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Comment Re:Self Defense (Score 2) 194

Arguably the availability of precision munitions changed the moral balance from "bomb a city into submission" into the modern sensibility of "only bomb specific targets of military importance."

And I'm beginning to seriously wonder if that works. Drop a bomb on a building containing a few 'terrorists' or similar. OK, they're dead. But their sons and nephews and cousins in the house next door are now pissed off and want vengeance, the neighbors are pissed off and scared and want random bombs to stop falling, etc. So you end up with a lot more people pissed off at you than you started with.

I mean, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan: are they at peace since precision missiles started dropping on their heads ? Nope. With no end in sight.

Look at Dresden, it was NOT nice, but there weren't any nazis OR supporters at the end of the night.

Comment Re:User interface flaw (Score 1) 528

You are absolutely right, but there is still one type of error which is hard to avoid unless yo ualready know the details of the road: road closures at mountain passes in winter. Plenty of people end up in the snow at the end of a small road because the road is perfectly drivable... after june !

Comment Re:This time... (Score 1) 105

Reason number 9,862 why that TPP is a terrible idea, and will only help multinational corporations instead of the actual citizens.

All it would take is to find a way to automatically pit corps one against the other, and watch how long it'd take before those dumb laws are pulled. But I'm not bright enough to think of a way.

Comment OCR that shit (Score 0) 117

Something that should have been done years ago:
  • Grab a 1st version of the page with the usual google user-agent
  • Grab the same page with an innocuous and most common user-agent
  • Render that 2nd page in common browser engines (MSIE, Firefox...), including images
  • Screen-grab it
  • OCR the result (including the images in case there's text on them)
  • Compare the OCRed text with the original
  • If there's too much difference, lower the pagerank

This would solve problems of white-on-white text, text in images, pages different for robots than for us mortals, shit JS, etc...

Comment Re:End anonymity for cash (Score 1) 158

With even the last anonymous payment method gone, the state is happy as it can tax precisely what its worth (of course only those people who can't afford to have all their companies owned by a holding in the crocodile islands)

But then, if ALL movements are traced, maybe the state will finally be able to tax those movements to the Croc islands. Which would be a GOOD thing.

Comment Stop calling it a sport (Score 1) 30

Can you stop calling 'sport' activities that are anything but. Piloting a drone by moving your thumbs around is not a sport. Mountain climbing is. Chess isn't. It's not because you have smelly armpits at the end of the day that it's a sport, you need real sweat for that. Call it what it is: a game.

Comment Re:Is there a downside to upgrading to 10? (Score 1) 665

When you say fugly, that's an understatement. I've never used Vista/7/8, but I switched to Linux instead. There's ONE software I need to use under Windows, so I run it in an XP virtual machine. But the last version does not work in XP, so I just installed Win10 pro in a VM. What a monstrosity.
First you need to spend an entire hour clicking various [Do not send my personal data to MS] in 10 layer-deep trees of disorganized (purposely hidden?) settings.
Then you have to get rid of all the tablet user interface (it's a PC, not a fucking toy).
Then you have to try to make sense of the usre interface and try to make it more (impossible) or less look like the old but simple and efficient Win95 explorer window. The simple menus (File, Edit, Help...) are gone, instead you have a 150 pixel high mix of icons, unaligned text, non-clickable symbols, etc...
The style itself is 'aesthetically pure' or some shit like that, meaning that some designer decided to get rid of the limits between graphical elements. Meaning you don't know anymore where you can click, what is a button or a mere decoration. Everything is offwhite and jumbled.
Then the language. I can only purchase Win10 in my country's language. As most people know, you can debug only in English (try searching for error messages in other languages...). But there's an option inside to change the language. Great. After clicking it and 10 minutes later nothing happened (100% CPU), I killed it a few times. Finally overnight it installed. There was no feedback as to what was going on. And the result is a mix of two languages in the various interfaces.
But wait, there's more. The aliasing on the fonts make your eyes bleed. There's an option to adjust it where you click on various choices, but they are ALL way worse than the default. WAY WORSE. XP had perfectly sharp fonts, why would I want fuzzy looking fonts with random dark groups of pixels inside them ?!?
What a festering pile of steaming excrements.

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