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Comment Canada (Score 1) 1146

Perhaps unsurprisingly that sounds about exactly the same for Canada.

Bans are not necessary, you just need to make them harder to get a hold of. Also regulation such as making clips/magazines larger than 5 rounds/bullets illegal also makes such events more difficult. Canada also has a high gun/population ratio, however almost all fall into the shotgun or hunting rifle variety. Handguns are rare and regulated (literally) to the gun range.

You can never totally prevent this sort of thing, however making guns harder to get would certainly reduce it, and regulating what kinds of arms you can get could limit the severity of it. In the US where you can probably trip over guns, it is just too easy. When it is hard, you really have to plan and deliberate and follow through over a lengthy period, when it is easy, you go nuts or are mad and grab your nearest 8 guns and 200 rounds and go to town in the next 10 minutes.

About the only thing I would say about Canada in the same vein that needs some improvement, is that while there are mental health services and medication availability, Canada does have a homeless mental health issue, which I see every day. We really need to do more there in that regard.

Comment Re:Only recentely (Score 1) 268

"keep nubile women for themselves"

Pretty sure someone just made that one up...

"Killing children by mauling them with bear"

OK, I'm assuming this all happened in the middle east, were all this stuff was supposed to go down... Do they even have bears over there? I really don't know. It isn't an animal I really think of existing over there... or did they strictly import the bears for child mauling purposes?

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 569

If you are a professional engineer who is part of the association yes. From my understanding this was a software issue. There is a thing called a "Software Engineer" however they are not part of the association, pay no dues, have no oath. I'm kind of surprised that they simply didn't outsource it to India, and blame some poor Indian coder for the whole mess claiming ignorance.

Comment "they won't be building them in China." (Score 1) 535

Why not? I doubt China would mind. Cars are already built in Germany, Italy, Mexico, Korea, Japan, et al. Why not China. In fact cars *are* built in China right now, just not normally for the US market....

Particularly if they initially go for a small niche market, like say electric cars?

Or do you think all the buy "American Made" cars motto is really holding up with the public? How much will that complete with a shiny Apple logo?

Comment PR Stunt (Score 1) 684

Other than as a PR stunt, people on Mars is pretty stupid. The amount of resources required to maintain humans, could be much better spent on other things. Humans with physical limitations, and restrictions won't be all that more useful if they were not there at all. Send up more robotic rovers. Send up some experiments. Lets push the limits of robotic exploration, particular autonomous.

Comment Meh. (Score 1) 361

You don't need an actual X-Ray trigger. You just have to tell them that you have one... How are they going to find out otherwise?

Though I would bet that the standard procedure for this sort of thing will be:
1) Evacuate people
2) Robot Delivered explosive device to set off bomb
3) Let the insurance company sort out the rest

Comment DOTA 2 (Score 1) 281

If I'm honest, the only game I really plan anymore is DOTA 2... I think they probably already have a linux version... Other than that, I am eagerly awaiting the release of Fallout 4. Will that be out in Linux at the same time?

I suspect it would be much easier to transition to linux now from a game perspective than years ago.

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