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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 4, Interesting) 312

Poettering is so very wrong on many things, having a superficial and shallow understanding of why Unix is designed the way it is. He is just a hobbyist, not a hardened sys admin with years of experience. It's almost time to throw popular Linux distros in the garbage can and just go to BSD

Comment too cool for google (Score 4, Funny) 179

My queries in the past few years have never triggered that, so google must not have interest in say advanced compiler theory, aspect oriented extensions to scripting languages, atomicity and failure recovery for clustered filesystem you're too lame for me I guess

Comment Re:Everyone has right to self defense (Score 1) 179

You have some misconceptions.

The militia was all able bodied males, and today is all able bodied males and females age 18 and over. Your state constitution likely will have such wording as my Illinois one does.

"well regulated" in 18th century English meant "properly functioning". Like a "well regulated" watch was one that worked and kept correct time.

You are assuming things without historical and legal context.

Comment nonsense (Score 0) 198

The amount of water on the planet won't change, and all those nations but Palestine have the money and engineering ability to get water. If the people of Palestine ever started using their brains en mass and stopped crippling their own chances at success they do amazing things too. No shortage of water for desalinization next to Palestine. Whole article is bullshit alarmist nonsense.

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