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Comment: Re: Atomospheric toxins. (Score 2) 254 254

Sure 16 cm of borosilicate glass could do the job of holding back 1300 PSI but where is the air conditioner going to dump the heat? And people will go outside through a "lock" in a "suit" to do what on plains of hardened lava? That's a weird kind of hot loving robot's job, exploring the surface of venus.

Comment: Re:Recycle them, Look online on how to. Gosh (Score 1) 189 189

I would argue that a slashdot article with question is one way to "go check online", one may learn things that do not appear in the first couple dozen ines of a google search.

Many communities are hosting "recycling" events that not only take electronics but also printer cartridges, for example. My town has those in late spring and summer. I don't see that in first few pages of google search.