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Comment Further extrapolation (Score 1) 491

I was thinking similarly, but not quite the same. How many terrorist are engineers seems to be a backward question. Would a farmer be a terrorist, or have any value to a movement? Professional welder? Carpenter? So there are certain people that fit and certain people that don't from the perspective of the terrorist organization.

Further still, who is more likely to be dissatisfied with the current state of their Government/World? The farmer? The employed mason? Or the unemployed specialty engineer? Who is more likely to notice corruption, the higher educated engineer or the lower educated restaurant cook?

In other words, I kind of agree with the premise that more engineers would be terrorists. I don't think that it's really surprising just by glancing at the world. I don't intend this as insulting, but the more intelligent people I know tend to be the most dissatisfied with our Government and the direction it's going. They tend to not hope on the band wagons, follow trendy music and fads, etc... The founders of the US were similarly well educated people who were fed up with their current government and figured out a way to revolt.

Comment Re: God preexisting the universe is OK with scienc (Score 1) 811

And a beginning of the Universe from absolutely nothing is not magic how exactly? That is rhetorical, I don't expect a troll to actually understand that either solution is plausible, and in fact something causing the Universe is far more likely. Now go back to your Kool Aide, I'm sure there is Theology you could be focusing on.

Comment I think you are on to something (Score 2) 222

I'm not sure if you are in the US, but you may not understand how bad our so called justice system is. An interesting article today shows that in the last couple years, Just the Federal "Civil Forfeiture" has taken over 5 times as much money and property as crime. This is where there is no trial, no charge, not even an allegation. Police just take your stuff by simply claiming that it was connected to a crime or.. get this.. a Potential crime.

If you already knew this you know how bad things are. Since the burden of proof, allegations, and fair trials are gone what would make you believe that a Copyright claim would be different?

But you hint at something, which is a tactic not often considered "fair" but since that's gone anyway... Turn the claim on the plaintiff and start having people flood their ISPs with bogus claims of copyright infringement, trademark abuse, or hell even patent infringement. While you are probably right that it would only work against individuals as a real action, it would still start to cost money. And how about everyone going and filing small claims charges against them for damages related to an increase in their ISP billing due to frivolous lawsuits?

I'm really not sure how to oust an appointed judge either. Impeach them and the guys that appointed them?

Comment Re: God preexisting the universe is OK with scienc (Score 1) 811

The multiverse does not answer the question of causality, but it is often used to obfuscate and avoid the question. The root question of "does something need to cause the Universe?" simply becomes plural "Universes". "How space, matter and energy, and all of the laws of physics (quantum as well as Newtonian) begin?" is the root question, and it remains just as valid today as a few thousand years ago when we first documented the question. Science can refute theological beliefs but it can't answer that question.

Comment No! (Score 2, Informative) 811

Being arrested requires that charges be filed. Ahmed was not arrested and not charged with any crimes, he was detained. Your twenty minutes is plucked out of the air and meaningless. Twenty minutes for a vehicle stop? Okay. Twenty minutes for charges relating to weapons or drugs? No way is that twenty minutes. The legal limit varies, but 24 hours is generally the limit that you can be detained without having charges filed (at which point you are arrested).

Ahmed was hauled off and _DETAINED_ for a reason. YOU may not agree with the reasoning, but that does not mean there was no basis. How people keep modding this lie up when law dictionaries are pretty easy to find is astounding ( Well, not really.. it suits a narrative.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 811

But the question still remains. If a white kid was fucking around sticking stuff in a power outlet, would the police be called? Again the school district surely has other examples they can point to.

Most likely? Yes, the white kid would be arrested. Columbine was white kids, OK City was white guys, I have read tons of stories where white kids are arrested and expelled for bringing in toys that look like guns (more than other races at least in media).

Now you may say "this kid didn't have a gun and it was small so probably not a bomb" which nobody would argue. The question is whether or not we can prove it's not a bomb and prove that his intent with the device was not related to terrorism. Ever see how phones are used to set off IEDs? Have you ever seen a homemade detonator? I can say yes to both of those things, and yes I would question what the kid had.

Kind of like the toy gun at a distance, once you are close you will notice the fakery. That does not indicate that the kid found with the fake was not behaving in an abnormal/threatening way. Do those kids get sent back to class after their toy guns are found to be toys?

I have no qualms with people saying that there is discrimination all over the place. I think that is an easy to prove theory. Was _this_ a case of discrimination? Only if those toy gun toting kids received similar treatment, and the reality is they are treated much harsher.

Comment Re:Fantastic way to lose all sympathy (Score 1) 811

When you open with a complete fabrication, your concluding opinion becomes suspect at best. The kid was not arrested, he was detained. He was detained for reasons you can find pretty easily.

I don't see how your fantasy / delusion which counters reality will change the facts of the matter. Instead of using facts, you simply lied in an attempt to manipulate opinion.

Comment Re:For the Nth Time (Score 1) 156

You should not be so uninformed/uneducated that you believe 'if then" logic is really programming, let alone an algorithm. "If then" is decision making based on what ever criteria you have at hand at the time you are making the decision. When dealing with simple objects "if A=2" decisions are easy. What happens when this becomes abstracted even a little? What happens when it's a moral decision without clear definition? What happens if someone lies to you and tells you A=2 and it's not? How do you know what A really is?

The programming curriculum pushed is just like common core. Do what you are told, believe what you are told, and if you do those two things you pass. You are not given time to validate what you are told, let alone being taught to question what you are told.

More simply put, teaching the decision making process is a good thing especially when there are consequences to the decisions. Teaching it with a very rigid and extremely limited set of rules is not a good thing, and early on is harmful. One must also be taught morality, which both which to have and how the world really works.

Comment Re:never forget... (Score 1, Flamebait) 374

Ha ha, Microsoft is the lesser of the two evils? Try to do at least a cursory check of history before making such asinine statements. Microsoft got started by Bill Gates stealing CP/M (overly simplified but enough for this thread), grew by literally putting competitors applications on a treadmill and randomly crashing them to make MS apps look slightly better than the ones their kernel intentionally crashed and starved, and used strong arm tactics to force leading competitors out of business. That behavior lead to over a well over a dozen anti trust cases in the US and EU, and hundreds successful damages suits by companies that were unfortunately put out of business waiting for their court dates.

Microsoft has broken network protocols, broken open network services, broken ISO standards so badly they had to amend their own to the standard, sold garbage APIs to competitors who made better products than them, lied in court, lied to consumers, and really only cares about executive wealth. Their morality is lower than that of Standard Oil in the good ole days of David D, and that is very goddamn low.

Sony's root kit deal was small potatoes compared to MS who's execs get hard every time they hear the tree magic words "Extend", "Extinguish" and "Exterminate". Before you try it, no they have not changed a bit as Windows 10 proves very well.

I have never owned an XBox, and will never own one. I have owned PS2, PS3, and PS4 and will continue down that path. While some of that is a personal boycott against MS, at least as much relates to the durability of the PlayStation. I know plenty of people that have had XBoxes break from normal to heavy use. I have never seen a PlayStation break down from being used, and ours gets abused regularly. The PS4 is on regularly, but I still have my PS2 and PS3 and both still work like new.

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