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Comment Re:Coming to a hobby shop near you... (Score 1) 63

Providing it doesn't increase the internal resistance of the battery.
Some Li batteries for hobby use are rated to discharge up to 130x their capacity. That's a 5Ah cell discharging 650A.
Adding 0.001 ohms to a battery discharging 100A creates an additional 10W of heat. The losses are exponential with current, 200A would result in 40W dissipation.

Comment Re:Not the end of the world (Score 1) 78

So easy way to thwart it: Google Analytics, with its __utma and __utmb etc cookies that end up with every request to your domain.
There's also the User-Agent header that varies depending on the user.
There may be an If-Modified-Since header, an ETag header (although probably not on a POST request)
Accept, Accept-Encoding, Accept-Language, cache-control, origin, Referer, Connection. Those are all headers my browser is sending to slashdot.

It's even difficult figuring out what the URL in the request is, since that's also encrypted in the TLS data. All you can probably do is pick the next HTTPS request after a non-HTTPS request, assuming the login page is not sent over HTTPS and the form submission is.

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