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Comment: Re:"Engineer" (Score 1) 78

by log0n (#48839169) Attached to: Engineer Combines Xbox One, PS4 Into Epic 'PlayBox' Laptop

This. The decryption keys are tied between console and drive at the factory (started w/ the 360 iirc, there's a lengthy process involving firmware dump you have to go through if you want to swap out a failing 360 dvd drive and have it still read game discs).

Not sure which but one of the console manufacturers used to spin their discs backwards.

Comment: Re:they will defeat themselves (Score 2) 981

by log0n (#47933541) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

No, AC is right. The degrees of US/ISIS ideologies 'wrongness' doesn't really matter, it's the fact that they are both rationalizing the acceptance of wrong. One will just have a much shorter time plummeting than the other.

Science can't hold a candle to someone who can't, or won't, appreciate critical thinking. Faith and religion beheads it.

Comment: Re:it's about having embarrassed the ruling class (Score 3, Interesting) 519

"Until the American public stands up and demands"

I see this partial slogan bandied about all the time, that we only have ourselves to blame. How the fuck exactly do we stand up and demand? Most of us do already .. voting doesn't fix things. Peaceful protest doesn't fix things. Hell, the only real power we do have is w/ $, and that doesn't fix things. Snowden has done what few of us are capable of, mainly because we're peons, and it's still not fixing things.

"Until the American public stands up and demands" means the only real way things will happen will be through violence.

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