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Comment: Re:Pros and Cons (Score 1) 70

Except in Android.
After installing a self-signed certificate every time you restart the phone you get a warning message saying "Network may be monitored". There is apparently no way to say "Yes, i know there is a user-installed certificate, stop telling me I'm hacking myself because I put it there on purpose"

Comment: Re:Elsewhere in the world (Score 1) 265

by viperidaenz (#48267343) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

Paywave isn't all that hot for retailers. The merchant fees are higher.
It's good where you want to decrease the time spent at the checkout though.

Since CurrentC bypasses the credit card merchants, it's probably much cheaper for the retailers. The interest free period and reward schemes on credit cards are paid for by the merchants, usually around 2.5% of the transaction.

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