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Comment: Re:"Engineer" (Score 1) 78

by log0n (#48839169) Attached to: Engineer Combines Xbox One, PS4 Into Epic 'PlayBox' Laptop

This. The decryption keys are tied between console and drive at the factory (started w/ the 360 iirc, there's a lengthy process involving firmware dump you have to go through if you want to swap out a failing 360 dvd drive and have it still read game discs).

Not sure which but one of the console manufacturers used to spin their discs backwards.

Comment: Re:they will defeat themselves (Score 2) 981

by log0n (#47933541) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

No, AC is right. The degrees of US/ISIS ideologies 'wrongness' doesn't really matter, it's the fact that they are both rationalizing the acceptance of wrong. One will just have a much shorter time plummeting than the other.

Science can't hold a candle to someone who can't, or won't, appreciate critical thinking. Faith and religion beheads it.

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