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Comment Re:Ergo! (Score 1) 452

My keyboard has a firstname
It's M-I-C-R-O
My keyboard has a second name
It's S-O-F-T oh!
Oh I love to use it everyday
And if you ask me why I say
Because Microsoft has a way with M-O-N-O-P-O-LAY

-- with apologies to Oscar Mayer

Comment Re:Yes, pipelined utilities, like the logs (Score 1) 385

more or less

It's a joke. The original text pager was called 'more' (because it prompted you to press a key for more pages). A few years later, a better pager called 'less' was introduced. These are the de-factor text pages on Unix and Linux systems.

My apologies if you were trying to make your own joke, but you actually sounded like you don't know.

Comment Re:Your taxes at work (Score 2) 501

The US governement can't even get off their ass to build a 30ft high fence along our southern border even though they got congressional approval and have millions of people wanting it

Who wants it?

  • Do the politicians really want it? Or would they rather have an imminent threat of "illegals" to whip everyone else into a frenzy with?
  • Do the rich want it? Or would they prefer to hire cheap labor?
  • Do businesses want it? Or would they prefer to hire cheap labor and sell to them?
  • Do most citizens want it? Or do they not really care?

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