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Comment: Re:Your taxes at work (Score 2) 501

The US governement can't even get off their ass to build a 30ft high fence along our southern border even though they got congressional approval and have millions of people wanting it

Who wants it?

  • Do the politicians really want it? Or would they rather have an imminent threat of "illegals" to whip everyone else into a frenzy with?
  • Do the rich want it? Or would they prefer to hire cheap labor?
  • Do businesses want it? Or would they prefer to hire cheap labor and sell to them?
  • Do most citizens want it? Or do they not really care?

Comment: Re:JIT Education (Score 5, Insightful) 745

by quintus_horatius (#45077793) Attached to: US Adults Score Poorly On Worldwide Test

You're conflating skills training with education.

They both teach you how to get the most out of a set of tools, but formal education concentrates on the tool that is your brain -- how to think, how to organize information, how to accommodate new ideas and facts. How to use your brain.

JIT training is commonly known as on-the-job-training, and is not a new idea. But it works best when the student is already educated.

Comment: Re:how many recipients are on gmail? (Score 1) 219

It doesn't matter which email service(s) a foreign government uses, or where the mail is stored. What matters is where the email is routed on its way from sender to recipient. There's nothing to stop the NSA from reading the email if the messages or network packets are "accidentally" routed through the US on their way from one foreign address to another. Not even laws protecting citizens, since it's not a citizen's data.

Comment: Neat stuff, but... (Score 0) 65

by quintus_horatius (#44447871) Attached to: Watch the Crab Nebula Expand Over a 13 Year Period

The video was over a minute, watching two images flip back and forth every couple of seconds with cheesy music in the background.

No voice over, no explanation, no real utility to the video. Showing the two static snapshots in a super-imposable way would have been a cooler use of technology.

Comment: Re: Great, now what about phosphorous? (Score 1) 187

thousands of years of evolution have taught us not to bury dead people in the garden.

I don't think evolution had anything to do with that, and there's nothing intrinsically wrong with burying people in the garden. Europeans used to surround their churches with graves, with few ill effects to the people attending the church.

We bury or cremate our dead for sanitary reasons, but I think we confine our corpses to cemeteries for cultural reasons.

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