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Comment: Re: Data transfer? (Score 1) 444

by viperidaenz (#49145195) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

Nope, if the bottleneck was USB, it would be in the order of a few seconds. 4MB/s is the interface speed of the hard drive that comes with the laptop mentioned.
In practice, USB 2.0 speeds are in the order of 20MB/s - 10 seconds to transfer 177MB, assuming the hard drive is completely full.

If you had two hard drives with PIO mode transfer on the same IDE bus, it would be painfully slow to copy between the two.

Comment: Re:Pinky and the Brain (Score 1) 91

by viperidaenz (#49143945) Attached to: Xeroxed Gene May Have Paved the Way For Large Human Brain

I thought the whole birth canal thing was the cause of humans being one of the only animals to give birth to a baby that is completely helpless for several years.

Head gets too big for birth canal, must exit before gestation is complete.

Brains continue to grow after birth. Newborns are 350 - 400g. Adults are 1300 to 1400g

Comment: Re:I wonder why... (Score 1) 192

Because the person you picked up via Uber has said "Hey Uber, please send me a car and driver to take me from here to here". The implication is Uber is going to be responsible and send someone who will do that job with minimal risk to them.

That means the should know the driver is not elliptic or has some other kind of medial problem that may effect their driving. They should know the driver isn't a criminal who commits violent crimes. They should know the driver is up to date with current driving laws.

That's what the passenger licences are for.

Comment: Re:I wonder why... (Score 1) 192

Where I'm from if you're caught speeding in your taxi, you lose your licence to carry passengers for payment.
If you're charged with anything more serious than speeding, even if you're not in your taxi at the time, you lose it.
If you've lost your drivers license for any reason in the last 7 years, you can't even get a passenger endorsement.
You must have had your license for more than 2 years.
You must complete an approved P endorsement course.
You must pass background checks - this includes never been in prison for more than 12 months, never been convicted of any violent, sexual, drug, firearms or organised crime offence. Even if they were not committed in this country.
You must submit a medical certificate at least every 5 years.
You must be eligible to work in the country.
You must pass a practical driving test every 5 years
You must display an ID card in your vehicle visible to the passengers.

Everyone who carries a passenger for reward must have a P endorsement. Not just taxi drivers.

That's whats so special about taxi drivers.
Taxi drivers also have further regulation about the safety of their cars and the taxi meter installed.
They also pay extra fees to be allowed to park in taxi stands.

Additionally, taxi drivers need to be arrogant pricks who think they can park to pick up and set down passengers in clear ways, on yellow lines and anywhere else they think will hold up other traffic and piss off other road users.

Comment: Re:Not taxi -- private hire. (Score 1) 192

Where I'm from the biggest difference between a private hire company and a taxi is a private hire must agree on a fixed price before you get in the car.
Only taxis are allowed to charge per minute or per kilometer. They also must have calibrated taxi meters.

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