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Comment Re: Hell No! (Score 1) 190

OK, then please tell me what other large/popular open source projects are using Blockchain technology that Aren't cryptocurrencies.

My hunch is that none of the replies that I'll get currently have 1/10th the number of users of Bitcoin at the moment. It's just too early to consider this technology to be super "important" at this point.

Comment Re:Google... (Score 1) 131

Yeah, I always thought that one of the weirdest parts of The Internship was the part where they had them man the Google phone support help desk.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as the Google phone support help desk for Google's free products like Chrome and GMail.

Comment Hell No! (Score 1) 190

I'm getting pretty old now, so "My Age" has brought me technological advances like Linux, broadband and mobile Internet, and Smartphones.

Compared to those, electronic funny money like Bitcoin isn't even on the radar. Hell... Bitcoin has supposedly been "popular" for 5 years now and most brick and mortar stores still don't take it.

But, hey... I know that a few Slashdot editors got in early and made some money. Good for them, I guess, but they probably should have cashed out when the price was briefly above $1,000 a coin.

Comment Re:do most accounts need to be secure? (Score 1) 165

Yeah... for sites that require a login for no good reason (like it's a free site or game that wants your user info so they can try to sell you premium features later), I'll just use something like password as the password. If someone wants to use that account because they are too lazy to create their own, more power to them.

Comment Re:Politician-Speak (Score 2) 875

They'll probably be mostly Android smartphones by 2010, because a new US manufactured iPhone would probably cost $1,000 each.

Maybe Trump would then start putting tariffs on the other smartphone manufacturers as well, assuming that he hasn't completely destroyed the US economy and/or got himself impeached by then.

Comment Re:Penny (Score 1) 702

I believe that there is a fairly powerful Zinc lobby that is keeping the penny alive, using the threat of inflation as their primary excuse. Using their logic, they say that all prices will be rounded up to the closest nickel which will cause you to pay roughly 2% more for small transactions.

I'm not sure if I buy it. People are going to raise prices anyway, it's just that the price will end in a .00 or .05 instead of a 1/100th increment.

Comment Re:No. Fucking. Way. (Score 2) 23

It's a great way for companies to pilot test new ideas, though. Not sure if the market really wants... say... a fitness tracking watch with a built in MP3 player and Bluetooth earbuds? Put the prototype on a Kickstarter type of crowdfunding site and see if you get any buyers. If you get them, you already have a built in market for your product. If not, you can stop at the prototype stage and not worry about tooling up for mass production.

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