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Comment Re:Why stay away from Perl (Score 1) 161

- Hard to read code with multiple '$'s and '@'s on every line

I prefer to have variables differentiated (scalars, arrays and hashes) and clearly identified from other syntax or text. It makes code more readable IMHO.

I am sorry, how is $$this->{that} for readability? If you still have doubts please show this to a non-zealot for comment.

- In-place string modification is asking for bugs

You mean string interpolation? This in fact is one of Perl strengths

$str = "There are $num apples".

is clearer and less busy, easier to remember than

str = "I have {a} apples".format(a=num)

No I do not mean interpolation, but all the regex transformations modify string in place, sometimes inadvertently destroying needed stuff. Python takes the opposite approach -- to NEVER modify string in place. Compare
$text =~ s/^ *//;
$text =~ s/ *$//;

text = text.strip()
Perl modified the string in-place in each line, while in Python I made an explicit assignment (normally not needed)
Going back to your example, it's s = "I have {} apples".format(num), and you omitted a semicolon in Perl statement ;)

- Poor selection of publicly available libraries; some have critical bugs that have not been fixed for years

Now you are well into troll territory or you really haven't used Perl much. DBI, CGI, LWP, IO::Socket, HTML::Parser, GetOpt::Long, Devel::NYTProf (not really a module but a totally awesome profiler) the list goes on.

Pretty sure I used most of these. These (and the rest of them) is a pittance compared to libraries available for Python. But the quality of libraries also leaves much to desire, for example this: The Pitfall, in none other than the DBI module having crippled parametrized ODBC interface. There are other examples. Let's just say I was pleased to discover after transition that most of the work has been done for me, all that is left is to connect the libraries in the desired manner.

Comment Re:Perl (Score 2) 161

Perl is awesome for system scripting. It's a UNIX shell replacement on steroids. Nevertheless it is no longer a good choice to use for serious projects spanning multiple modules, accessing database, etc (see my post below)

Comment Why stay away from Perl (Score 1, Insightful) 161

I wrote a couple of large projects in Perl last year, before switching to Python3 and never looking back. There is a plethora of reasons why Perl is ripe for abandonment:
- Hard to read code with multiple '$'s and '@'s on every line
- In-place string modification is asking for bugs
- Clumsy OOP
- Poor selection of publicly available libraries; some have critical bugs that have not been fixed for years
And all this before having to maintain code written by someone else, in a language better suited for one-liner programs.

Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 1) 379

Actually, I think it should be unlawful to make a business case where the actual cost isn't reflected in the price, which could be like this region based split or like printer companies selling the printer device cheap and the ink or toner very expensive.

IANAL but such a law already exists -- a law against "dumping", or selling product below cost to curtail competition.

Comment Re:Answer a question for me? (Score 1) 97

Apropos of nothing, since you're familiar with both neural nets and how the brain works

It's funny but the only reason I understand how brain works is because I know how computer neural nets work. There are many common aspects in both operation and shortcomings.

As far as your question goes, brain definitely has a distinct set of inputs (retinas, sensory, etc), but the output is known as "self awareness" and was not covered in my comp sci classes. It is likely that this development brings us one step closer to a working Skynet.

Comment Windows 10: first steps (Score 1) 485

So I got a new desktop that I might return, so instead of the usual OS reinstall I played around with Windows 10. At some point I wanted to see how Emacs would look on the screen, which was a bit exotic (27" 1080p), so I downloaded a 64 bit binary...
  • Cannot open zip file. Would you like to find app in the app store?
  • This app cannot be installed. No reason given. Clicking on them at random until...
  • You need to create login ...
  • You need a parental consent... Are you an adult?
  • Enter date of birth... 1/1/1925 (just to stay on the safe side)
  • Please enter a credit card number to prove your adulthood

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