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Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

There's definitely SOME escapism in gaming, but that's also why I read and watch movies. That said, all those things are designated for evenings after I've done everything else (well, except for reading, I kind of have a reading problem).

When I say "immersive" here I mean I've spent enough time in the game for it to be interesting. If I'm done with the game in a few hours... eh. Just not my thing. And that includes big titles. I hated God of War 3 because it was over in a few days and I had absolutely no desire to replay it. I loved the first The Force Unleashed because even though it was short-ish, it was fun to play over and over. I didn't like the second one because it was shorter and just annoying!

I recently was pretty damn bored and confined to the house due to illness so I did try some indy games recommended by friends - friends I met while gaming, I might add, so I figured I can trust their taste. I played Lifeless Planet, which has a lot of positive reviews. And it's very pretty. But it was basically a platform-jumping game which was just annoying, and the story... the story made no sense. $20 for something I was done with in two days and never want to play again.

I'm also playing Life is Strange. The story in that one is... so far, a bit better, but the game itself stresses me out and I can't connect to any of the characters.

Compare that to a Skyrim. I'm still playing that thing. In fact when I moved to PC I ended up rebuying it - mods make it virtually infinitely replayable.

I'm not just saying "no" without ever trying something. It's just not the kind of thing I like.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

It seems to me like you have no idea of how things actually are right now but you really wanted to hate. Please, stop, you're hurting yourself.

Oh, well, I guess you've changed my life, and magically all the games I actually do play are now suddenly available on SteamOS, rather than... wait, let me count... zero of them.

Again, I am not, and never did say that nothing will be available on SteamOS. I'm saying a tiny fraction of AAA games will be. I'm saying there are entire studios that have no reason to support SteamOS. I'm saying that SteamOS is not right for me.

Look, if I'm wrong and SteamOS takes off? I can always install SteamOS on my gaming machine. Hell, I'd love to be wrong about this. But it's nowhere near there yet. If I installed SteamOS on my machine right now I would literally not be able to play any of the games I play on a regular basis right now. None. And not just the EA ones. And that will be true in 6 months, and probably in a year, and after that there'll still be games I want to play, but can't.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

Same with PC games in general

The difference is that these games will come out for Windows, which I can easily install on my gaming computer, well before they come out for SteamOS (if at all). And they'll want $60 for that version while the Windows version is $30.

Look, I know that if they set up a build chain, they can do rollouts for Linux with minimal effort. But I don't think they will do that.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

I can't find this official announcement (just some references to it happening), but for the sake of argument lets assume it's there and easy to find. All this does is raise MORE issues.

First, this is not the first time we've heard a Linux version is coming (even officially) only to have it never happen.

Second, even when they do happen, they show up a year (or more!) later than any other version, and still cost the full-price even though they're half-price on all other platforms by now.

So yeah, not helping.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

You obviously do not understand how it works. I never said they they can just build an app to PORT all of their games, the app would allow them to have their own "store" aka Origin.

They'd still have to port their games to SteamOS. And they won't. Again, zero incentive. Call it a chicken-and-egg thing if you want.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

I actually hate labels and kind of regret using that term, but I wanted to provide some context.

I /am/ a consumer of games. I pay for them, and I buy hardware to play them. When I say I'm a "casual" gamer I mean I don't go out there and buy every game ever made. They DO make a lot of games I like, an enjoy. I just don't want to pay $60 (or $40, or $30, or $20, or $15) for a game I'll only enjoy for like a day or two.

My friends who consider themselves "serious" gamers will just buy EVERY game. Whenever there's a Steam sale they go nuts. Not me. I'll happily pay $60 for a Skyrim or a Mass Effect or an Assassin's Creed - games I can play for weeks or months and have lots of replay value. And what I'm saying is that games like that are not showing up for SteamOS. I'm saying I love the idea of SteamOS and really, really wanted to use it and have been following it's development (albeit with extreme doubts) for years. It's just not something I can use for my gaming needs.

I'm not saying Valve need to cater to me. I'm just providing my perspective.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 0) 281

First of all, I've never even heard of some of those games. Second, fine, lets say 50% of... you know what? 60% of Big Games are available. I'm still sitting here not being able to play a bunch of the big ones.

Second, I don't see how EA could make an app that ports all their games to Linux.

And it doesn't matter if the games are on Steam. It matters if they're posted to SteamOS. EA has zero incentive to do that.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 281

Yeah, but that's kind of the point - I need to have Steam running, and Origin running, and if I ever get a Ubisoft game I'll need THAT running, too...

I have a small keyboard and small mouse (I prefer that to an integrated touchpad). Doesn't matter if they're small, they're still here (; The real deal with that is mods and mod management. Mods were one of the big considerations about moving to PC so hell if I'm not going to use them!

I use a controller because it's really, really uncomfortable to use a keyboard+mouse in the living room (: I tried all kinds of different solutions for several months until I settled on just using the controller.

I knew this would be a sacrifice, but I was willing to live with it. Better than the nonsense subscription crap consoles started pulling...

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