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Comment Re:Amazing news! (Score 1) 165

It's too late because they tried and didn't even make a dent.

Of the few manufactures they've convinced to use their chips, they've only done so in a small line of products.

The smartphone market was a niche before Apple and Google came along. The phone market was dominated by feature phones with a fe high-end Nokia phones and Windows based business oriented smartphones and pocket PC's

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 174

Ok, so I've never played fantasy sports so I had no idea how it worked.

Reading that, it's basically like playing the lottery. Instead of picking numbers you pick players. The outcome is based solely on the stats of the players in each team.

Makes sense now. It's a tough one though, since they're not betting. They're paying a fixed entry fee that doesn't determine how much they could win.
It's not strictly a lottery because it's not based on chance, but an algorithm and the selection of other players.

It makes perfect sense that the employees of each competing company are banned from playing. It seems plausible that the aggregated data from one company would correlate with that of the other. That would give them an advantage.

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