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Comment Re:ive got some bad news for you. (Score 1) 91

Fibre is all well and good, but the last mile into everyones home is still going to have to be a cable connection for higher-than-dsl speed

My Verizon FIOS service begs to differ. So do the lucky folks with Google Fiber. In fact, when I used to have DSL my 10+ meg connection was on par with the local cable provider's speeds -- without the terrible latency at peak times that my cable-subscribed neighbors experienced.

Your statements might be colored by a poor experience with DSL. Some installations are better than others -- it seems to be a neighborhood-by-neighborhood issue. It's obvious you've never had fiber of any type, and you don't even mention satellite or metropolitan WIFI. Cable is not the end-all, be-all internet provider.

Comment Re:BLANK noun. (Score 1) 508

Earthican ale. Yeah it sounds cute but Earth does not produce just one type of ale.

True, but any given region or, in this case planet, may be known for a particular brand/blend/variety of a product that is superior to the other varieties, or at least better known. It happens here on earth all the time (Egyptian cotton, Arabian coffee, Spanish rice).

Comment Re:Ergo! (Score 1) 452

My keyboard has a firstname
It's M-I-C-R-O
My keyboard has a second name
It's S-O-F-T oh!
Oh I love to use it everyday
And if you ask me why I say
Because Microsoft has a way with M-O-N-O-P-O-LAY

-- with apologies to Oscar Mayer

Comment Re:Yes, pipelined utilities, like the logs (Score 1) 385

more or less

It's a joke. The original text pager was called 'more' (because it prompted you to press a key for more pages). A few years later, a better pager called 'less' was introduced. These are the de-factor text pages on Unix and Linux systems.

My apologies if you were trying to make your own joke, but you actually sounded like you don't know.

Comment Re:Your taxes at work (Score 2) 501

The US governement can't even get off their ass to build a 30ft high fence along our southern border even though they got congressional approval and have millions of people wanting it

Who wants it?

  • Do the politicians really want it? Or would they rather have an imminent threat of "illegals" to whip everyone else into a frenzy with?
  • Do the rich want it? Or would they prefer to hire cheap labor?
  • Do businesses want it? Or would they prefer to hire cheap labor and sell to them?
  • Do most citizens want it? Or do they not really care?

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