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Comment Re:No Apple (Score 2) 98

Name one smart phone system-on-chip manufacturer, apart from Apple, that doesn't consider Android devices their main market? All Google needs to do is make hardware support for this new codec a requirement to pre-load YouTube

Intel are also in on the smart phone SoC market too

Comment Re:This should have been an open bid contract (Score 1) 199

But in reality what would have happened is some new company wins the bid, fails to deliver after the 6 years and files for bankruptcy. Somehow the $3 billion has all gone missing. That's the one thing a big corp like CentryLink has going for it, they have a lot more than this contract to lose if they take the money and run.

Comment Re:Why so complicated? (Score 3, Insightful) 111

yeah I know, right!
Just make a high speed, low power, multi-point data bus.
Just use.... wait there isn't anything available that meets all of those requirements.
There are a lot of point to point high speed low power buses.
There a lot of low speed multi-point buses too.

High speed and low power means impedance matched differential pairs.

You are false data.