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Comment: Re:That's not the reason you're being ignored. (Score 1) 405

by Incadenza (#48144333) Attached to: Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated
I have slept during dozens of starts and landings, I would have been quite unreachable in that state too (yes, I am a really deep sleeper). Following the 'you must be open to instructions'-logic cabin personnel should have waken me up.

Also, I made numerous flights with industrial strength earplugs inserted in my ears (to diminish the effects of a concussion that left me very sensitive to sound for a couple of months), and I was never asked to remove these either.

Comment: Re:Basic statistics (Score 4, Interesting) 24

by Incadenza (#47411223) Attached to: Another Dementia Test Oversold

This is basic statistics learned by every doctor in medical school.

Or that they have learned, passed the test, and forgotten. There was quite an interesting read on exactly this subject on the BBC website this week, Do doctors understand test results?:

In one session, almost half the group of 160 gynaecologists responded that the woman's chance of having cancer was nine in 10. Only 21% said that the figure was one in 10 - which is the correct answer. That's a worse result than if the doctors had been answering at random.

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Yes, they have a good rate of gdp/capita. But mostly because they are sitting on a giant copper mine.

Don't forget that they are one of the rare SA countries were corruption doesn't mingly with businness, the Chilean corruption level is on par with the USA. Which means that the profits from these mines (and all other economic sectors) flow in the ecenomy (constructors, deliveries, hotels, etc.) instead of ending on some Swiss bank account.

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by Incadenza (#46568651) Attached to: How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370

I fail to see what they did wrong, even in hindsight.

Firstly, they did not notice a 777 flying over their territory on their radar systems.

Secondly, when they found out that a plane had crashed and scrutinized their air defense systems, it took them days (and many re-re-re-statements) before they acknowledged that a 777 had crossed their country without anybody noticing.

Finally, it took them at least two days to take the data from Inmarsat seriously, that stated that the plane had flown for another 5 hours at least.

All this meant delays in the search operation, which means wasted resources, and above all: TIME. The chances of finding anything in an ocean full of currents and winds don't get any better when you wait (waste) a couple of days.

Comment: Geonaute, as in Decathlon? (Score 1) 52

So this is supposedly the same company that makes cheap copies of Suunto/Garmin watches for the French budget sports chain Decathlon? Name and logo are identical. That is weird, because usually Decathlon sells slightly inferior products for a far lower price (which makes the Decathlon chain very popular with people that care more for outdoor sports than for appearances).

Comment: Re:My Anecdote Does Not Support Assertion (Score 1) 271

I think this "researcher" is full of shit. I think that we are still to blame for providing an easy and pervasive technological environment that allows them to bury their heads in their comfortable world of cyberspace and "social media", never having to come up for air. It's addictive as shit and they are all addicted to it. But, they're not at all interested in socializing IRL.

This is the most insightful AC post in a long time.

My kids can also socialize whatever they want (as long as their back by sunset, and if they don't, I do not mind picking them up), just like Danah Boyd did in her childhood. But still they spend an stupendous amount of time on social media - even when they are socializing.

It is not uncommon for them to sit around as friends, but to interact only with their smartphones with people that are not around. And these are smart, social, outwards looking kids.

We have to face it: it's the technology that is escapist and addictive by design.

Comment: Re:Many smartphones use both Glonass and US GPS (Score 1) 232

by Incadenza (#45457871) Attached to: US Wary of Allowing Russian Electronic Monitoring Stations Inside US

I guess it's good to have two systems. This can provide redundancy and improve reliability.

The difference in accuracy between just using GPS and a combination of GPS and GLONASS is gigantic, especially on places with limited view on the sky (canyons, but also cities). I used an Garmin etrex on a hike this summer, and I can clearly see in the recorded path were I switched from GPS + GLONASS to GPS and back again (I did this to save the batteries before I found spare batteries). It is the difference between right-on-track and wrong-side-of-the-valley.

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