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The correct number of shoes to own:

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1 pair
  2030 votes / 5%
2-3 pairs of the same kind
  1716 votes / 4%
2-3 pairs of different varieties
  17476 votes / 46%
4-9 pairs of the same kind
  844 votes / 2%
4-9 pairs of different varieties
  11202 votes / 30%
10 or more pairs of the same kind
160 votes / 0%
10 or more pairs of different varieties
  1792 votes / 4%
Shoes are pushed on us by greedy capitalists!
  1976 votes / 5%
37196 total votes.
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The correct number of shoes to own:

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  • It's easy for men (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Jack Malmostoso (899729) on Friday February 24, 2012 @09:19AM (#39146245)

    2 pairs of nice shoes for suits (one brown, one black), 1 pair of boots for heavy weather, 3 pairs of sneakers, 1 pair of running shoes. Done.

    Also, having multiple pairs of shoes makes them last longer: wearing the same pair every day runs them into the ground faster than alternating between a few.

    But more importantly: a fashion poll on Slashdot?

    • If you alternate your shoes you'll just slowly ruin a bigger number of shoes. No gain when compared to fastly ruining a smaller number of shoes, unless you buy them in batches and are accounting the buying time.

      I have 2 pairs of nice shoes for suits, but as I rarely use them (suits or the shoes), I also have 2 pairs of not as nice shoes for work (2 because of fashoin, not wear). No need for boots for bad climates, but I have a pair of boots for bad terrain (they are harder to ruin), a pair of sneakers on ev

      • If you alternate your shoes you'll just slowly ruin a bigger number of shoes. No gain when compared to fastly ruining a smaller number of shoes, unless you buy them in batches and are accounting the buying time.

        That's why I don't have my tires rotated. I only want to replace two at a time. Move the back ones to the front, and put the new ones on the back.

        • Your analogy is wrong. Your tires may wear unevenly, and generally any tire can be on any wheel. Therefore, by rotating them, you're going to get more miles on each tire. There are other reasons too, including safety and wear to your suspension.

          By rotating shoes, you're only prolonging the inevitable. You're not going to get more miles per shoe, though you may get more months or years per shoe.

          Rotate your tires. Both your car and the environment will love you for it. Your shoes, maybe the pretty boys

          • You're wrong. Rotating between different pairs of shoes lets them dry out completely. Not only will your feet be more comfortable, but the shoes will generally last longer. Of course, if you would rather waste your money on Gold Bond and have smelly feet and all that, that's entirely your right - but you will get more days wear out of each pair if you let them completely dry out between uses, and that takes a couple of days, not just overnight.
      • Re:It's easy for men (Score:5, Informative)

        by GiMP (10923) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:51AM (#39147295)

        Alternating two shoes daily is proven to increase the usable life of those shoes in relative terms. Many advocate having at least a 3 pair rotation.

        Shoes need time to remove moisture. Not only does moisture promote the growth of bacteria, but it directly damages the leather. Good shoes should be rotated, never worn two days in a row, and have cedar trees inserted. This will protect the leather and the shoe.

        After 3 years, your well-maintained shoes should get resoled...

        • Re:It's easy for men (Score:5, Informative)

          by ottothecow (600101) on Friday February 24, 2012 @12:54PM (#39148965) Homepage
          This is correct. There is an obscene amount of sweat that comes from your feet into your shoes every day. Leather shoes should really not be worn on consecutive days if you can avoid it (we are talking dress shoes here, athletic sneakers are different and while the same principle applies, they also tend to be designed to breathe and try fast and be disposed of when they wear out).

          There is nothing stopping you from wearing them again if you have to, but to ensure longevity, I would say you could easily get 50% or more additional life by allowing the shoes to dry (cedar shoe trees are also helpful). Of course, the first bit that wears out is going to be the sole in 99% of situations so unless you have already figured out how to go visit your local cobbler when the sole wears out (or rather if you haven't forgotten since that is what everyone did in the past), then rotating shoes will probably not benefit you at all since the sole will wear out and you will throw them away.

          Of course this is slashdot where people think that having anything more than a pair of brown and a pair of black shoes is overkill...might as well go the full steve jobs and wear the exact same shirt and pants every day too (ok, fine, your closet can contain both white AND light blue shirts but no stripes or no checks or no greens because what is this a fashion website? what a waste.)

      • No gain when compared to fastly ruining a smaller number of shoes, unless you buy them in batches and are accounting the buying time.

        I do buy shoes in batches (usually 3-4 pair whenever the local shoe warehouse has a sale), but I only wear one pair at a time. This way, I only have to buy shoes every five years or so, and if for some reason I need a nice pair for a party or something, I have them. Note that I only do this with tennis shoes, I've been wearing the same pair of Doc Martens (shoes, not the boots) for about ten years. Comfortable, look good with a suit, and have acid-resistant soles in case the UPS batteries in the machine

    • by Anrego (830717) *

      2 pairs of nice shoes for suits (one brown, one black)

      I only have the one (black) pair. Then again, I only have one (also black) suit! (along with two nice shirts, and 4 nice ties). Obviously I don't have to wear it often.

      1 pair of boots for heavy weather

      Check. Mine are steel toed and serve as general "doing something dangerous" footware all year round.

      3 pairs of sneakers, 1 pair of running shoes

      I just have the two pairs (and I don't run).. but I've only recently gotten into the whole physical activity so I don't like.. die.. thing.

      But more importantly: a fashion poll on Slashdot?

      Big check. The hell is this doing on slashdot!

      • I've only recently gotten into the whole physical activity so I don't like.. die.. thing.

        Uh, dude, I hate to tell you but...everybody dies in the end.

        • by Anrego (830717) *

          Oh come on, everyone knew what I meant :(

          I'd rather die later than sooner and at the very least I'd rather live whatever time I have left not feeling run down and out of shape.

    • Re:It's easy for men (Score:5, Informative)

      by FeatherBoa (469218) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:00AM (#39146563)

      I'm not Imelda Marcos, but I think I lost count at 12..

      How about snowboard and ski boots?
      Ice Skates?
      Water shoes?

      I live where we get weather, so boots means a pair of very warm boots for winter/snow, plus a pair or rubber boots. I happen to own hip-waders too.

      Then I have everyday shoes, and an old pair that I wear in the workshop.

      Work boots -- with steel toe and all that. Hiking boots since the work boots are a bit too heavy for long walks.

      And dress shoes.

      At the moment I also happen to have a walking cast, since I broke my foot. But that's not a pair.

      • by tylernt (581794) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:21AM (#39146841)

        I live where we get weather, ... I happen to own hip-waders too.

        Tell me where you live so I can avoid it!

      • by Fishead (658061)

        I hear ya. When you have real weather from one extreme to the next, it seems you need a different pair of shoes each month. I agree on the hip waders. Got rain? No prob. Too hot? Go stand in the lake/river. Too cold? Neoprene is warm. Wife trying to drag you somewhere fancy? Show up in your waders and you might get off the hook.

        I have dress shoes, old running shoes (for dirty work) medium aged running shoes for walking around town, new running shoes for... running, casual shoes, slip on steel toe b

    • by envelope (317893)

      I need 2 pairs of running shoes so I don't wear the same pair two days in a row.

    • 1 pair dress shoes (black, never ever brown - unless you're a used car salesman). I pair trainers ("sneakers" in other dialects) and 1 pair heavier shoes / boots.

      In addition, footwear for any sport, but since this is /. I doubt that arises much.

    • OK, so, I've been told that you're not supposed to wear the same pair of shoes two days running. Bad for the shoes, bad for the feet. So for me that would result in:
      Two pairs of boots (in the winter it's quite conceivable for me to end up wearing boots many days on the go)
      Two pairs of work shoes
      And, as you say, two pairs of suit shoes (I would argue one pair of suit shoes is quite adequate, no one REALLY cares if you wear brown shoes with a black suit - PHILISTINE! GASP! etc)
      Two pairs of casual shoes
      Two pai
    • by mikael_j (106439)

      Wow, that's a lot. I have one pair of skate/street shoes I use during the winter months, another worn-out old pair I keep around just in case and in the summer I prefer going barefoot.

      I've been meaning to get some surplus army boots though, cheap and useful.

      Never could get my feet accustomed to "nice" shoes even though I've tried, they're just so uncomfortable (this is kind of an issue when I wear a suit, these days I just make sure my main pair of shoes and the suit I commonly use match since I don't reall

    • I felt slightly guilty answering '4-9 pairs of different varieties', thinking that I'm some kind of fashion junkie. After reading your explanation, I feel less guilty.
      • I felt the same way, until I started counting.
        I wear plain black leather hiking boots at work. (Weak ankles due to an accident when I was very young.) So I have one pair of those, and a second pair that I am slowly breaking in. A pair of (fake) fur lined hikers for the odd really cold day. My motorcycle boots. Running shoes. (Trying to lose a little weight.) and one pair of dress shoes that I almost never wear.
        That is 6 pairs, plus 2 pairs of slippers. My god I am Imelda Marcos!!!!!!
    • 1 pair nice shoes, 1 pair boots, 1 pair sneakers, 1 pair running shoes, 1 pair sandals.

      Though much depends on where you are from, say in Canada an extra pair of boots (one for warmth, another that isn't 40lb of vulcanized rubber and felt). Also 2 pairs of running shoes may be required for gym (indoor VS outdoor).

      I used to have 2 pair of nice shoes, one for work, and another for dress, but I can't be bothered now to buy the dress shoes I might wear 3 times a year.

    • by metlin (258108)

      If only it were this simple! About a dozen good, leather shoes (John Lobbs, Vass, G&Gs etc), a few good boots (RM Williams), running shoes, sneakers, and hiking and rock climbing shoes.

      And don't get me started on the cost...

    • by morari (1080535)

      One pair of leather dress boots, which tend to be my everyday shoes. They're almost Beatle Boots, actually. Cuban heel, wedged toe, side zipper.
      One pair of canvas, steel-towed work boots. They don't get used much, unless I'm working on the car or doing something outside.
      One pair of cheap tennis shoes. I wear them while walking the dog mostly.
      One pair of knee-high platform boots. I used to wear them a lot more when I frequented the "goth" look.

      And for those special weekends...
      One pair of patent stilettos. Fi

    • It's more function than fashion for me.

      Brotip: For your casual/everyday shoes, consider skate shoes, proper ones meant for skateboarding, not shoes that look like skate shoes. They're heavy and clunky but they last forever.

      I wanted to stay under 3 because the less shoes you have the more manly you are, but I voted 4-9 of different varieties. I have boots for work/mucky conditions, formal shoes, casual shoes, sandals, (already up to 4), and special-purpose driving shoes I wear at the track that make some of

    • I mostly agree with this. My current loadout:
      1 pair dress shoes (black)
      1 pair every day sneakers
      1 pair work boots that double as winter boots
      1 pair running shoes
      1 pair workout shoes
      1 pair sport-specific shoes (climbing)

      The next type of shoe I would add would be motorcycle boots when I get a bike.

    • by F34nor (321515)


      2 pairs rubber boots
      2 pairs Danner Mt Light II Gore-tex Hiking boots
      2 pairs black new balance cross trainers
      1 pair black Born
      1 pair brown Born
      1 pair black Eccos
      1 pair brown wingtips
      1 pair black wing tips
      1 pair knee high English riding boots ( kinky sex and Halloween )
      3 pair bespoke formal ( grandfather's feet match mine)
      1 pair knock off Australian cowboy boots
      1 pair black velvet slippers
      2 pair Chocos (one nearly wrecked)
      1 pair rock climbing shoes
      1 pair telemark boots
      2 pair ski boots
      2 pair flip flops
      1 p

    • by Moof123 (1292134)

      Get into any specialty sport like running, rock climbing, even some cyclists and you'll quickly find yourself with a dozen pairs just for that one activity. Horrifying, as I still have distinct memories of being a kid and being totally baffled at the notion that anyone would need more than a single pair of velcro close sneakers...

  • 1 pair (Score:5, Funny)

    by Hermanas (1665329) on Friday February 24, 2012 @09:19AM (#39146255)

    Slippers. My parents' concrete basement floor gets pretty cold sometimes.

    • Re:1 pair (Score:4, Funny)

      by dkleinsc (563838) on Friday February 24, 2012 @04:15PM (#39151673) Homepage

      When I was a kid my parents used to tell me, "Don't go near the cellar door!"
      One day when they were away, I went up to the cellar door. And I pushed it and walked through and saw strange, wonderful things, things I had never seen before, like... trees. Grass. Flowers. The sun... that was nice... the sun...

      -Emo Philips

  • by vinayg18 (1641855) on Friday February 24, 2012 @09:27AM (#39146327)
    I don't have feet, you insensitive clod!
  • fuck it, sandals (Score:5, Insightful)

    by martas (1439879) on Friday February 24, 2012 @09:36AM (#39146407)
    I've been wearing the same pair of sandals every day since last summer. It's winter. I live in Pittsburgh. Simplicity > comfort.
  • "Shoes for Industry!"

  • by Misagon (1135) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:03AM (#39146595)

    It depends on where you live and what you do.
    Climate, sports, hiking, hunting, dress-up, dirty work, office work, walking, beach, costuming/cosplay, etc.

  • by dargaud (518470) <slashdot2 AT gdargaud DOT net> on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:08AM (#39146649) Homepage
    Rock climbing shoes, mountain climbing boots, ice climbing boots, ski mountaineering boots, approach shoes and a pair of sandals when out of those... What else do you need ?!? Yes a pair of slippers at home.
  • Most of my shoes did not last more than a few months, as I walk quite a lot. Then I bought real running shoes used by sportsmem. Mostly for casual walking, occasionally for running.
    I have them for several years already, and they are almost in a perfect shape. They were 4 times as expensive as normal shoes, but buying such shoes turned out to be cheaper in the long term.
    • by rubycodez (864176)
      I would like to know brands of shoes that could be used for walking for a few years, and that don't have price inflated by celebrity hype or "fashion hipness"
      • by dargaud (518470)
        I don't like advertising, but I find that Teva sandals are comfortable, last a long time, have a good grip on rocky grounds and above all do not stink. And recently I bought a pair of winter shoes for mountain biking and was surprised to find afterwards that they were also Teva, waterproof, very light, very warm and with a strange sole (Hypergrip) that doesn't slip much on ice. Don't know the model reference though.
  • by 6Yankee (597075) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:09AM (#39146681)

    I hate buying shoes. I know what I want and it isn't what's there, despite the entire wall being covered in the damn things. So I usually spend half an hour deciding what I hate least, only to find they don't have it in my size anyway. The only way I've found to make the experience tolerable is to go in five minutes before closing: Those don't suck too much, do you have them in a 10, there's the money, no I don't want any f*cking socks or waterproof spray, job done.

    But when my car needed new shoes, I usually had two choices: Black, round and cheap, or black, round and expensive. I made the decision in seconds, based on how expensive "expensive" was (and usually went with "cheap"). Buying shoes should be as simple as that.

    My female friends look at me with a pained expression when presented with this logic...

    • by GiMP (10923)

      This was my shoe experience before I decided to upgrade my shoe wardrobe. I went up in price and quality, I now pay up to three times as much as I paid for shoes before... but I also expect my shoes to last 10 years, not one.

      Check out Allen Edmonds and Alden shoes, as a start. (There are other good manufacturers, but these are the ones on my radar as they carry wide sizes)

    • by mikael_j (106439)

      "Do you have them in 10"? You lucky bastard. Try asking around for anything but old-man shoes in size 14. Right after the stores get a shipment is pretty much the only time I have any chance of getting any kind of decent choice (otherwise it seems to boil down to choosing the least ugly/uncomfortable shoes out of four possible models in three different stores). I've asked in shoe stores why there are never any normal shoes in size 14 and up and I was told they buy "batches" of shoes and normally only get on

    • I've been wearing the same model of shoes for the past 12 years. They last about 8 months and then get replaced with the same thing. It's easy. I buy several paris at a time to take advantage of discounts/sales. On top of that, I also have a pair of the same thing in black for when I have to kinda dress up, along with specialty shoes for tennis, softball and running. So 5 pairs total. My wife seems to have around 20 pairs and hates all of them, so she buys more.

  • everyday shoes
    couple of pairs of dress shoes
    ski boots
    snowboard boots
    cycling shoes (clip in)
    some old steel-toed work boots
    Five Fingers

    I could use some real hiking boots, and snow boots.

    • Hmm. I didn't include snowboard boots or sandals, because they are kind of specialty footwear to me. I have lots more if we're counting all kinds of footwear.
  • 1 pair tevas
    1 pair sneakers
    1 pair brown shoes
    1 pair black shoes
    1 pair combat boots, for hiking.
    1 pair slippers, for around the house.

  • by Sponge Bath (413667) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:31AM (#39146975)

    ...of mechanical legs covered in Imperial black boots.

    Darth Vader

  • 2-3 pairs dress shoes, black/brown - maybe a third pair for a different style

    2 pairs tennis shoes (sneakers), black/white - black ones are useful for wearing to work and don't appear as "cheap"

    1 pair sandals/flip-flops

    1 pair of old shoes (sneakers or boots) - for work around the house, whether it's yard work or whatever

    1-2 pairs of sports-related shoes, such as hiking boots, basketball shoes, or maybe cleats for some over-40 league

  • One pair of smart-casuals for work. One pair of smart shoes for formal/suit. One pair of low-cut all-weather boots as my go-to everyday shoes. One pair of high, rugged, combat/safety boots. One pair of wellies/rain boots. One pair of loafers/skate shoes, for quick step-in and around the house.
  • 1 pair boots, 1 pair sneakers, 1 pair dressy. I might have a second pair of sneakers when the first pair is close to wearing out.

    Being able to wear nice-casual clothing is one of the perks of working in higher ed.

    • by Nimey (114278)

      I've also got a pair of good-quality sandals and a pair of old slippers, but IMO these don't really count as "shoes".

  • by OhHellWithIt (756826) * on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:52AM (#39147301) Journal

    According to my wife, it's "10 or more pairs of different varieties". And, according to my wife, I'm a man, and so any other answer I may choose to give would be wrong. Furthermore, even if it were stipulated that I could be right, it wouldn't matter, because living peacefully with a woman cannot occur if she believes the man thinks she's wrong.

  • by itsdapead (734413) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:54AM (#39147333)

    None - I'm evolving into a bird and forsaking the ground [], you insensitive clod.

    Relax, and enjoy your shoes.

  • by TheNinjaroach (878876) on Friday February 24, 2012 @10:54AM (#39147343)
    Shoes for work. Shoes for weddings. Shoes for mowing the yard. Shoes for comfort.
  • by GiMP (10923) on Friday February 24, 2012 @11:16AM (#39147603)

    My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I've bought into needing the proper shoes for the proper occasion, and having quality shoes that will last me. That includes needing to maintain a rotation to control moisture and thus the longevity of the leather. I pay more, but they'll last ten years, not one.

    The below isn't an advertisement for Allen Edmonds, they just happen to be the lowest price maker of "good" shoes that also happen to carry widths. As such, I do have a bit of brand-loyalty. That said, I'm tempted to snag a few pairs of shoes from Alden shoes [], maybe an Indy Boot or Chukka.

    My collection:

    • Walnut semi-brogues (AE Strand []) - I wear these with jeans.
    • Brown Chelsea "Dealer" boot (AE Ashbury []) - also with jeans
    • Black oxfords (AE Park Ave []) - suits and tuxedo /w good shine
    • Brown derbys - cheap brown derbys from JCP, still wearing until they wear out, which won't be long...
    • Boat shoes - never with socks

    I should probably own some sneakers for the gym... maybe, then, I'd have one less excuse.

  • Barefoot ? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by dargaud (518470) <slashdot2 AT gdargaud DOT net> on Friday February 24, 2012 @11:18AM (#39147625) Homepage
    Anybody can point me to the story about when the priests got to Hawaii they were trying to civilize the locals and one of their main goal was to get them to wear shoes. Without success until a Jesuit (?) got the idea of importing spiny bushes and planting them everywhere. Which of course succeeded. I sometimes use this example as to why religions are evil even in the smallest details, but I don't know if it's a true story.
    • Re:Barefoot ? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 24, 2012 @01:32PM (#39149513)

      . I sometimes use this example as to why religions are evil even in the smallest details,

      but I don't know if it's a true story.

      Fact one and fact two say a lot about you.

    • by Shompol (1690084)
      I found only one reference []. Looks like it is a tree, not very useful against bare feet. I would vote on it as a fable only partially based on reality.

      As for religion being evil you can come up with a number of more convincing examples, starting from Massacre of St. Bartholomew to 9/11 to Spanish Inquisition and even Creationism. I just learned about Russel's Teapot [], which can be used as a moderately funny argument :)
    • Hawaiians used to walk barefoot for miles over solidified lava floe, which resembles broken glass in most ways, including sharpness and potential to cause damage to skin.

      Hard to believe that spiny bushes would be any greater deterrent to going barefoot.


    • by Thalagyrt (851883)

      Hila hila plant is what they call it over in Hawaii. It folds up into itself on contact, and it has thorns. It's classified as an invasive weed, and it lays low to the ground. Those suckers hurt when you step on them, as due to their structure the thorns actually get thrust upwards when the plant folds. Species is called mimosa pudica. Couldn't tell you if the story's true, but the plant certainly is there and isn't native to the area.

  • by Hentes (2461350)

    Two pairs of leather shoes, one for everyday use and a nice one that I try to preserve for rare occasions, one pair of running shoes for sports or when I travel by bicycle, one pair of boots and a pair of sandals.

  • Pairs? (Score:4, Funny)

    by PPH (736903) on Friday February 24, 2012 @11:35AM (#39147833)

    What about amputees, you insensitive clod?

  • the other guy's shoes?

    If so, why do I need any of my own? There are lots of other guys.

  • by spaceyhackerlady (462530) on Friday February 24, 2012 @12:23PM (#39148497)

    10 or more pairs of different varieties

    Of course. :-)

    Today I'm wearing my don't fuck with me boots []. The antithesis of come fuck me pumps...


  • 1 pair for general walking around, wearing to work.

    1 pair for easy hiking.

    1 pair for deathmarches.

  • by Jethro (14165) on Friday February 24, 2012 @12:46PM (#39148821) Homepage

    Um. That's totally dependent on who you are, where you live, what you like to do, etc.

    I enjoy running (well, I do it). So I need running shoes. Further more, I need minimalist running shoes. Not everyone needs that.

    I have a dog, and she needs to go out and run for an hour or so a day and we do that in a park (i.e., fake wilderness). So I need rugged waterproof hiking shoes. Not everyone needs those.

    I live in Minnesota, so sometimes those shoes need to be boots. And sometimes they need to be REALLY BIG and heavy boots.

    I occasionally get all dressy so I need a pair of dress shoes (which I avoid wearing as much as possible).

    Sometimes I go kayaking and like to play in lakes and rivers, and idiots like to drop broken glass/empty beer cans/whatever in those, so I have water shoes.

    That's 6 pairs right there that are "correct" for me, but probably not everyone else. And I didn't even count the show shoes and ski boots and the old pair of shoes I use when painting or welding, or the old pair of non-minimalist running shoes I used to use which are still comfy for just walking around, etc.

    Oh, and a decade ago I would have said "One".

  • Weekends and yardwork: Heavy winter boots, hiking boots, running shoes, faux-Converse in black and another pair in brown. Soon to acquire some work boots.
    Dress (balmoral, leather sole): Black leather dress shoes (cap toe). Brown leather dress shoes (perf cap toe).
    Workday (derby, rubber sole): Brown leather dress boots (perf cap toe). Brown leather (plain toe). Soon to acquire a pair of black leather dress boots.
    Specialty: sandals, climbing shoes, MTB shoes, crocs.

    That's thirteen and I still don't feel
  • Dress shoes, black, one pair of
    Funky dress shooes, silver, one pair of
    soccer turfs, one pair of
    soccer cleats, one pair of
    old-worn soccer cleats for Mudd Runs, one pair of
    Sambas for everyday wear, one pair of
    hiking boots, one pair of
    Combat Boots, one pair of
    Tevas, one pair of
    slippers with dog faces on them, one pair of

  • Shoes for the dead!
  • 1 pair of birkenstocks
    1 pair of old birkenstocks that i need to get resoled (or just replaced.)
    1 pair of boots
    1 pair of work shoes

    So four. Though I really ought to get a pair of tennis shoes as well instead of just using my boots for any kind of physical activity. And of course this isn't counting the two pairs of rollerblades i have, or the pair of rock climbing shoes.
  • Let's see here...

    Black dress shoes
    Brown dress shoes
    Black steel toed-shoes (on plant floors often)
    Brown steel-toed shoes (see above)
    Winter boots (a must for Wisconsin winters)
    "Everyday" sneakers
    Running shoes
    Bowling shoes
    Athletic shoes for gym/studio workouts
    Treaded water shoes (for triathlons, other outdoors stuff)
    "Yardwork" sneakers (the former "everyday" pair)

    And, arguably, I could toss a pair of ice skates into that list. :P If I think back to college or just after, it was basically two or three pair - s

  • by GameboyRMH (1153867) <gameboyrmh&gmail,com> on Friday February 24, 2012 @01:57PM (#39149947) Journal

    ...less than 1%. So that tells you how many women are on Slashdot :-P

  • for my Spousal Unit. Each pair she wears is her "favorite."

  • daily sneakers
    gym shoes
    dress shoes
    protective boots
    winter boots
    3 pairs of sandals

  • Dress shoes: 8 pair: black, brown, tan, cordovan + loafers, brogues, wingtips, buckled, laced
    Dress boots: 3 pair black and dark brown, laced and zippered
    Casual shoes/boots: 5 pair; mostly brown leather boots and sandals
    Workout shoes: 2 pair; oly lifting flats; running shoes
    Sport shoes: 2 pair Hiking boots, Tevas
    Work shoes: 3 pair: steel toed welding boots, waders, LL Bean slipons
    fetish shoes: 3 pair (biker boots, docs, platforms)

  • Geek, I say 1 pair. If you wear tennis shoes, they can go with a suit just like the dockers or dress shoes. As a Geek, I have better things to worry about than "what shoes look best with this outfit."

    Non-Geek then the answer changes to 2-3 or more. You have to do something to make yourself look worthwhile to a geek, so play dress up! Maybe you can get a great job if the boss thinks you are in to cosplay or make-believe.

If it happens once, it's a bug. If it happens twice, it's a feature. If it happens more than twice, it's a design philosophy.


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