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Comment: Re:Trolling? (Score 1) 222

by s.petry (#49754029) Attached to: Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone

You are still attempting to conflate a condition on earth (related mostly to pollution) which we know exists, with a natural disaster which we have no ability to predict. That is a completely irrational comparison.

Further down you attempt to conflate discussing the two remedies to be the same thing, which is impossible if the events are not even close to similar.

At least you were honest about attempting to karma whore...

Comment: We knew that already (Score 1) 1

by s.petry (#49753229) Attached to: US Drought Avoidable Claims Australian Real Estate Expert

I have lived in California for about 5 years now. Since I have been here I have heard about how poor the water infrastructure is and how California has needed to build to handle capacity. The Bay area systems were built to handle a million people, and we have well over 8 million living hear.

Also since I have been here, we have been required by law to have low use toilets, shower heads, and sink spigots. The idiotic Government demanding everyone reduce by 25% assumes that everyone was wasting water. Many were not, and there is no way I can cut by 25% because I currently do laundry once a week to ensure full loads, use a low use dishwasher/toilet/shower and generally shower 1 time per day (2 is sometimes needed if I work out at night instead of morning).

Our re-use and grey water treatment could surely improve but I don't believe that the majority of people in CA are as wasteful as the article makes it appear. As TFA states, over 80% of our water goes to Agriculture. 25% of that means California loses a ton of money so we know that probably won't happen. Can't afford that dumbass train to nowhere if we lose tax revenue...

+ - FBI can not name a single big case helped by Patriot Act's snooping provisions-> 3

Submitted by mi
mi writes: “The agents we interviewed did not identify any major case developments that resulted from use of the records obtained in response to Section 215 orders,” the inspector general concluded — though he said agents did view the material they gathered as “valuable” in developing other leads or corroborating information.
Link to Original Source

Comment: Trolling? (Score 1) 222

by s.petry (#49752645) Attached to: Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone

If you are not trolling then you are confusing dwelling on something you can't change with something we can change. The sarcasm and snark can only be justified if you were correct in your analogy but since it's bananas to orangutangs your statements are just being a prick.

To bring in AGW which is not any where near what I or TFA were discussing. Yet somehow you got modded insightful.. go figure

Comment: Mostly wrong (Score 1) 222

by s.petry (#49752177) Attached to: Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone

Sure, the chances of getting hit by an asteroid were probably over blown. That people panic about non-threats or believe they can win the lottery is not normal, and not because of the person as much as the hype other people put on these things.

Advertisement, people wanting power and your stuff, those are the big problems. The pressure to keep people in the cave has not changed since the allegory was first written.

Comment: You have it backwards! (Score 1) 168

by s.petry (#49751355) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

A dick is the person who does not care who gets a medal as long as they hand them out, not the guy making sure the right people receive them.

Do you think that the Military should launch medals up in the air so they rain down somewhere in a city, and whoever finds it deserves it? That analogy is exactly what rewarding ACs is.

Comment: Re:The (obligatory) Missing Option.... (Score 3, Insightful) 168

by s.petry (#49741611) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

I see this and am disappointed that people do this so frequently. Yup, on some occasions I have seen AC posts that are deserving of being up modded or down. Those posts are very rare, and points would be better spent on named accounts. If I see two posts with similar messages posted closely in time, I spend the mod points on the named account even if their post shows 2nd by wall clock.

I don't have any issues with people posting as AC, but it's called a coward for a reason. All anonymous people are the same account with no accountability and no ability for anyone else to know if they are having a conversation or trading off between multiple people. The guy posting an informative link looks identical to the guy posting the racist crap.

I don't receive mod points often enough to squander them.

As to the person above you not wanting a history of postings, I find it sad that people are afraid to express their opinions, and refuse to debate their positions.

Comment: Re:NTY - You aren't gonna like this. (Score 1) 17

If you can not make sense of the comments (yes, it is plural) that is because you are choosing to comprehend only the parts of the writing you like. That is exactly what I am referring to where people can not communicate effectively by the way. If you want a Baseball analogy, here ya go. You don't teach a kid to run the bases for a home run without teaching how to bat, and you don't teach kids to just yell "You're Out!", you teach them to catch, throw, and rules of the game.

Programming without the ability to communicate is good for whom exactly? Programming without the logic, ethics, math skills, and other world knowledge makes a poor programmer. Poor in both potential meanings.

And to your "an app for that" have you ever seen what is? It's drag and drop, it's not coding. It is an application that writes code for people and uses proprietary APIs, graphics, etc.. to do so. Sure, you can manually write things outside of the APIs, but as with my comment about the few people strong enough with calculus the numbers don't jive with "everyone" learning. The overwhelming majority of people learning to "program" in school are learning how to use an application.

Comment: NTY - You aren't gonna like this. (Score 3, Insightful) 17

While I appreciate the gesture, I don't agree that high school students should be doing anything more than using technology. There is an immense amount of knowledge they are missing out on because people are pushing tech down their throats.

Here are a couple examples: How many kids today can communicate effectively to an audience outside of their friends? Not too many, because we no longer teach people how to write and communicate. How many kids can tell fact from opinion? Again, not too many because we no longer teach people to investigate and question. We teach them that if a person in authority said it, it has to be true.

So if I teach Bill and Mary how to code in 6th grade, what can they code? Not too much, because they don't have the other knowledge to make good use of programming. The few kids in high school with enough math skills to be performing calculus based physics are not justification for everyone to be learning them.

The push is to industrialize coding so that we have good little workers that know enough to program what someone tells them to program. This in turn keeps the rich rich, and everyone else gets screwed.

Comment: done already, and so? (Score 1) 215

by s.petry (#49726887) Attached to: Trojanized, Info-Stealing PuTTY Version Lurking Online

The check sums are already published, anyone that wants to check can check.

To the other half, I can modify any Windows binary to have malware and keep the version the same. Check sums can fix that almost all of the time. The build information is as reliable as the binary's name, in that it has very little use.

People pushing this gunk are not going after knowledgeable users that check sources (obviously), they are going after the low hanging fruit which could be "got" any number of ways. The latest craze of pushing STEM and IT Security has created a huge set of wanna-bes who know enough to be dangerous while thinking they are intelligent.

Comment: Horse Apples! (Score 4, Insightful) 263

by s.petry (#49721927) Attached to: Book Review: The Terrorists of Iraq

Both your position and TFA's to be perfectly clear. Members of the House, Military, and all of the various intelligence agencies are masses of people with a huge amount of collective knowledge. That "Bob" didn't know something is complete crap, because last time US Security relied on one person was... well, absolutely NEVER!

Saddam had no Nuclear weapons, and the whole story about yellow cake was fabricated by various intelligence agencies to fit an agenda. Everyone in politics and the Military knew it was bullshit, and everyone knew why it was invented by the Italian version of the CIA (which is why they attempted to hide the source). Bush was going to go to war no matter what. It was sold to the public by lots of politicians using every method imaginable (free oil, those damn terrorists, that evil dictator, etc...). The point in the propaganda game is not to convince other politicians of an action, it is to convince the public that the action is justified. That is right, the war was going to happen regardless of public opinion so it was purely justification.

Why do some people that believe politicians are stupid, do things from complete ignorance, and do things without understanding all of the possible outcomes? Well, those same people are quite frankly batshit crazy.

Comment: The real question (Score 0) 185

by s.petry (#49721251) Attached to: Navy's New Laser Weapon: Hype Or Reality?

Can it create a chain reaction popcorn burst and wreck that guys house again?

Humor aside, as you point out targeting is not the problem here. TFA points out the problem, and questions whether or not there is actually a solution. Given the little video I saw, the laser is no different than the Air Force's airborne laser which failed.

Nifty, and sure.. some R&D should go into these projects. R&D != trying to fit a ship with something that has a range of about 1 mile on a clear day. Lasers are subject to all kinds of atmospheric issues.. including a very common thing on the Oceans called "FOG".

Missiles have much longer range, less requirement on perfect weather, and are far far cheaper.

Comment: Wrong! (Score 1) 123

by s.petry (#49719059) Attached to: Prenda's Old Copyright Trolls Are Suing People Again

What they are doing is well within the regulations preventing ambulance chasing. Those are ethics violations. There is actually a good amount of flexibility in what an attorney can be disbarred for in almost every State. The issue is really getting the action started. This one, pulled at random, says (pardon the formatting, I'm lazy but you have the original link).

(1) His or her conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, in which case the record of conviction shall be conclusive evidence.
(2) Willful disobedience or violation of an order of the court requiring him or her to do or forbear an act connected with, or in the course of, his or her profession, which he or she ought in good faith to do or forbear.
(3) Violation of his or her oath as an attorney, or of his or her duties as an attorney and counselor.
(4) Corruptly or willfully, and without authority, appearing as attorney for a party to an action or proceeding.
(5) Lending his or her name to be used as attorney and counselor by another person who is not an attorney and counselor.
(6) For the commission of any act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption, whether the same be committed in the course of his or her relations as an attorney or counselor at law, or otherwise, and whether the same constitute a felony or misdemeanor or not; and if the act constitute a felony or misdemeanor, conviction thereof in a criminal proceeding shall not be a condition precedent to disbarment or suspension from practice therefor.
(7) Misrepresentation or concealment of a material fact made in his or her application for admission or in support thereof.
(8) Disbarment by a foreign court of competent jurisdiction.
(9) Practicing law with or in cooperation with a disbarred or suspended attorney, or maintaining an office for the practice of law in a room or office occupied or used in whole or in part by a disbarred or suspended attorney, or permitting a disbarred or suspended attorney to use his or her name for the practice of law, or practicing law for or on behalf of a disbarred or suspended attorney, or practicing law under any arrangement or understanding for division of fees or compensation of any kind with a disbarred or suspended attorney or with any person not a licensed attorney.
(10) Gross incompetency in the practice of the profession.
(11) Violation of the ethics of the profession.

Items 10 and 11 are why attorneys don't pursue cases of people spitting on sidewalks even such a Law exists. They are also the reason that attorneys have been disbarred for "ambulance chasing". It may be hard to get things started because attorneys starting these always fear retribution (and some of the pot calling the kettle black).

Further, if they are not actually filing court cases and just settling things out of court.. the Police could arrest them for blackmail and press charges. The charges alone could surely result in them being disbarred.

Comment: Re:The two things that have led me to oppose the D (Score 3, Insightful) 648

by s.petry (#49703235) Attached to: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Gets Death Penalty In Boston Marathon Bombing

The problem with the death penalty is that there is no way to repair damage to people who were not guilty of the crime they were executed for. This happens way more often than anyone likes to admit.

With this case, do you want me to believe that rehabilitation is not possible? I say bullshit, especially when the person convicted was a minor at the time this happened with an adult influencing his behavior. Rehabilitation is possible until proven otherwise, and it was not attempted here.

Unfortunately, people in the US have been duped into thinking that the only purposes of a sentence are punishment and retribution.

Never appeal to a man's "better nature." He may not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage. -- Lazarus Long