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Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 1) 151

I never meant ugly, but I disagree that "an image is worth a thousand words". If you've never seen (and memorized) the glyph (or the icon) before, you have no idea what it means. I've seen chinese and japanese people type text, I know it doesn't involve unicode, but it's still pretty mysterious to me; I meant that in the context of emoticons.

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 1) 151

Yes. If I wanted to learn a whole bunch of pictograms, I'd just learn... chinese ! We have 26 symbols that we combine to write any word imaginable (even new ones). Learning thousands of ugly-ass glyphs (and remembering their unicode code) is not what I want to waste my brain cells for. That's so retarded. Which is alos why I hate user interfaces that identify everything by icons; give me their fucking NAMES on the screen, not a slightly lighter green oval with two yellow dots to remember what the app is. !

Comment Re:Regulation, but after we feel better? (Score 1) 161

Note that we've run out of antibiotics *not* because we keep feeding them to livestock, but because it's too expensive to make new ones.

That's not true anymore. Several strains of resistance have been tracked down to specific industrial farms.
And to inject my opinion in the discussion: the marketers who've been claiming for decades that it's OK to daily feed antibiotics to cattle, never mind all the indications to the contrary, should be given the death penalty for all the irreparable damage it's gonna cause.

Comment Mushroom spots (Score 1) 109

I'm on a mushrooming forum, and members (and more generally any mushroom pickers) are notoriously secretive about the location of their spots. I wrote a script to download images from the site, run them through exitools to check if there are geolocation data and find their spots. I did find some, but unfortunately none close to home.

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