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Comment: Re:For something that's actually happening.. (Score 1) 155

by rubycodez (#46751109) Attached to: Will This Flying Car Get Crowdfunded?

forget it, one big-ass rotor is far more efficient and generates far more lift than a bunch of small ones. that thing has 20 minute flight time, and needs by their words a "range extender" for more than that, a combustion engine. there is a reason basics of helicopter design has not changed in decades, nothing else makes sense.

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by rubycodez (#46751007) Attached to: Will This Flying Car Get Crowdfunded?

I'm not sure your traffic control people should be in the air, maybe they could be in a kind of tower high enough to at least see both ends of the asphalt strips. One problem is that the drivers of these flying cars might anthropomorphize the tower and start addressing it as "tower" when talking over a radio to the traffic control people in the tower. Another would be the difficulty in seeing the license plates on the flying cars, maybe bigger numbers could be painted on the sides of the vehicle toward the tail end.

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actually, no, I'd agree we have enough data about 1920 till now to talk about average global temperature within a couple tenths of a degree C over 95 years. but that's all. And I do agree carbon pollution is bad for a number of reasons even if climate not affected as much as the agenda-driven IPCC and the big investors influencing their actions would like us to believe

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at least I tried and used tmux for two weeks before reaching my conclusion, as it is the preferred ware over screen in my favorite BSD server distro

"Saner keys" really doesn't mean much to me, I learn the dozen or so list of keystrokes it takes to do the job, whatever they are. Most of the commonly used "screen" ones do have sensible mnemonics for those that find such things helpful.

As others have pointed out, screen can do sharing.

He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.