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Comment Fighter VS Bomber (Score 1) 591

More importantly it was an F-16 FIGHTER (i.e.e equipped for AA) VS a SU-24 BOMBER as that is how it would have been configured, as that was it's mission. It isn't like the Syrian Rebels or ISIS or whomever Russia is against has any air power. Probably hard to win an air battle when not carrying air-to-air armaments, and weighed down by bombs (though he may have unloaded already).

Putin said as much in his immediate news release which said that from now on bombing missions would have a fighter escort. At that point, I am guessing things might turn out a bit differently.

Comment Re:typical (Score 1) 175

1) I'll agree, it was too long. I assume intentionally for money making purposes. The book was like 150 pages long.
2) It is based on a book, one of the most read books in existence. It isn't like the movie was an original work or something. How much "Vision" do you need.
3) No one seems to mention the legal troubles as well, with the Tolkien estate taking them to court trying to get more money, or not have the movie made, delaying everything.

Comment Meh. Already exists. (Score 1) 591

While not probably obvious, I'm sure many such "databases" exist already, they just are not really out there in the public consciousnesses.

For example, the "No Fly List". where do you think that comes from? How are people put on it? What criteria does it take to be put on it? Etc... I remember a story years ago, that Cat Stevens was mistakenly put on the list, probably in part because when he converted to Islam he changed his name for example.

So while people are getting all high and mighty about the topic, I am sure meany such questionable measures have been in place in the US for many years already. At least he is being upfront about it, insofar as any politician can be.

Personally I think it is wrong, and over the top, but then again, "over the top" is basically Trumps campaign in a nutshell!

Comment Must protect Big Ben at all costs... (Score 1) 145

Can't let the Terrorists get a hold of the Internet, the Elders of the Internet would be very displeased!

I can only wonder how many times Terrorist IT has asked someone "Have you tried turning it on and off again?"

"Remember, without 'IT' all you have are errors..." :) --- I should win the internets for that one I think.

Comment AMD works fine for me... (Score 1) 110

I have been playing Fallout 4 since release. I have an AMD card, and have had little problems. I was a bit worried, as my particular card model (7850) was technically below the "minimum" specs, which call for at least a 7870. Which first of all doesn't make any sense, as the 7850 would beat the pants off of the nVIDIA card they listed and several others above that which doesn't make a lot of sense.

When I first tried to play the game, I had to swallow hard, as it initially refused to load, and dumped me a message saying something about my video card not meeting requirements. However I've been playing nothing really but DOTA2 for sometime, and it had been probably a year since I updated my AMD video drivers. Once I went and did that (which took 5 mins), it worked flawlessly. I let Fallout 4 detect my settings, and used whatever it gave me. However on inspection everything is set to "On" or "High" and even "Ultra High", and I have had no video issues with slowness or stuttering, so I am a bit perplexed about the Fallout 4 minimum requirements. About the only thing I can think of is I am not running a multiple monitor setup for gaming, so I don't have some ridiculous resolution going on. That said I am running a 24" on max which is probably 1600x1200 or whatever it may be, so it isn't all that tiny either. I do get what seem like some longer load times when entering a new area (perhaps that is what they are talking about), though I attributed that to perhaps my CPU more than anything else (4670K). For reference I am also running Windows 7 64bit and the game is loaded on a Mushkin 240GB mSATA SSD.

I've owned mostly AMD, and for the most part has been positive.

Comment Citrix; better than the alternative. (Score 1) 43

We've moved to Citrix for a lot of our applications. It works, and is a lot better than the alternative. The applications we have moved to Citrix are ALL old legacy applications that are too expensive to replace. So it is essentially a stopgap solution to keep limping along until we can eventually phase them out. In an ideal world we wouldn't use it, in an ideal world we would have planned for and budgeted for replacements. I rarely if ever see an ideal world however.

You're right, users hate it, however they get used to it. They hate it because they have to remotely log in, and it usually takes a bit longer. That said, they would hate the eventual alternative even more, which would be constant individual problems and calls to IT. It is also more useful for outside clients to your network. Bottom line is it lets us totally control the environment, which with aging applications is essential to them not breaking all the time. Again, perfect world, at least within our own network we would have more control, but again, realistically it doesn't really happen despite best efforts. It also makes upgrades/enhancements/bug-fixes much easier to deploy to a handful of servers, than thousands of computers, also important to keeping old software up to speed enough to keep serving a useful purpose.

So Citrix, while certainly not ideal, is very useful at least in that regard.

Comment Terrorists are Criminals (Score 1) 202

Like criminals they are MOSTLY stupid and uneducated. Both groups for the most part lack many of the basic resources required to improve upon their actions, be it infrastructure, money, contacts, technology, etc...

That is why you hear of stories of bank robbers taking cabs home and the like.

That is not to say that smarter craftier ones don't exist, only that the dumb ones far outnumber them. I have no doubt, the easiest way to catch the smart ones, are not by trying to unravel their master plan, but rather by simply catching the dumb ones that are associated with them. I would bet the Terrorist HR department takes pretty much anyone that shows up.

So yeah, don't bother messing around with encryption, it simply isn't worth the time and effort (regardless of the other larger civil implications).

Not to start up the whole Refugee debate, but this is also something I thought about in this context. First countries should accept them, because in doing so is thwarting terrorist efforts. Preventing people from fleeing them, seems counter productive. Secondly, and perhaps just as importantly,of those that are educated and helping the terrorist cause, I would bet a significant portion of them are not fanatics but rather coerced into roles because of threats to their families should they not cooperate. Should those families be safely relocated, that leverage is removed, perhaps prompting desertion, and making it harder for HR to enlist really useful people, having to depend on more dummies, who make more mistakes, which make them less effective and more easily caught, etc...

Comment Not Fallout 4 (Score 1) 126

LOL! I agree!

Having made that complex point, I'll make two more:

1) Not X-Wing VS Tie Fighter! Jerks! Make that game already! The only two SW games that came close to the enjoyment of that game was perhaps SWKOTOR, and Jedi Knight 2 multiplayer (if only to force choke someone over a bottomless pit and drop them).

2) Battlefront of old really sucked for one important reason. The AI bots were the dumbest bunch of morons ever. You could play a game, and genocidally wipe out billions of AI, and still lose. Conversely, you could do nothing, and somehow win. After awhile once the theme wears off, it kinda makes you wonder why you bother to play the game in the first place (other than the fun of picking of Storm Troopers for a period of time). I have no doubt the reason why the AI sucked so bad was the limited computational resources of the consoles it was built for.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 1) 378

...and how much nuclear material would be required to produce enough "bombs" (Orion Project or something similar I am guessing you are referencing) to establish constant propulsion for a distance of several light years? Even assuming that it is a one way trip, my guess is that it would likely take something like all of the material of Earth to do so.

BTW, something like an ION drive would still need something like a nuclear source to power it anyway. I would imagine that once you get sufficiently far enough away from any solar point, things like solar panels won't be as effective.

As to water as a good radiation shielding I have heard that before. The bonus is of course we need water to live etc... Then again, I am not sure how useful irradiated water is for anyone. The other big deterrence to using water is its weight. If we didn't have to get out of a gravity well it would work very well probably. If we have to heave and drag it up through our atmosphere, not so much. So I would guess the first "mining" that we do outside of Earth, would probably be for ice...

Comment The 132-foot-long, 140-ton. Mine Gap! (Score 1) 84

Sounds pretty inconspicuous to me...

Also sounds like the beginning of a Monty Python sketch... when the countermeasures are to build fake submarine drones for the other drones to follow, and by the end there are just a whole lot of drones following each other in an infinite loop around the oceans to the Benny Hill theme song...

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 2) 378

Crew maybe. Success no. Reason: Propulsion. In order to get to any nearby star is an order of magnitude of less than millions of years, one would have to accelerate and then at the midpoint decelerate CONSTANTLY. By conventional means, that would mean that they would need cart around about the amount of hydrogen stored is a star, not very reasonable. Things like ION drives are too small and inefficient by far. Things like Ramscoops don't really exist except in works of fiction. Additionally depending on how long the voyage is, you need to build something large enough, comprised of things that don't somehow age or break, or somehow cart around an entire civilization worth of material to construct new everything and the knowledge to do so... From foundries for smelting metal, to foundries that create microchips and everything in between. Never mind a close loop system of atmosphere, waste, and food, that has never been done outside of an actual ecosystem designed over billions of years...

Makes for a good book/tv series/movie however, I'm game for that!

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