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Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 1) 180

Complain to your municipal government.

This is really going to depend on where you live - around here, lobbying groups for taxi companies and their drivers forestalled any attempts at legislated change for over a decade before Uber stepped in

And around here drivers can only pick-up passengers at the official stands when they conform to the rules (clean car, formal clothing, no private telephone calls, etc.).
Note that the taxi driver organizations initiated these regulations, the municipal government stepped in later en put them into formal legislature, and currently everything is being checked by an independent board.

It is so nice to live in a place where self-interest is not purely explained is short term monetary gain.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 2) 109

For comparison's sake, look at India where just one of the 40 year old buses spewing black smoke is emitting thousands times more pollutants than a VW car, and then think that India has millions of these vehicles on the road.

Have you ever been to India? I guess not, since you will not find any diesel buses in the capital, New Delhi. The last diesel bus in Delhi ran in 2002! All buses and all auto-rickshaws have been converted to CNG, and do not spit out black smoke.

There are clearly other factors at play there, since New Delhi is the city with the worst air pollution on earth (bypassing even Beijng), such as delivery trucks and industry.

Submission + - 10 people arrested in the Netherlands for Bitcoin laundering (

Incadenza writes: 10 people were arrested in the Netherlands today according to the Public Prosecution Service (In Dutch). The arrests were said to be part of an international investigation, including requests from the USA, Morocco, Australia and Lithuania.

Apparently the investigators followed the trace from 'Bitcoin-cashers' (who convert the Bitcoin profits to old money) back to Bitcoin transactions on the Dark Web. How successful this was is yet to be seen, since all the main suspects are said to be 'cashers', not traders.

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 57

Secondly, not all people who would commit such an act are dumb enough to publicly flaunt illicitly acquired wealth.

But some are. This just happened yesterday:

A police spokesman said the two suspected Dutch traffickers - arrested at stunning five-star Santiago de Compostela hotel Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos on the city’s famous Obradoiro Square - had drawn attention to themselves by “throwing 500 euro notes around as if they were water.”

Comment Re:Imagine, also... (Score 2) 65

Plus the fact - in the Renault case - that there is no lack of surveying stations if you are looking for a traffic jam. Each and every car in the jam can tell you quite reliably that the jam is there, the problem is just getting that information distributed to other vehicles.

Comment Re:Right. More than right. (Score 3, Insightful) 172

Iran is a very interesting country. Contrary to popular belief the inhabitants are not anti-Western at all.

Make sure you watch Our Man in Tehran, a series of documentaries by Dutch journalist Thomas Erdbrink, who married an Iranian photographer and has lived in Iran ever since.

Comment Re:Regulation, but after we feel better? (Score 1) 161

A lot of morons out there perpetuate the myth that antibiotics are given to healthy animals (they aren't unless the herd has been infected and they need to inoculate to prevent spread of disease)

And there are even more morons out there that never check their facts. It took me less than a minute to find a Dutch governmental report, Health Council of the Netherlands: Committee on Antimicrobial growth promotors. Antimicrobial growth promotors. Rijswijk: Health Council of the Netherlands, 1998; publication no. 1998/15., on the widespread use of antibiotics in the livestock industry to promote growth.

Of course they don't call them antibiotics in the industry, they are labelled as "antimicrobial performance enhancers".

Comment Re:IoT is the continued infantalisation of people (Score 1) 148

IoT devices usually run over low speed, low power networks separate from WiFi, so they can't even see WiFi traffic. For the few devices that people do put on WiFi, they are likely much less of a risk than a Windows or Mac computer, since the primary attack vectors against computers--Web, e-mail and apps--don't exist.

Are you sure?

Comment Re:Who is surprised? (Score 1) 88

Then of course the rebels could have gained them in battle from the Ukrainians, tried to shoot, and failed. It is a complex system to navigate and aim, and requires trained personnel. Or Ukrainian army conducted an exercise that misfired, which is quite possible, knowing the sad state of affairs there

No, they could not. The load on the BUK contained specific shapes that were retrieved from the bodies of the crew, which prove that the BUK's load was of the type 9N314M. That Ukrainian army has never been in possession of that type.

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