it.

Well, we could do that too.

But us fucking up the planet isn't the only scenario that might cause planetary extinction. Do you remember what killed off the dinsaurs?

Comment Re:I am reminded of pigs and engineers here (Score 1) 593

A creationist must believe that G-d buried a lot of fossilized bones since science tells us that.
Actually, some creationists (Including Ham) claim that the fossils were created when Noah's flood killed off most of the world's creatures. And that the Grand Canyon was also created as those same floodwaters receeded.

Comment Re:I am reminded of pigs and engineers here (Score 1) 593

Don't you think that if the Creationists are able to poke holes in the other side's arguments then maybe the other side doesn't have a very sound argument.
Knowlege and verifiable facts can still be shot down by someone with superior rhetorical skills.
That doesn't affect the truth of the facts, but it can determine who "wins" the game.

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