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Comment Re:I for one (Score 1) 96

People should be desensitized to violence. That will make them to make a conscious moral choice of not applying violence (or applying when necessary), not just avoiding violence because they are nauseated at the sight of blood.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 263

I do not believe in democracy. I do not believe general population should play any role in making complex important decision. It should be left to technocrats and leaders, true leaders.

I state again: if someone wants to know about science, he should study science. All those colorful analogies do not worth a damn, they do not increase understanding of public, their only purpose is infortainment like news or weather.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 0) 263

I never liked so called popularizers of science. You know who is the best popularizer of science? Good lecturer at the university.

Kapitsa Junior was a Professor giving lectures to fellow students from the same year. They bloody moaned from his inept lectures. On the TV he was an established host of the popular sci program, in the classroom he was nobody.

Feinman was never a popularizer like Sagan. He was a brilliant lecturer for people who want know, who were serious about physics.

Sagan, Dawkins, etc are all from the same cohort of nobodies.

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