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Comment I've done it. (Score 1) 28

I walk my dog at an off-leash park every day, and in the dead of winter it gets pitch-dark here around 4:30pm. We have a light-up collar, but you can only see it from specific angles, so I used an arduino lilypad to add some lights to her jacket. The arduino board means I can make the lights be any colour I like, or even have patterns, and (most importantly) I can make them turn on automatically when it gets dark.

Comment Do it. (Score 3, Insightful) 119

Hey, free money. Not like the PI has any permanent storage so they'd just have to stick the file on some chip somewhere, where it can't really be accessed. Not that an .exe would even be executable.

Better yet - ship every Raspberry PI with an SD card labelled "Malware - Please execute immediately."

Comment Re:Hands up anyone who's surprised (Score 1, Interesting) 184

Like I said, I'd love to be wrong, and I'd LOVE my gaming PC to be running SteamOS instead of Windows. But I want to play Mass Effect and Fallout and Skyrim and Tomb Raider and Battlefronts and Uncharted and Assassin's Creed.

That's MY definition of a Casual Gamer - I get a relatively low number of games, but I play the hell out of them. I switched to PC because consoles became a really unfriendly environment for people like me, and Steam is just way the heck off. To play the games I want on PC right now I need both Steam and Origin. And if EA /ever/ lets their stuff go on Steam, well. It ain't going to be any time soon. SteamOS might be an OK platform eventually, but it's far from it now, and won't get to "OK" for a bit, either.

And, again, I would love for it to succeed, but they've been at this for years.

Comment Hands up anyone who's surprised (Score 0) 184

I keep saying this, every time SteamOS is mentioned. I would love it to work, I would love it to take off, and I would absolutely LOVE to be wrong about this, but performance is only one of the ways this thing is going to lag behind Windows. No way is Valve getting all the major studios to port their main games to Linux. SteamOS is going to be fine if you just need to have games and you don't really care which ones they are, and Steam does have a plethora of small/cheap games. But if you want Fallout 4, sorry.

And then people keep telling me I'm wrong and use some games I've never heard of as proof.

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