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Comment More blood for the gun god (Score -1, Flamebait) 1147

The gun god demands blood sacrifice! It is the cost of irresponsible, undocumented gun ownership. Hundreds must be slain to protect you from a bit of paperwork and the hurt of libertarian feels. The fact that the NSA effectively has a full manifest of every gun owner's weapons in the US (and planet, if they wish) does not absolve you of this sacred duty.

Comment Re:Or something unacceptable to sci-fi fans (Score 2) 365

At the very least, there's a major hurdle of unprecedented height to flying around the universe: FTL travel that breaks the laws of physics as we currently know them.

I think that even if a species had the social cohesiveness to launch and run a generation ship, the odds of getting anywhere before some random catastrophe strikes that eventually leads to the whole ship's demise would be astronomical. They might deplete their home planet's resources from building generation ships before they have any success with them.

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