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Comment: Re: Classic? (Score 1) 373

Then you can redefine the language to pretend to be any of the other HLLs out there.

I won't touch a language that does this for the simple reason that anybody writes his own 'language' with it and nobody can read what anybody else does. And while I'm at it, the whole "there's more than one way to do it" is totally counter productive since 10 programmers would produce 10 different codes and few would understand the logic of the others easily. Gimme a strict language with only one way to do it and my code will be the same as my neighbor and that's great for readability.

Comment: Re:Winter... (Score 1) 303

by dargaud (#49137789) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
I commute on steep trails (on the way down), and I loose a lot of studs on the rocks. Since I have 1000m of altitude difference, there's either too much snow on top, or too many rocks at the bottom. Schwalbe sells a kit to put studs back inside the tire and I use it extensively !

Comment: Re:"Free" exercise (Score 1) 303

by dargaud (#49136631) Attached to: I ride a bike ...

I do miss not having an obvious time to check email, read the news, read a magazine or book etc

Yeah, but you can purchase open headphones with which to listen to the radio (or music) while you bike. The 'open' part is important as you can still hear your surroundings with those, while you can't with 'closed' headphones and it's dangerous to bike deaf. I recommend the Jabra Sport.

Comment: Re:As KDE developer, he's missing the obvious solu (Score 1) 393

by dargaud (#49072379) Attached to: PC-BSD: Set For Serious Growth?
To me beauty is an hindrance and gets in the way. I don't want bouncing icon or transparent windows or hidden menu bars or hidden keyboard shortcuts. It's distracting and make things hard to read. Keep things clear and functional, and yes, I agree with GP, KDE is currently the best for that. For instance [F4] in Dolphin beats any plurely graphical file manager all the way and then some.

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