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Comment: Re:New patent strategy (Score 2) 101

by Thud457 (#49128555) Attached to: Amazon Files Patent For Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks
new patent = (existing process) x ["with a computer" | "on the internet" | "with a 3D printer" | "in a box" | "with a fox" | "via drone" | "in virtual reality" | "with methane micro-lasers" | "in an app" | "with more cowbell" | "with an AI" | "dipped in liquid nitrogen" | "using fiber optics" | "facilitated by nanobots" | "using MEMS" | "meme enhanced"]

Comment: WAHHH, stop looking at my stuff that I put online! (Score 1) 95

by Thud457 (#49118757) Attached to: Advertising Tool PrivDog Compromises HTTPS Security
So much for websites crying about AdBlock stealing food from their children's mouths.
Now AdBlock prevents shitbirds like this from benefiting from attempting to steal food from webmaster's children. Which makes it more better, right?

I would welcome AdBlock having some sort of micropayment sponsor system baked in where I could choose to support sites whose content I value. Twenty years of the web, and still nobody's figured how to make that shit work. Is Ted Nelson even still alive?

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