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Comment Good News Everyone! (Score 1) 154 154

I was literally thinking about this problem the other day.

I was day dreaming about the idyllic rustic life living in a cabin in the woods away from civilization etc... Then I got thinking, you know what? I would hate that, this week the temperature has been hovering around 32-38 degrees, which is hot. Sitting in a hot cabin all day doesn't sound so romantic, nor does hiding in a lake all day. AC is pretty much out of the question, as I'm pretty sure it would be too inefficient and drain whatever power you have in short order...

However DC AC (lol new Aussie band name?) might work better. Presumably when it is hottest out when you want AC, it will also be very sunny for your solar panels, which if more less feed directly into your AC might work out better.

Anyway it all sounds rather interesting... OK I'm off to start day dreaming about unrealistic rustic off-grid living again!

Comment One Shift Key to rule them all... (Score 1) 612 612

First of all how am I supposed to yell at people online without the capslock key?

Second, I think most people use the right mouse button all the time regardless of whatever your stupid study says.

However on point for this, it might save some IT calls where people are trying to enter in their passwords, and do not notice that capslock is on... Happens so often that many applications have a built in reminder to check that it is indeed off when trying to enter passwords...

Comment Buggier than Vista? (Score 1) 305 305

That's not good. I mean lots of people had issue with 8 due to poor UI choices, but it was stable. I had Vista on my old computer, to say it was buggy wasn't quite right. It was pretty broken from being unsupported more than anything else. MS HW drivers didn't work. You had to hunt them down individually online (if they had one, or wait until one was made)... So for the first year or so, not so good. After that it was more less fine, unless you had to re-install, as it was going to take you a couple hours to install... THEN about a half a day to download and install all the updates, patches, etc...

I use 7 on my new box, didn't trust the 8 when it came out.

I'll probably eventually go to 10, but I'm not in a big hurry. The one thing I have heard is that WMC is gone with no replacement... It was getting pretty terrible anyway with lack of native support for various codecs... however I used it with a WMC compatible remote, which I assume will now be useless.

Comment Re: So what? (Score 1) 467 467

Exactly. During hot summer months, I'm mostly in a nice polos, cargo shorts, and sandals, it isn't that hard. In the winter I its usually a collared shirt and pants, but it is more weather appropriate then.

We have the opposite issue people all racing to the top trying to over dress to impress. Should have a business casual dress code go both ways... Wearing a suit jacket in July/August for your entry level position? Go home and change you jerk!

Comment USA USA USA! (Score 1) 368 368

Considering the militarization of the American police and how they are getting surplus military hardware, I suspect this is just the Fire Departments getting jealous.

Bird Shot? The argument will be that the range is too limited.

The first step will be to try and retrofit missiles to fire helicopters. However, I'm sure after you load enough on there, it will start to limit how much water you can carry.... Then they will buy separate Apache attack helicopters to escort the water bombers. However eventually there will be cutbacks, and they will have to eliminate the water bombers, and just shoot missiles at the fires.

Or you could probably rig a localized focused jamming device that will screw with RF long enough for the drone to simply crash, while at the same time not interfering with radio communications or at least not for an extended period of time. That even sounds like kind of an interesting problem to solve...

Comment Networking (Score 1) 549 549

Now imagine that the autonomous car in front of you was talking to your car about what actions it is performing, while your autonomous car is talking to the one behind it doing the same, etc... I mean things like visual cues, break lights, etc... are all human sensory information. A robotic car can simply transmit the exact information about everything to everyone around it more less instantaneously. Not to mention they could be sending information of road conditions coming up, etc... ...or extra caution ahead, human driver detected! :)

Comment Users and Support Calls do. (Score 1) 627 627

Home VS Pro VS enterprise

Likely the decision went something like this:

How many issues are caused by a windows update breaking something?
How many issues are caused by users not installing important updates?
How many home users are aware enough to make a distinction either way?

It is a support issue, which likely was determined by the fact that more problems being caused than the other. Perhaps a more reasonable approach would have simply to make it default in the home version, but still changeable somehow. Bottom line is that it hasn't been released yet, so who knows really.

Also it used to be that I did the same, I would verify, or at least look at each update before installing them... This was before there was 20 updates every week. Now I just let it do everything automatically, and I'll deal with it if something ends up going awry. Odds are MS will deal with it in the following update anyway, which is probably the idea.

Comment History (Score 1) 265 265

Yes because if history tells us anything it is that law enforcement officers are particularly good at dealing with violent mentally ill people.

True, the mentally ill patient usually ends up teased/beaten/shot to death, but at least they didn't tread on their constitutional rights...

That said, I'm not sure an actual law was needed. I'm pretty sure if anyone (doctors included) believe that someone is posing an immediate threat to others, they can take action to detain someone until authorities arrive.

Now if they are talking about something not "immediate" or "imminent", then that is something different. If the idea was to detain someone because perhaps at some point in the distant future they might be a threat that is something else. However since they were talking about a "4 hour" time span, that doesn't appear to be the case, it is just to detain them immediately because they think a threat imminent until authorities can respond. Sounds like they just wanted some clarity or additional protection from litigation should they do it anyway, which may not really be required.

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