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Submission + - Did Apple Rip Off A Jailbreak App To Make iOS 9.3's Night Shift? (

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: Imagine this: You create a highly popular app that allows jailbroken iOS users to alter the lighting on their devices to potentially reduce the impact of blue light on their quality of sleep. Your app is then essentially copied by Apple, introduced as a native feature in iOS, and your requests to include the fairly basic, non-intrusive app in the official App Store are blocked by Apple itself. Seem unfair? Well, that’s pretty much what’s happened to F.lux – a very highly-regarded app that’s now only available on jailbroken devices. It was previously possible to install it using a method called side-loading without jailbreaking your device, but Apple contacted F.lux in November last year to ask it to cease and desist – quite possibly because Night Shift, a new blue light-limiting feature of the forthcoming iOS 9.3, does exactly the same thing.

Comment Re:Free market will sort it out (Score 1) 254

You're missing/avoiding something here though, the market for drugs is a lot larger than the market for underage sex slaves. Not to mention that there are already people selling slaves.

Now, you could argue that demand elasticity for underage sex slaves is tied strongly to the supply and that if the supply increased then demand would follow but I'm just not buying that, the market seems fairly small even in countries that look the other way when it comes to unsavory business like that (though still somewhat larger than the market in countries that really come down hard on it).

Now drugs on the other hand, even here in Sweden where you could theoretically go to jail just for use of narcotics we still find ourselves with a population where something like 20% have at some point used illegal narcotics...

Comment Re:To head of "density arguments"... (Score 1) 346

Check out the map in TFA, the northern half of the country is practically uninhabited compared to the south yet most towns there still have a citynet of some sort (and for those that don't have that it's almost certain that you can get DSL or wireless internet access unless you're literally living in a lone house in an isolated valley somewhere).

Comment Re:multi-culturalism (Score 1) 305

There are other royal/noble families than the British ones.

And in some cases their names can very well be something like Charles Robert XII of the grand dutchy of Backwoodsia where "Charles" is the "middle" name inherited from some great great uncle, Robert is the first name and the XII is because there were 11 previous nobles/kings with that title who were also named Robert and "of the grand dutchy of Backwoodsia" isn't actually a last name but a title.

This person then gets to choose between "Mr, Ms, Mrs and Dr" for titles and is required to enter "first name" and "last name".

Comment Re:It costs power (Score 1) 264

Well, if you know that you're gonna need more local storage you can just get the model with more local storage. But I do think this is mostly just a case of there not really being all that much demand for models with more local storage. Or rather, there are a lot of users who are perfectly happy with 16 GB so there's no point in discontinuing that model.

Comment Re:The ones who grew up using MSN? (Score 5, Interesting) 127

Where I grew up IRC was actually popular with the non-nerd crowd until ICQ came around, then that became the "standard" until some time around 2002-2003 when MSN Messenger started taking over more and more and remained the top IM client until Facebook became the one social networking platform to rule them all.

Amazingly enough America Online was never very popular outside the US...

Comment Re:And another thing... (Score 3, Insightful) 490

I use a bicycle as my primary means of transport year-round, in Sweden.

The main issue I have is that I often have to slow down not just to compensate for road conditions as such but also for motorists who don't realize that even with studded tires a cyclist might not want to ride as aggressively in winter as they do in summer (by "aggressively" I mean more "trusting others not to run you down after they've clearly seen you" than "break the law", in summer my brakes work flawlessly and if Mrs Soccer Mom or Mr Middle Management in their late-model Volvo decide to suddenly try to bully me out of the way I can hit the brakes or accelerate quickly, in winter such aggressive moves will cause me to fall and get run over by the idiot in question so I ride much more defensively which seems to annoy a lot of motorists).

FYI, I tend to stick to bicycle paths when possible but some have been taken over by pedestrians (who have the right of way on bike paths here in Sweden, "yay") to the point where it's faster and mostly safer to ride on a parallel street than zigzag between pedestrians who are walking four abreast and paying no attention to cyclists and other times the bike paths were clearly laid out by someone who doesn't cycle him-/herself and doesn't realize that looping a bike path around an entire city block is likely to be an unpopular move.

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