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Comment: Re: Invisible hand (Score 1) 536

Because they live on the shoulders of giants and feel they are entitled to the benefits they currently have. They are totally driven by ideology rather than need or practicality. They are also deeply ignorant of the realities of history and why we had institut controls on corporations. "Social security is never going to help me so fuck the old and poor!" "I will be a fortune 100 CEO one day and don't think when I'm rich I should have to pay proportional taxes!" "Corporations are people with human rights who deserve both limited liability and the right to petition government" "Money is speech!" and on and fucking on. In my limited experience the more people bitch about free markets or taxes the less likely they are to have ever earned a living with a few notable exceptions.

If you despair for us just remember 50% of people are dumber than average they just used to die more often before we nerfed the world that's why REAL AMERICANS advocate releasing top level predators into the suburban environments.

Comment: Re: Invisible hand (Score 1) 536

Fuck the invisible hand too. Its bullshit; total unmitigated bullshit.


The Economist Has No Clothes
Unscientific assumptions in economic theory are undermining efforts to solve environmental problems
Mar 17, 2008 |By Robert Nadeau ...The strategy the economists used was as simple as it was absurd—they substituted economic variables for physical ones. Utility (a measure of economic well-being) took the place of energy; the sum of utility and expenditure replaced potential and kinetic energy. A number of well-known mathematicians and physicists told the economists that there was absolutely no basis for making these substitutions. But the economists ignored such criticisms and proceeded to claim that they had transformed their field of study into a rigorously mathematical scientific discipline...

Robert Nadeau teaches environmental science and public policy at George Mason University. His most recently published book is The Environmental Endgame (Rutgers University Press, 2006)

Comment: Re:Let's do the Chicken Little Climate Change danc (Score 1) 235

by F34nor (#49204871) Attached to: El Nino Has Finally Arrived, Far Weaker Than Predicted

Why are you so fucking stupid?

risk = damage x likelihood.

What would the damage be if global climate change is right? Is there 0% chance that CO2 traps heat? Is there a 0% chance that methane traps heat? Id there a 0% chance that ocean acidification will effect us?

I really want to know if you are paid to be shill or you are actually as stupid as you seem.

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