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Comment Re:Regulation, but after we feel better? (Score 1) 161

A lot of morons out there perpetuate the myth that antibiotics are given to healthy animals (they aren't unless the herd has been infected and they need to inoculate to prevent spread of disease)

And there are even more morons out there that never check their facts. It took me less than a minute to find a Dutch governmental report, Health Council of the Netherlands: Committee on Antimicrobial growth promotors. Antimicrobial growth promotors. Rijswijk: Health Council of the Netherlands, 1998; publication no. 1998/15., on the widespread use of antibiotics in the livestock industry to promote growth.

Of course they don't call them antibiotics in the industry, they are labelled as "antimicrobial performance enhancers".

Comment Re:IoT is the continued infantalisation of people (Score 1) 148

IoT devices usually run over low speed, low power networks separate from WiFi, so they can't even see WiFi traffic. For the few devices that people do put on WiFi, they are likely much less of a risk than a Windows or Mac computer, since the primary attack vectors against computers--Web, e-mail and apps--don't exist.

Are you sure?

Comment Re:Who is surprised? (Score 1) 88

Then of course the rebels could have gained them in battle from the Ukrainians, tried to shoot, and failed. It is a complex system to navigate and aim, and requires trained personnel. Or Ukrainian army conducted an exercise that misfired, which is quite possible, knowing the sad state of affairs there

No, they could not. The load on the BUK contained specific shapes that were retrieved from the bodies of the crew, which prove that the BUK's load was of the type 9N314M. That Ukrainian army has never been in possession of that type.

Comment Re:They just can't do that (Score 2) 88

Sure they could. They'd only have needed to have done a little handwavium over where the BUK launcher used actually came from (not too much of a stretch given that the Ukrainian military operates the launchers)

The report states that the explosive head of the BUK was of the type 9N314M, a newer type of explosive head that was never supplied to the Ukrainian army. This was proven by the typical shapes of this head's load, that were retrieved from the bodies of the crew.

Interestingly, this conclusion was first made by the Russian members of the investigation team, shortly before they were being recalled to Moscow.

Comment Re:Don't overthink it (Score 2) 174

I guess you more or less summarized my first reaction to the question. A technical question is asked here (how to preserve my pictures), but the the real question is is psychological/sociological one: which pictures should be reserved for the future generations?

The technical question is really easily solved: use a well catered file format, use back-ups, also off-site. Really nothing new here, that is what you do with all your important data.

And the answer to the ‘soft’ question is not that hard either. Man is a social animal, so in the end we like to see pictures of people. My kids are old enough to be grounded now, and the pictures they love are the picture that show ‘how cute they were’. They don't give a **** (their words, not mine) about the compression type, white balance, focal distance, graininess or any other technical issue, as long as there's people they know in the picture.

And don't overdo it, people like to browse through photos, not swim in them. Trying to preserve each and every moment is as silly as making a 1:1 map. And have fun!

Comment Re:1st (Score 1) 74

You aren't even a little bit clever and you clearly don't know enough about the state of drones to start making bullshit claims about making it crash. Even the basic OSS flight controllers are well beyond your abilities based on how easy you seem to think it is.

Just because you saw something on the Internet about Syria or Iran redirecting US MIlitary drones doesn't mean that's what actually happened.

I saw something on the Internet about Etten-Leur. That one quite clearly crashed, setting the payload (first asparagus of the year far a fancy restaurant) on fire.

Comment Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 737

That said, reports of the pilot being "detached and monosyllabic" haven't reached any of the sites I've been following this on, so I will take your word for it being that way;

The term used during the press conference was laconique. And they specifically mentioned that this was his response to the briefing about the landing in Düsseldorf, which was different from the relaxed and polite chatter before.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 52

I wonder if it could be distributed globally. I mean like an epi pen or even in a sensor in a subway that would automatically use the stuff if sarin or some other chemical gas is detected.

Yes, this should be a top priority, along with installing a titanium shield on everyone's house, just in case they are hit by a meteor. We can fund these programs by reducing spending on silly frivolities like vaccinations, nutrition, and literacy.

Or you could spend less on the gas masks you have currently in all major subway stations, such as in Seoul. Not everyone of us lives as far from the enemy as you do.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing for money.