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Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 138

Even then the F117, sometimes called the wobbly goblin, had to sacrifice much in terms of aerodynamics and flight characteristics to implement the first true stealth aircraft.

Not quite true. Sometimes called the wobbly goblin is true, but in truth it flies very well. From this article:

There have been many names for the F-117A. Let me tackle the "Wobbly Goblin" one first. According to every F-117A pilot I've talked to, the F-117A flies like any fighter should. As one pilot said "Nobody actually associated with the program while I was in it EVER called it the "Wobblin' Goblin," although I've seen that in print a lot. It didn't wobble--was a rock-solid platform (watch the combat videotape!)." The nickname of "Wobbly Goblin" is fictitious-no one ever called the F-117A that. Apparently a couple of old F-117A test pilots were at a test pilot convention. One of them made the reference that the plane felt like a "Wobbly Goblin" right before some particular computer compensation kicked in during an early flight test. This was heard by one guy, who told his friend, who in turn talked to a reporter in New York over the phone. The reporter then wrote it in an article incorrectly saying that pilots routinely use the term "Wobbly Goblin".

Comment Not to foreign companies (Score 1) 85

I see comments above talking about H1Bs and such. This is NOT outsourcing to India or anything like that. It's outsourcing to primarily U.S.-owned contractors, as opposed to U.S. Government (USG) employees. If you suggest that outsourcing is not the best technical solution, then you're suggesting the USG direct hires are as competent as those in industry. I can assure you that people don't switch to USG jobs for the technical challenges, however.

Comment Feel bad for the guy (Score 1) 169

I feel bad for him, and I hope his family gets a decent settlement*, but have to ask why didn't he check the live line first? When I work on electrical stuff at home, I always check AND DOUBLECHECK that the breakers are off and that no juice is running. And, that's with voltages that won't necessarily kill me. Working with this level of voltage? Holy crap.

* As stated by some in the UK, it's not likely to be a big settlement. Too bad in this case.

Comment Re:This is only a problem.. (Score 2) 117

Capitalism at its finest. Until there's a market-based motivation for cell phone companies to change, they won't. I don't know of more recent data, but back in 2013, the U.S. ranked 3rd most expensive, behind Canada and Japan. Unfortunately, I don't think that analysis included data and it isn't very current. Certainly, the U.S. could be far and above the worst right now.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 146

This is true, but consider that 122K is on average. This means for every person in school out there contributing for free, we have others making 244K per year. If it were 10% free development, then the average for the others is 136K. The average salary for a software engineer in the USA is 94K, so something is fishy.

Comment Re:ive had to uninstall this stuff before. (Score 2) 108

nimbius calls it a garbage app, but then does exactly the same thing. Hypocrisy at its finest. Oh wait, let's hear from nimbius, "No, I wasn't going to do anything with those pictures, honest! No, seriously, I'm a good guy. I just like storing pictures of people I barely know for no good reason, against their wishes."

Comment Re:Busy location (Score 1) 63

Well, the customer base at Fashion Square Mall (also here in Orlando) is extremely thin. They are building a hotel inside it, too, hoping to capitalize on the theme that seems to work at Florida Mall. So, I think it's more than an anecdote. The Oviedo Marketplace also has low attendance, worse than it was 10 years ago, but not as bad as Fashion Square. The Artegon Marketplace, on the other hand, can be quite busy and has an awesome store called Gods and Monsters, which I bet would appeal to a lot more /. members than ThinkGeek.

Comment Busy location (Score 3, Informative) 63

For those who wonder, the Florida Mall is a very busy mall. Elsewhere around the country, the malls are getting thin on customers, but there are a lot of tourists here. The Florida Hotel is in the mall and gets a lot of customers who want to visit the touristy areas of Orlando, particularly on International Drive.

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 2) 456

I agree with you, it shouldn't be on the list. Like any disease or collection of symptoms, there will always be bullshit diagnoses and related hoaxes, and there is always a bullshit miracle cure. But, being personally affected by RLS, I can attest to its validity. I take no drugs for it, either, but I sleep like complete shit every night and even on a queen size bed, no one can sleep beside me (due to movements). These symptoms are trivially and empirically discernible by any scientist (including my wife), though the symptom of feeling like I have to move my legs while awake is not. However, if you're one of those "knee bouncers" or have some other kind of tic, and don't think you have RLS, try NOT bouncing or knee (for 20 minutes or so). I assure you that it would be very difficult and uncomfortable. The current wiki page is actually pretty decent on this subject.

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