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Comment Re:Be Skeptical of Priming Studies (Score 2) 173

It's certainly not a perfect control, but it would be interesting if they ran the tests in the reverse order.

If in that "control" there was no correlation between the people who cheated in the first round and those who won in the second round, particularly if the amount of cheating in the "control" was less than the non-control, you could make an argument that winning in the first round of the non-control was what caused the increase in cheating of the second round of the non-control.

For that matter it would also be useful to have a third group that played two rounds with cheating available in both rounds. Would the total amount of cheating increase or decrease between rounds? Would the same people cheat both times, or would it vary based on how well they did in the first round, or would it be totally random?

Comment A reader (Score 1) 666

"On an average day, more than 20 percent of the traffic to comes from a reader who is blocking our ads"

Wow, that reader must consume a hell of a lot of news! If he (i'm guessing it's a he) is causing 20% of your traffic by himself you definitely deserve some compensation from him, but i'm not sure how $1 more a week is going to significantly impact your finances.

Comment Use of language (Score 1) 162

I know this is offtopic, but why the use of the word "tens" in the the summary? Perhaps it's a regional thing (western US here) but the term "dozens" seems much more natural to me. Unless you're talking about the very narrow range of 20-23 items i can't think of a good reason why "tens" would be preferred.

Comment Re:Please Explain (Score 2) 127

That explains neither how the design killed so many people nor what the better alternative would be.

From the description of the problem the only issue i can imagine is them is making the design so exact, and not building in any adjustability at all, that pilots with shorter than average arms would have trouble reaching the controls and pilots with shorter than average legs would have trouble reaching the pedals and etc. However i find it hard to believe that anyone, even the military, even when aggressively aiming for an "optimum average", would be so dumb as to build in absolutely no methods for adjusting the seat/controls/etc. And if they were actually that dumb it ought to be stated explicitly, because it's not a conclusion that a lot of people would jump straight to.

Comment Re:Worse than spammers... (Score 1) 34

But I think ransomware operators are worse, and need to be strung up by the fucking balls.

It's this kind of sexism that keeps women out of the Russian ransomware field.

Actually, if this punishment was successfully implemented then very soon i expect there would be _only_ women in the Russian ransomware field.

Comment Some SW engineering ideas (Score 1) 140

A good introductory SW engineering project? I assume you've already done basic maintenance projects and such before and are looking for something entirely new. So i'd suggest starting out with a very small droid. If you keep the functionality limited it should be pretty cheap and simple to construct and program.

After that i think there are two paths you could take. Since you'll already have experience with motivators it should be simple to scale up a little and create some kind of vehicle. I would suggest a small one person speeder. Alternately if you're willing to branch out into high energy physics you could try to create your own blaster.

And if you're really ambitious and willing to learn both fields you could eventually work up to building your own fully armed and operational X-Wing! After which you'll have mastered all the basics and from that point on the sky's the limit!

(And don't get fooled! Some people might try to convince you that building a lightsaber is so easy that any man-child could do it. However along with requiring special skills that apparently aren't tought to the general public it also requires very rare and expensive materials of the highest quality. I assure you that if in a fit of petulant rage you try to create one without adequate training, using whatever leftover bits of crystal you're able to find lying around, you'll just end up with some crackling, sputtering piece of crap that will vent waste plasma all over the place and won't even be able to hold a coherent beam.)

Comment As usual (Score 1) 875

"There is always a well-known solution to every human problem - neat, plausible, and wrong."

Wanting to help the US economy is fine. Wanting to encourage companies to manufacture more things in the US is fine. This "simple and obvious" solution to the problem would end up causing more problems than it solved. Tax dodging through technicalities, decline in quality and/or increase in prices, US companies moving off shore, treaty violations, and i'm sure others that haven't been brought up yet.

Comment Already duplicated in hardware (Score 2) 123

Almost the exact same thing was demonstrated with evolovable hardware in the 90s:

Programmable circuits were trained through an evolutionary process to perform certain tasks. At the end of the process they performed the tasks perfectly, but the actual circuits that were produced were not understandable or functional under the normal rules of circuit design, using roundabout methods for the components to effect each other that were dependent on the exact design of the model of programmable circuit they were using. Try to implement the same circuit design using other hardware and it would just fail to do anything at all.

Evolution will "make use" of anything it can, even and perhaps especially factors that no intelligent designer would ever consider.

Comment Re:Ziggy Stardust (Score 1) 296

There's Rush's latest (and possibly last? =/) album, "Clockwork Angels." And i'd suggest giving Poe's "Haunted" a try. Supposedly even better if you've read her brother's book, "House of Leaves". (I haven't read it yet, so i can't attest one way or the other.)

Looks like wikipedia has a list of concept albums, though i've gotta say at least some of the items on there seem a little dubious.

Comment Re:I'm Stuck on IE 10 (Score 1) 250

I've seen a number of solutions like that one where the first step is "uninstall the current version of IE". Which as i mentioned in the first post i have tried to do. Multiple times. If i try to uninstall IE via Programs & Features all i get is "An error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully uninstalled."

Also already tried:
Repairing Update process with Microsoft Fix it 50123
System Update Readiness Tool
Manually Reinstalling IE9
Manually Reinstalling IE10
Manually Installing IE11
Uninstalling IE via Microsoft Fix it 50778
Uninstalling via Revo Uninstaller
Uninstalling via the command line from Safe Mode

Comment I'm Stuck on IE 10 (Score 1) 250

Every time i reboot my computer it tries to install "Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems" (despite the fact that i can run IE and it claims to be version 10) and gets a 9C48 error, and it also tries to install "Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems" and gets a 9C59 error. Plus a lot of the time after that the system will slow to a crawl as it deals with a ton of "WindowsWcpStoreCorruption" errors for about an hour. It won't let me install Windows 10, but it's not listed in the updates so i can try to uninstall it and do a fresh install. There is a "Windows Internet Explorer 9" but it won't let me uninstall that. (Or rather, it will let me try, but it never works.) I've tried at least a half-dozen fixes suggested on various Microsoft forums and none of them have worked.

I wouldn't actually care (well, aside from the "slowing to a crawl" thing) except this is on a work machine and i need to use IE for some things for compatibility reasons. I figure at this point i'm going to have to get IT to reinstall the OS (unless i can talk them into just giving me a new machine. =) Isn't having the OS tightly integrated with a browser just great? =P

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