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Comment: Re:The real trick... (Score 1) 825

by Moof123 (#49736273) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

Vancouver Washington is right across the river. There is already plenty of taxation arbitraging going on. Oregon has a 9% income tax but no sales tax, Washington is roughly the inverse. Plenty of people live in Washington and do their big purchases on Oregon.

Oregon taxes people working in Oregon who live elsewhere as if they live here to prevent that issue.

Comment: No GPS please (Score 1) 825

by Moof123 (#49736221) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

I live in Oregon and drive an EV (also have a 30 mpg sedan, and a 15 mpg truck), and find the approach awful.

GPS tracking seems needless compared to just doing bi-annual odometer checks and billing based on that (registration requires bi-annual smog checks for all gas cars already). I'm totally fine with the notion of augmenting the gas tax with a penny or so per mile tax, and I have no issue with raising the gas tax as well to properly maintain the roads. GPS tracking is a non-starter for me. Swapping the gas tax entirely for a per mile tax also does not make sense either, I am all for taxing vehicles like my truck off the road.

I am also totally fine with the tax being weight based if the formula used does a decent job being fair relative to the actual burden vehicles cause.

Comment: Re:It will be closed in a year anyway. (Score 2, Interesting) 59

by Moof123 (#49730913) Attached to: Google Offers Cheap Cloud Computing For Low-Priority Tasks

Google seems to commit to nothing, and everything is rolled out as Beta.

By time they have the bugs worked out everyone has forgotten it and the buzz is long since gone.

Other than search and selling ads I am confused as to where they actually turn a profit? Google+ is a dud, Android is given away, Glass cratered hard, self driving cars are years off (and I don't get it), and whatever their Second Life competitor was is gone, etc, etc.

So is Google just a Search/Ad money machine that can't figure out what to do with its Billions other than make really cool flops?

Comment: Overview, Example, References (Score 1) 244

by Moof123 (#49690181) Attached to: RTFM? How To Write a Manual Worth Reading

The best documentation I have dealt with start with an overview of the process you are going to go through, shows a non-trivial example, and only then going into the jargon filled nitty gritty references and details.

Way too much documentation only covers the detailed references with no clear context or useful examples. Folks in the know are prefectly happy, but folks at the bottom of the learning curve end up very frustrated.

Comment: Easier... (Score 1) 258

by Moof123 (#49690103) Attached to: Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem

How about an easier option of sticking with paper ballots, but having a longer window in which to vote? Having just a day at the polls, one a work day, assures that a fair portion of the population (especially the working poor) will have a hard time getting to the polls to throw away their vote.

How about having all mail in ballots be either be legal to send with a first class stamp or come postage paid. Even in our vote by mail state I find it to be a PITA to get my ballot in since I only ever have first class stamps, and barely use those anymore anyway.

Comment: Matters not (Score 2) 258

by Moof123 (#49689983) Attached to: Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem

By time we get to the polls we get to choose between Kang and Kodos. The real choosing has been done in back rooms by power brokers and billionaires. Low voter turn out is in part fueled by the apathy that comes from only getting to choose between two pre-selected options by those with very different morales and priorities from the rest of us. The candidates on the ballot only got their by becoming indebted to those power brokers and rich, meaning they have to be corrupted as a per-requisite.

Comment: Wiser MS? (Score 5, Insightful) 154

by Moof123 (#49665579) Attached to: Windows 10 the Last Version of Windows? Not So Fast.

Looks to me like they realized a few things:

1) Practically NOBODY upgraded Windows on their machines, they simply got a new computer that had the latest version of Windows on it when their old machine got too slow, died, or was no longer shiny enough.

2) Circa Vista and Windows 8 it became clear that people were actually going with older OS's on new machines rather than adopting MS's vision of how they should use their computer, and still never upgraded. MS was pretty powerless against this. Even their attempt to push touch by tying it to Windows 8 on laptops backfired and people would rather take Windows 7 on a laptop to avoid a touch based laptop with Windows 8 on it.

So MS is loosing almost no revenue by keeping you up to date, but they get to push whatever new "vision" they have on us at almost any time. So we can get Vista'ed, lose the Start menu, get tiled, Clippy'ed, or Ribbon'ed any time they decide to "improve" our lives.

Comment: Re:Not convinced (Score 1) 408

And I doubt cops can deal with them even if the cars could handle it perfectly. Traffic cops make a lot of eye contact to figure out if their instructions have been understood (and many of them are lousy at giving clear instructions too). An autonomous can that fully understood hand gestures may still freak out a cop who just sees a tuned out driver swiping away at here phone. "Cop tazes robot Lexus...again" may be the next click-bait news story.

Similarly I doubt an autonomous car could handle a burnt out turn arrow, detour signs that may or may not actually be active, 4-way flashing Red lights or a power outage where half the drivers ignore the whole waiting your turn thing, and so many other obscure but unavoidable situations.

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