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Comment Boo hoo? (Score 1) 96

I don't know how old you are or how many jobs you have had, but you present he same whine we saw yesterday. Perhaps here it was a joke, but I see it the same as yesterday's "Linus wrote an email with curse words in it!" thread. Oh the horror!

Even if I was not a Veteran, I understand stress in the work place. I have been at plenty of jobs with "that fuckup" who made everyone work an extra 20+ hours a week for months on end. I have seen people defend "that fuckup" when people finally get fed up, after months of kindness and ass covering don't change the situation. People have breaking points, and they all vary slightly. Personally, with kids I have the patience of a Saint because they have to learn things. Adults, you get three strikes before I tell you to go pound sand, or something more crude.

As a Vet, I really wish people could see what real anger in the workplace is. The stakes are much more obvious when lives are directly on the line. Correlate that to a guy's life work as people try to do with Linus. His income and legacy both hinge on how good or bad the Linux kernel is/does. Oh I know.. it is much easier for people to whine about the horrors of reading a few curse words at the tail end of a conversation.

Comment Propaganda has value to some (Score 1) 96

But I thought Friday was SJW day on

Nope! Unfortunately it has been, and will continue, to be pounded to death. Easy click bait and lots of page views for little effort.

Instead of worrying about penis and vagina counts how about we worry about all the American tech workers who have been replaced by foreign workers. 94 million Americans are unemployed including almost half of them are women.

While your number is incorrect, the point has merit. Instead of worrying about things that really hurt our economy (TPPIP/NAFTA/War/Corruption) people that own media are erecting the same straw man over and over. The lie is being repeated so much that people believe the lie (Bernays and Himmler were assholes, but not stupid). This is the value of propaganda, and the US currently is overflowing with it.

The same lies about discrimination in the workplace are being repeated by people that may be well intentioned, but too lazy to actually check a fact and not quite bright enough to realize they are being used as a useful idiot.

I really don't understand how people can believe this is accidental. If one news station had a different story they would make a mint in readership/viewership. Instead, they all repeat the same exact line of bullshit over and over. Also consider that the only "popular" opposition is controlled.

Comment Re:PT Barnum (Score 1) 139

You are mostly correct, but that is the nature of poker. Poker professionals pay the house for the tables if they pay at all. Casinos can draw some large crowds from high stakes games, so often give the pros free time, food, and booze to play. The house usually gets a cut of the pots when people cash out. Poker players play against each other, and the game is as much psychological as it is the luck of the cards.

The reason he won't play anything else is because the House always wins the games they run. They don't run poker tables at that level, they just take a cut.

Comment Re:PT Barnum (Score 1) 139

Card counting is against the house rules, not normally or necessarily against a player's rules. The house/casino ban card counting because it does tip the odds in the counter's favor. Why do you think that the house uses machine shuffled 5+ decks to deal from? Simple, if you can count the cards you increase your odds. In two decks if you are showing a ten and most of the other tens have been played with very few 2-9. It's also easy to track 16 cards to know how many valued 10 have been played. So the house masses lots of cards to make this extremely difficult. Try to track 64 or so cards with a value of 10, 64 with a value of 2-5, and another 64 valued 6-9 and it's really easy to lose count. It also changes how cards long the sequence of crap can be.

Comment PT Barnum (Score 2, Insightful) 139

While there is debate regarding the authenticity of the quite, PT is attributed with "There is a sucker born every minute." Gambling is for the majority is simply a fools game. I know one professional gambler, and the only game they play is poker and only face to face with cash pots. Think long and hard about all of the reasons why that would be...

Sorry if you were suckered or know someone that did.

Comment Kind of this, but not really (Score 1) 836

Every situation is a bit different. Do I prefer civility and kindness? Absolutely. What happens when you take advantage of my good nature? I really don't have a choice but to change tactics. Probably not the first time, but I'll let you know I won't tolerate it again. Have I been accused of being a bully because someone only heard a more abrasive part of the conversation? Absolutely again. The funny thing is that I rarely, if ever, see those people jumping on the chopping block. People that jump in to help the screw up on their own time happens in the movies, but we don't live in movies.

As an example, iff you are a manager and you are working 10 extra hours a week because one of your people is continually messing up, for how long will you continue to be kind? Your personal life relationships start to suffer because of this person? How about when the rest of your team is also putting in 10 extra hours a week because the person is a real mess? Your boss is chewing your ass daily because you are late with a deliverable? The other 20 people on the team are upset because they can't seem to go forward. Nobody can get frustrated and tell that person causing issues to STFU, even if they attempt to pass the blame? Everyone needs to be kind to their "feelings" even though they are making a job miserable for many people?

TFA has nothing to do with bullying, it's about trying to get people to do what needs to be done. I'll add it's about unrealistic expectations where people don't vent in the workplace (or at least do not vent the same way as you). You may not think that the Kernel is a big deal, but it's Linus's whole life. He built it from scratch and makes his livelihood from the project. You can't really compare his perspective with an argument with a co-worker. It's more like seeing a master architect yell at a welder for fucking up a seam and not fixing it after being asked to fix it. Shit happens.

*steps off the soap box*

Comment Re:And maybe you should read the MIDDLE ... (Score 1) 316

So you can't argue the claim that the court ruling was completely corrupt. Good! What I do find interesting is that you throw up a straw man. Like GP, you insinuate the farmer's guilt while ignoring the other party which is at least as likely to be guilty.

Logic and reason, give it a whirl!

Comment Read it again! (Score 1) 316

Schmeiser never stated that the 1998 crop was compromised, but that the seeds he planted were from 1997. Do yourself a favor and read the whole page, or else you will simply embarrass yourself.

However by the time the case went to trial, all claims had been dropped that related to patented seed in the field that was contaminated in 1997; the court only considered the GM canola in Schmeiser's 1998 fields, which Schmeiser had intentionally concentrated and planted from his 1997 harvest. Regarding his 1998 crop, Schmeiser did not put forward any defence of accidental contamination.[2]

The ruling was, and is, completely irrational. Read that last sentence and compare to the first. The farmer owns the field, but can't sell the field if it contains a genetic modification. So yeah, the farmer was screwed over.

Canadian law does not mention any such "farmer's rights"; the court held that the farmer's right to save and replant seeds is simply the right of a property owner to use his or her property as he or she wishes, and hence the right to use the seeds is subject to the same legal restrictions on use rights that apply in any case of ownership of property, including restrictions arising from patents in particular. The court wrote: "Thus a farmer whose field contains seed or plants originating from seed spilled into them, or blown as seed, in swaths from a neighbour's land or even growing from germination by pollen carried into his field from elsewhere by insects, birds, or by the wind, may own the seed or plants on his land even if he did not set about to plant them. He does not, however, own the right to the use of the patented gene, or of the seed or plant containing the patented gene or cell."[4]

So while the seeds were his to use, he could not use them. Money and politics is bad, but money and courts is worse.

Comment Re:This is not about science. It's about dependenc (Score 1) 316

Hitler was elected by a democratic system as well. Giving the majority whatever it wants is not a good recipe for a free and prosperous society.

No, he was not elected. You failed at trying to Godwin the discussion because you failed at 3rd grade history. Companies are so sloppy when hiring shills sometimes...

Comment Shill, Troll, or Idiot? (Score 1) 316

Every post from you is either insulting or denying other people's claims. Had you attempted to perform a simple Google search you would have found that Monsanto has sued numerous farmers in numerous countries for a variety of claims, including but not limited to violating IP.

One such case shows up in the top 2 results.

In 1998, Monsanto learned that Schmeiser was growing a Roundup-resistant crop and approached him to sign a license agreement to their patents and to pay a license fee. Schmeiser refused, maintaining that the 1997 contamination was accidental and that he owned the seed he harvested, and he could use the harvested seed as he wished because it was his physical property. Monsanto then sued Schmeiser for patent infringement, filing its case in Canadian federal court on August 6, 1998.[4] Negotiations to settle the matter collapsed on August 10, 1999, leading Schmeiser to file a countersuit against Monsanto for $10 million for libel, trespass, and contaminating his fields.[6][7]

Go back and read some of your other insulting posts from this thread and take some of your own advice.

Comment Mixed feelings.. (Score 1) 79

I am not sure I agree with this fully. The webcam site which shows all the cameras with default settings I don't take issue with, because it's not doing anything special or malicious to access the camera. In this case, they are doing more than uploading software by using a default password. The original good intention can easily become something bad. You can check history on that last one if you have doubts.

Comment Re:Population/Area has to be a factor (Score 0) 278

Fewer than 1 million permanent residents in the city is not the same thing as the population of the city at any given time (I didn't really understand this until I started working in SF). In addition to all of the jobs there are tons and tons of tourists. I think it would be most similar to NYC, but without a "good" mass transit system. I also don't think you can compare it to other cities in other countries who have less means.

Comment Population/Area has to be a factor (Score 2, Informative) 278

People per square foot in SF is pretty dang tight. Between 8 and 10 million people live in the Bay area, depending on who's estimates you enjoy. To make it in and out of the city, you need to use Public transportation, which means lots more pedestrians than other places I have been (including DC, NYC).

Finally, we have things like the Embarcadero where cars can be stuck for a really long time because the Pedestrians have the right of way and at lunch time thousands are crossing the streets. A system like a ramp which allowed both cars and people would make a big difference in those areas.

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