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Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 2) 456

I agree with you, it shouldn't be on the list. Like any disease or collection of symptoms, there will always be bullshit diagnoses and related hoaxes, and there is always a bullshit miracle cure. But, being personally affected by RLS, I can attest to its validity. I take no drugs for it, either, but I sleep like complete shit every night and even on a queen size bed, no one can sleep beside me (due to movements). These symptoms are trivially and empirically discernible by any scientist (including my wife), though the symptom of feeling like I have to move my legs while awake is not. However, if you're one of those "knee bouncers" or have some other kind of tic, and don't think you have RLS, try NOT bouncing or knee (for 20 minutes or so). I assure you that it would be very difficult and uncomfortable. The current wiki page is actually pretty decent on this subject.

Comment Re: Bout damn time! (Score 2) 28

OSM has similar issues. People who add to OSM are often morons about what they add. Creating new types like "yes" instead of using actual types. Translators from OSM to something more useful like a file geodatabase or shapefiles often get the geometry wrong, too. For example, creating a linear lake (the perimeter) rather than a more appropriate polygon. So, OSM has significant issues when trying to use it for non-casual purposes. On the other hand, it is generally the most complete set and that can help account for its gross deficiencies.

Comment This is AP? (Score 1) 128

I took my AP computer science test way back in 1986 and while I don't have the test with me, I certainly remember it being A LOT harder than this. I could've finished this test in 20 minutes or so. Did I get better with age? Am I overestimating my high school computer science abilities? Or, have the standards fallen?

Comment Re:That's not all (Score 2, Insightful) 336

Should mod parent up and GP down. I'm with Lauren. Regarding GP, when he says "And hey, I'm not personally offended by that kinda shit - I'm a guy." I'm offended by this. I'm a guy and I'm not just offended by that behavior ("that kinda shit") but especially by that sexist comment. "I'm a guy" supposedly means that you shouldn't be offended by it? That's exactly the behavior the OP is talking about, albeit it's a generally pervasive problem and nothing to do with gaming industry. Guy or not, you may or may not be offended by it. By virtue of you thinking that "I'm a guy" shouldn't be offended by it--that's the problem.

Comment Re:Could you tell a difference at distance? (Score 1) 535

You're missing the point. The idea here is that a reasonable person realizes that the dude in the stormtrooper outfit isn't carrying a real gun. To fulfill the "law" the principal must report this, but she might as well do so using the non-emergency number. If the police don't actually respond, who cares.

Comment Re:Silver lining (Score 5, Interesting) 389

I'm thinking the same thing. Maybe it's a ploy. After the Republican president and Republican-led House (and fairly even Senate) first passed the Patriot Act into law in 2001, having Obama support it now is the best way to have the Republicans of today reject it. Hell, you can steer the Party of No around right now just by having Obama support the opposite viewpoint of what you want.

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