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Comment: Re:What? Why discriminate? (Score 1) 698

by GameboyRMH (#49478727) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Scientology has Xenu the space-devil, and the alien ghosts that implant themselves in everyone's bodies...

However, I still think their tax-exempt religious status should be revoked. It was originally rejected for legitimate legal reasons and was only conceded to them because of bullying (via lawsuit-DDoS).

Worryingly, I've noticed more mainstream religions are copying some of Scientology's business methods. "Prosperity gospel" basically copies the way they make massive real-estate investments and buy lavish luxuries for top officials using donations from followers. Some Christian boarding schools basically operate like Sea Org on land. I don't think the time is far off when tax exempt status for all religions will have to be revoked to clamp down on these abuses. Scientology has let the genie out of the bottle.

Comment: Re:Actions have consequences. (Score 1) 229

Came here to say this.

List of Chinese nuclear tests

Furthermore, is denying China access to certain Intel CPUs that much of a roadblock? They can buy elsewhere or even make their own. Maybe even make their own clones of these very Intel chips.

This pissing match is stupid on a Cuba-esque level.

Comment: Re:Strictly speaking... (Score 1) 417

Hahaha you're a moron, it's more like saying "The temperature in Phoenix, AZ could become colder from August to September." It's still relatively hot, but it's getting colder. It doesn't imply freezing. Same with acidic/alkaline. Nobody said the oceans were getting closer to pH 0. And since we're dealing with a system that's already more acidic than it should be, I'd say to try to sugarcoat it with "less alkaline" for anyone who doesn't know exactly where the pH should be is disingenuous.

If "more acidic" implies anything else, maybe you should loosen your tinfoil hat.

Comment: Re:Curiously (Score 3, Insightful) 49

No, government control doesn't necessarily mean a loss of privacy, which I think also helps explain why right-wingers aren't against it: It's a gross invasion of privacy (which at least neoconservatives don't care about, because they "have nothing to hide" and don't mind the government in their bedroom) but it's not any kind of government control structure (in itself).

Furthermore, the NSA roughly falls under the "defense" part of government which in the eyes of the right, gets every free pass in the book of free passes and cartes-blanche.

Comment: Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1) 304

by GameboyRMH (#49431921) Attached to: Obama Says Climate Change Is Harming Americans' Health

Climate change certainly did contribute to triggering the Syrian civil war:


AGW won't cause a quick Roland Emmerich apocalypse, but there are definitely more interesting surprises in store if we do nothing...and you can blame them on whatever you want, it won't keep them from happening.

I've got all the money I'll ever need if I die by 4 o'clock. -- Henny Youngman