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Comment: Exactly (Score 3, Insightful) 112 112

Do you know how many times I thought about adding a back channel to a piece of software I wrote because it's easier than training users? Do you care to guess at how many times I have actually done this?

Lets ask that same question about smaller software companies. You won't find any that survive for long after people find out they have these kinds of security practices.

It's hard to say why this happens so frequently and massively with large companies/corporations. I'm sure it's partly Government pressure, probably pressure from other companies/corporations, and partly an ignorant executive demanding this gets done. I'm sure the latter can claim the first two are the problem. The latter however, should result in termination of the execs responsible. That last part does not happen, which makes me wonder how big the first two really are.

Comment: Not a pass... (Score 1) 153 153

I have yet to see anyone claim he gets a pass because of his work. What I have seen are skeptics that a rape occurred given the facts that have been released by Swedish Officials and knowing the surrounding information. Surrounding information on both the alleged victims and the US wanting him for espionage to be clear, because you should really understand both.

From day one of Sweden wanting to "question" him there was discussion of deportation to the US. Given that the UK has no problem arresting journalists they don't like and sharing with the US who's to say he would have ever made it back to Sweden? The discussion of Sweden deporting him gained more publicity but is the most unlikely scenario.

Comment: Apples to Jupiter comparison (Score 2) 153 153

Roman Polanski fled the sentence after entering a guilty plea to raping a 13 year old. There was no question of his guilt, he told the court that he drugged the young teen and raped her

There is no limit on Polanski serving time he was sentenced to _after_ guilt was established. If you want a better comparison to the statute of limitations for Assange, try Bill Cosby.

Comment: Re: Run out the Clock (Score 3, Informative) 153 153

I don't know about Sweden, but in most places, limitation clocks only tick while you reside within their jurisdiction.

Probably something to brush up on before commenting. I'm not Swedish and don't know their laws but refuse to comment on this type of detail without knowledge. What's that old saying about "ass"uming?

Anyways, what Assange did qualifies as rape in every country I know of.

I seriously doubt you know what Assange did with this claim. Thing are not always cut and dry. What we have in fact is that his then girlfriend accused him of rape after being in a sexually active relationship. Then we get into inconsistent stories and a long delay between the time that charges were filed and the alleged "rape" happened. I have plenty of personal anecdotes where people claimed "rape" and were not raped but frightened/guilty, etc... If the Duke Lacrosse team or UNVA fakery taught us anything, it should be that these claims are not always truthful, but sure harm the alleged perpetrators. Cui Bono and all that...

To be more clear than that, US law requires proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for good reason. Fabricated claims are not some new novel concept any more than crimes are new and novel. Both have been around for thousands of years.

Also, I can't help but wonder if wikileaks currently has any dirt on Ecuador but doesn't release it for fear of what might happen to Assange. If so, it says quite a bit about their intentions.

This is a pretty wild speculation without any substance. You started below ground and kept driving until you hit the bottom of fantasy land...

Comment: Re:It really doesn't matter (Score 1) 292 292

The term "Liberal" here describes the US version of the terminology. The UK version is quite different so pay attention to the geography.

Liberal in the US has nothing to do with liberty, it is all about expanding social programs under Government control and shaping society the way the "few" want it to be for them. The US definition has been the same since I was a kid too, so don't bullshit anyone. If you don't call Obama a Liberal you are using the UK Political definition, not the US version. (or just daft)

Comment: Re:It really doesn't matter (Score 1, Troll) 292 292

And where do you find any evidence that Bush was not a liberal? Are you still fooled by the label someone tacks next to their name of R and D? Look at the spending, policies, and actions.. he was as liberal as Obama. He just played a good idiot and an overwhelming majority of people believe that schtick too...

The run ups are all about creating characters and picking the one who will best fool the public. It's amazing that so many people believe bullshit so blindly.

Comment: Re:Dunning–Kruger effect (Score -1, Offtopic) 112 112

To me it is simple, you want anonymity but refuse to respect that rights of others who want the same.

No, it has nothing to do with me being anonymous. That phrase "do not expect" is a reservation, not a refusal. It has nothing to do with me being anonymous, it's about a person responding to the post being anonymous.

Further, the statement has nothing to do with being negative about anonymous posts except that it's impossible to hold a conversation when a potentially infinite amount of people appear to be identical.

Comment: Dunning–Kruger effect (Score -1, Troll) 112 112

English must not be your first language. "do not expect" in the English language does not mean the same thing as a refusal.

If you can not understand phrasing in the English language, ask questions instead of making incorrect assumptions.

If English is your first language, shame on you for being so weak with your comprehension skills. Based on your change of subject English is your first language and you incorrectly believe that you are intelligent.

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