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Comment Re:Complete video stream pre-rolling (Score 1) 491

It's not a security feature, because anyone who wants to pirate the video will do so regardless of how they try to restrict it.

I have worked with video streaming. Don't think for a second that any demand from the movie industry for a security feature has any realistic basis in how hard it makes it to crack.

Comment Re:Common keyboard for Windows and OS X (Score 1) 491

Both PC and Apple keyboards are USB keyboards that work with on both PCs and Macs. There are only a handful of badly engineered keyboards that don't work on MacOS and iOS because of Apple's USB HID stack being more picky about correctness than MS Window and Linux.

The Windows keys and the Command keys both emit the same codes in the USB Human Interface Device protocol.
The only significant difference between PC and Mac keyboards is in the order between those keys and their neighbouring Alt on the bottom row.
Better keyboards (like my Ducky G2Pro) have a DIP switch or a programming setting for swapping the order of those keys between PC order and Mac order.

Comment Re:The problem is the user (Score 1) 491

In the European Union, devices are required by EU law not to draw more than 1W in standby.

However... many manufacturers get around that by simply not calling it standby.
Games consoles' "standby" power usage was in the news a while ago. The XBox One, PS4 and Nintendo Wii each draws more in "standby" than my NUC in idle.

Comment The cause of the post-antibiotic future (Score 5, Insightful) 135

The reason why antibiotic-resistant strains have been forming and allowed to be a problem is that people have been misusing antibiotics.

A small scale problem is that antibiotics have been used by human patients that would not benefit from them. Other patients have stopped or cut down on using antibiotics when they have started to feel well - but before the strain has been fully eradicated. In some countries, antibiotics have even been available over the counter without prescription.

A large scale problem is the over-used of antibiotics in agriculture. Livestock are given antibiotics in their feed as a precaution, and this is still going on on a large scale in most Western countries.
Antibiotics-resistant strains are widespread, even the norm in many parts of the world.
Seriously, this has to stop! We need to treat this problem seriously. If a resistant strain of bacteria is found on a farm then that farm should be put in quarantine and the stock of animals should be destroyed, like what happened when Mad Cow Disease - but instead this is seen as normal. Diseased eggs and meat are the norm, and I am not talking about third-world countries. I am talking about Western Europe and the USA.

Comment Re:What a f@cking tool (Score 4, Interesting) 484

The man in question was forced to resign as CIA director in 1995.
However, after that he did not retire but worked as a lobbyist for several right-wing and warmongering groups in Washington.
This statement here, is just another lobbyist action in the same vein.

Most significant of Woolsey's allegiances, is, I would say his membership in the PNAC - a lobbyist group for a US invasion of Iraq, Iran and Syria. Woolsey was one of the signers of a petition to Clinton in the late '90s to invade - a petition with one of the stated objectives to snatch their oil for US interests.
When G.W.Bush became president, several leading members of the PNAC got high-ranking positions in that administration: vice-president Dick Cheney, defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolwovitz are the most well-known.
When PNAC became the government, the PNAC's agenda became the agenda of the United States.

There is therefore no doubt that this ex-CIA director has a lot of blood on his hands. That whole clusterfuck in that region was caused by the Woolsey-supported invasion to thieve oil followed by gross mismanagement by US officials in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of civilians, soldiers and civilians have been killed, and millions of people are refugees from and in the region.
How can one even compare Snowden to that?

Comment Re:As if... (Score 1) 366

Sure, but an iPad has a touch-screen. Transposition errors are much more common on touch-screens than on proper keypads where you can feel when you have pressed a key - and where you can feel when you have pressed in-between two keys.
Real keypads even have a homing dot on the 5 key in the middle to make it easier to find the keys by touch.

Have you tried touch-typing on a tablet? That is an exercise in frustration, even if the tablet is really large, such as on a MS PixelSense.

Comment I don't have any mobile data, you insensitive clod (Score 1) 204

I don't have any drives hanging in my mobile.

I have seven letter 'G's hanging in it though making it a 7G mobile - more Gs than anyone I know.
And there is a bell so that I can ring with it. Several people have asked me if I could call with it - of course I can call into it but I don't see the point...

It looks nice hanging in the window. It is a windows mobile.

Comment Re:What smartphone? (Score 1) 204

The last time I travelled, I used a Windows tablet with the Windows 10 maps app. I downloaded in advance the map for every city I was going to visit and the tablet had GPS but only Wifi for communication.

Conveniently easy. The downside is that the Windows Maps app isn't very good - maps are not very readable even in the best lighting conditions. Also, if you search for an address - you get the middle of the street as result: (Thanks for nothing, Microsoft!)
The paper maps you could get at any hotel you stay at beats it easily except for the GPS feature.

Comment Re:It should be obvious (Score 1) 375

And the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel is not a Nobel Prize.

As the full title says, it was instigated not by Alfred Nobel but by Sveriges Riksbank - the Swedish Bank, the central bank of the Swedish currency.
And this was done in 1969, 68 years after the first Nobel Prizes in natural sciences and literature.

Comment 5G is already outdated (Score 4, Funny) 164

I have a 7G mobile hanging in my window. That is seven G's! Two more than this 5G and at least THREE MORE than what most people have.

I added a small bell to balance them to eight items. I had used a pre-made mobile ring with eight holes around the circumference and was too lazy to measure and drill seven new ones for the strings. But when the window is open, and the wind catches the G's in the mobile, the bell hanging from the ring rings.
People have asked me if I could also talk into it: of course I can, but I don't see the point.

Comment Re:What's wrong with titanium dioxide? (Score 4, Interesting) 114

Titanium Dioxide is a common additive as white colouring in foodstuffs such as cookies and candy. For instance, it is sometimes used to make sugar glazing on German lebkuchen cookies whiter.
In Europe it is often in ingredients lists under the number E-171 rather than its full name.

Titanium Dioxide is one of the pigments that are suspected of leaking into the body, both from food and from its use in sunscreen.
Therefore, it is something that I look for and avoid.

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