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Comment: Re:...eventually put people on butt (Score 1) 85

So you expect someone to invent something that can travel half the speed of sound as the crow flies that you can just hop in to at a moments notice?

Buy a Lockheed AH-56A, it'll get you 1200 miles with a cruise speed of 225mph.
There's also the V-22 Osprey with a 1000 mile range, a little bit faster at 277mph.

Those two vehicles are about half way there. with in-air refueling, you could probably do it in 12 - 15 hours

Comment: Re:Indicative of A Problem At NASA (Score 1) 85

If you've only got one shot at launching a vehicle on a 40 million km journey, you should over-engineer it. You don't know what's going to be the weakest point.

It took 253 days just to get Opportunity to Mars, who want's to trial-and-error something that takes so long?

Also, since the solar panels don't have wind-screen wipers, if they happen to get some bad luck with the weather, the estimated rate of dust accumulation will end the mission in 90 days.

Comment: Re:This is why we need free-as-in-freedom apps (Score 1) 68

The most expensive part of the computer now is the idiot at the keyboard.

If you can make a person more productive, say 1 hour a week, thats over 150 hours over 3 years they spend doing more work instead of browsing and


The time saved/money saved equation is not simple or universal.
If you save someone 5 minutes a day at their job, they'll probably just spend 5 more minutes fucking around.
There are some exceptions, like high volume call centres where staff are basically robots. But more other jobs are not time managed down to the second.

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