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Comment Send a file (Score 1) 483

Seriously, why is sending a file or blob of data not a better, easier experience? You have to attach it to an email, often with pretty limited sizes and/or number of files. They then live on in my email history.

I want to be able to send files to someone (often myself) or to a specific computer (again often to myself across the room or building). There is a need for this, and things like Dropbox and cloud storage are trying to address it, but it should be a more core function to computers and be simple, and secure without third party opportunities for failure/obsolescence. You can use sharing of a drive/folder, but often I am only sharing to get the file across and for no other reason and would prefer if it was a direct action to see the file arrive with a notification and click accept&save, rather than a passive one where it shows up silently in email or a shared folder.

Comment At-Will Employment (Score 2) 162

We are all temporary employees for the most part. I was told I was likely to have 6-7 jobs in my career, and less than halfway through I am on employer #7.

The gigs might be getting shorter, but we have lived in a hire/fire economy for a couple decades now. Hire when you need folks, and cut them loose when you don't. Nothing new here. There are a lot of headaches with contractors that having employees actually avoid, namely the need to actually plan and think out a chunk of work before throwing warm bodies at it.

Comment Re:Add a $10 / 10 min battery to every desktop... (Score 1) 483


I wish every app would also respond to shutdown requests ASAP. Don't ask me to save, just save it as a _shutdown copy and shut the hell down. A fully graceful power down system for both software and hardware would be great for both normal life and power outages.

Comment Re:PASSWORDS (Score 1) 483

I'd be happy with an RFID tag in my wallet and/or phone plus some facial recognition for all the low security stuff. Just unlock as I approach or as I enter. Add a password on top for the higher security stuff.

Passwords rules need at least to be consistent. At work one system is limited to a maximum of 8 characters, while the other is a minimum of 8.

Elsewhere special characters can't be handled, while the next system requires them.

It got stupid to the point where I now keep hints written down for a bunch of occasional used passwords and user names, which mostly defeats the point of strong passwords. but after a while I just stop giving a crap and just want to get on with life.

Comment Re:No LEDS (Score 1) 483

Totally agree. My PC is in our bedroom, and LED's drive me nuts! I have a routine every evening where I set my mouse against my keyboard, or it shoots a sliver of blue light right at eye level. Then I turn off the monitor or it glows orange. I keep an old fleece slippe on top of my computer that I slide over the power button that glows green. I slip an old Amsterdam map over my USB switch that glows green. Finally if I have my work laptop in the dock I toss whatever is handy over the eject button and status LED's the glow blue and white respectively. I keep an old wrist rest over the laptop power cord that glows white.

WTF man?

If note for the gooey residue I would have used black tape, but have found no good non-marring alternative.

Comment Re:Universal Healthcare (Score 2) 113

They die.

What happens when the private insurance kills one of my relatives through penny-pinching on diagnostic tests or it decides that expensive cancer drug keeping you alive is just too expensive?

They die.

No system is perfect. None.

Our system has worse outcomes for more money than comparable countries with single payer healthcare. ACA has snubbed the costs and put in measures to improve outcomes, but these are just stopping our system from getting much worse rather than closing the gap of outcomes and competiveness that other countries enjoy.

Comment Re:Universal Healthcare (Score 1) 113

ACA was a conservative patchwork solution, and is far less of a clean solution than single payer. It has helped to a great degree in reducing the ranks of the unemployed, and greatly eased suffering for many. It should be lauded for this.

However it was never a 100% solution like single payer would be. It left hospital system in place with their huge waste and lack of transparency. It left most people with the same insurance they had, meaning that for the middle class if you change jobs you change insurance. For most workers their insurance is still tied to their job. Lose your job and you can go on the exchanges and find something affordable (better than COBRA provided for), but you are still likely dealing with a fresh set of doctors in a new network. Anyone with someone in their family going to a specialist, this can be a major disruption.

Single payer was politically too big of a leap, even implementing the conservative invention of RomneyCare nationwide was used as proof of a socialist takeover by death panels.

I still see single payer being inevitable, but probably still 10-20 years away.

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