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Comment Re:1st (Score 1) 74

You aren't even a little bit clever and you clearly don't know enough about the state of drones to start making bullshit claims about making it crash. Even the basic OSS flight controllers are well beyond your abilities based on how easy you seem to think it is.

Just because you saw something on the Internet about Syria or Iran redirecting US MIlitary drones doesn't mean that's what actually happened.

I saw something on the Internet about Etten-Leur. That one quite clearly crashed, setting the payload (first asparagus of the year far a fancy restaurant) on fire.

Comment Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 737

That said, reports of the pilot being "detached and monosyllabic" haven't reached any of the sites I've been following this on, so I will take your word for it being that way;

The term used during the press conference was laconique. And they specifically mentioned that this was his response to the briefing about the landing in Düsseldorf, which was different from the relaxed and polite chatter before.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 52

I wonder if it could be distributed globally. I mean like an epi pen or even in a sensor in a subway that would automatically use the stuff if sarin or some other chemical gas is detected.

Yes, this should be a top priority, along with installing a titanium shield on everyone's house, just in case they are hit by a meteor. We can fund these programs by reducing spending on silly frivolities like vaccinations, nutrition, and literacy.

Or you could spend less on the gas masks you have currently in all major subway stations, such as in Seoul. Not everyone of us lives as far from the enemy as you do.

Comment Re:Like everything else M$... (Score 1) 208

Complexity, refinement, impact and staying power.

Seriously, go listen to Bieber back to back with Mozart and YOU tell me which is clearly better. The only reason Bieber is more popular is because most people are uncultured mooks and you appear to be one of them.

Puts on a raga.

Comment Re:WHY? (Score 1) 54

In Belgium they recently encountered an act of sabotage against one of their nuclear reactors at Doel. Did a lot of damage - including months of shortages on the Belgian electricity grid - but not anything really dangerous.

Wtf stupid phone doesn't let me paste the link, but Google will find it to.

Comment Re:So sad (Score 1) 166

If you are hiding, wouldn't Brazil be a lot more hip place to be? 20,000 Nazis can't be wrong!.

Of course the preferred place of immigration for these bastards was the good old USA, where thousands went. And where, if you were discovered, you just had to move abroad meanwhile receiving all you social security payments.

Comment Re:That's not the reason you're being ignored. (Score 1) 406

I have slept during dozens of starts and landings, I would have been quite unreachable in that state too (yes, I am a really deep sleeper). Following the 'you must be open to instructions'-logic cabin personnel should have waken me up.

Also, I made numerous flights with industrial strength earplugs inserted in my ears (to diminish the effects of a concussion that left me very sensitive to sound for a couple of months), and I was never asked to remove these either.

Comment Re:Basic statistics (Score 4, Interesting) 24

This is basic statistics learned by every doctor in medical school.

Or that they have learned, passed the test, and forgotten. There was quite an interesting read on exactly this subject on the BBC website this week, Do doctors understand test results?:

In one session, almost half the group of 160 gynaecologists responded that the woman's chance of having cancer was nine in 10. Only 21% said that the figure was one in 10 - which is the correct answer. That's a worse result than if the doctors had been answering at random.

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