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by TWX (#48199535) Attached to: Cell Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man To Walk
My father-in-law worked for Boston's sewer department until he was forced to retire at 70. Approaching 20 years later he's still going strong, and last year actually dug-down to find a sewer drain pipe breakage in his own yard, probably six feet down.

I don't think that the man has had a sense of smell for close to 50 years, and it hasn't held him back.

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There have been several medical procedures that were piloted with embyronic stem cells first, then later they figured out how to do them with adult stem cells or other cells from the patient.

The point wasn't to use embyronic stem cells for treatments, that leads to immune compromise and rejection. The point is that embryos that were unused from IVF procedures and slated for disposal were able to provide some benefit before destruction, in the form of research.

Unless you're willing to volunteer your womb to implant these embryos then they never had a chance of becoming people anyway, and were one refrigeration accident away from being lost anyway.

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While humor surrounds the adage, "If brute force isn't working, then you're not using enough," there's a degree of truth in that statement too.

I'm foreseeing problems as stupid or annoying as landing in the bottom of a shallow crater, and having to manually carry the rover up to the lip of the rim, plus all of the supplies, the habitat module, etc. I would expect a lot of it to be modular, but being able to physically move heavier things is really never a disadvantage. Then there are situations with stuck things, levers, etc, where simple brute-force is necessary.

I service my own vehicles and back when I had POS vehicles I had to swap transmissions in and out, and not only did I have to deal with the weight of the transmission, but the torque on all of the bolts. Even I had times when I had to resort to a length of pipe on a breaker bar as well.

I think that a thoroughly mixed and diverse crew makes a lot more sense. Hell, if they can assemble a crew of hedonistic swingers that wouldn't develop passionate confrontation over sexual liaisons, that would probably be even better, so that everyone is sated on this long journey in close quarters.

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Yep. I'm one, I've got a box at home and my primary box at work both running Linux. I do network administration and it's convenient, with the amount of SSH that I do, to have Linux as my desktop.

I wish that I'd ended up with the X1 Carbon instead of the Yoga for my work laptop, the tablet doesn't get along well with Linux and is stuck as a Windows machine :(

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