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Comment Re:Privacy? (Score 1) 776

A private company is a corporation. or made corporeal by the state. Originally granted LIMITED rights in return for LIMITED liability for the investors. Seriously if corporation want free speech, the right to petition government and all the other freedoms they have taken we should just revoke limited liability for investors. Hold investors liable for damages. Think superfund is a waste of tax payers money, think bailouts are bullshit? Pass those costs on to the investors.

Comment Re:$30 (Score 1) 515

Sorry I thought I said this elsewhere but break downs are not the problem. BNSF owns the track and bumps the Coast Starlight off for freight. The West coast delays are about traffic and priority not mechanical breakdowns. Also the hyperloop would not be a pair of rails but a pair of pipes, they would not be cut in or built up on road bed but elevated on pylons. Land slides are not the same problem.

Comment Re:screw the slow expensive trains; go hyperloop (Score 1) 515

I really don't think the Hyperloop is a scam. The greatest savings are in permits, crossings, and compensatory mitigation. A line of dots across the already owned land is easier than a line. Even if the material costs are greater the over all costs looks to be around 1/5 the costs and it supersonic.

Comment Re:a message from Europe: trains are cool! (Score 1) 515

I really don't think rail is more pragmatic. If you look at a railroad bed it can be a 10 meter high dike of rock that goes on for hundreds of miles. In the US they are demanding that all crossing barriers be able to stop a SUV at 100kph. So everytime this thing crosses a road it is going to cost between $100k and $300k. Musk thinks hyperloop can be done for less than the zoning costs of the current design. In california if you damage a fish stream you have to do a no net loss mitigation called a DSAY. in LA they go go $650k per credit. that credit might come from a single acre of land taken out of current use and put back into a natural state. Basically the cost of land in California is very high even for open spaces. If you create a series of dots (pylons) it is easier than a line (road bed).

Comment Re:a message from Europe: trains are cool! (Score 1) 515

The thing about Europe vs. the US. is really freight vs people. People feel good about riding in trains but we move so much more mass so much more efficiently with freight then they do that it boggles the mind. The Economist basically laid it out a few years ago and showed that sacrificing freight for people is just an epic waste. Not that I am not for personal rail but Hyperloop fucking owns. Condemnation in an era when the railroads don't literally own the government is not going to happen. Plus the cost of DSAY credits any time you cross a stream and the cost of the high speed rail certified crossing barriers it ufcking insane and for what? So we can "feel better" about or totally unsustainable choices? Hyperloop is awesome, continuous tubing requires way less support than rail, it is lower impact on zoning, farming, fish, people, and basically everything.

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