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Comment Re:The moderation system needs massive changes. (Score 1) 1304

That merely indicates that they are... popular. There is a smooth transition between "troll" and "i disagree" and there is no discrete distinction that can be easily made. I often read the comment "There is no "I disagree" moderation on Slashdot." Maybe adding "I disagree" down-mod can make things a little more explicit.

Comment Re:The moderation system needs massive changes. (Score 4, Insightful) 1304

Second of all, there should be no concept of a downmod.

Without downmod SlashDot will become a dumpster diving experience. I find the StackExchange system interesting, where each downmod costs you a little karma. I am not advocating it, as there is probably more trolls than modders on this site at any given time. On the other hand, the downmodding of unpopular opinions is vicious.

Comment Re:Private Profit, Public Costs much? (Score 1) 442


4. The dispute process for transactions.

Are you saying that Vigilant is also handling disputes of the payments to itself? This is even before I mention using state police as private debt collector goons, who are also armed, have license to kill and to deprive of liberty. All of this sounds like a sci-fi horror story.

Comment Re:No challenging time at all (Score 1) 184

We are coming to the end, though it may still take 100s or 1000s of years, of the primitive aggressive parts of our brains running our society.

Aggressive parts are there to give you a chance at natural selection. It cannot be abolished. Just because we stopped spearing people we don't like does not mean we stopped reaping benefits of sometimes being aggressive.

Comment Re:Just skip it. (Score 1) 287

1) Sex is expensive....you are married, which is the most expensive

Unless your wife makes more than you do. What do you need money for, anyway? Cannot take it to your grave.

2) ...Include the time invested in managing one's appearance, finances, etc.,

And normally you don't need to manage either? Might save on rent as well in #1 and move into a cardboard box.

3) Sex is dangerous.

Do it with a steady GF or your legal GF. Avoid putting it in other men if you can help it.

No matter how much you get, you still want more.

Do it daily or something? Add a productive use of lunch hour?

5) Sex is gross

So is eating, pooping, and beings made of meat

6) Sex is not necessary.

it is not

friendship cures loneliness whereas romance does not

Unless your SO is also your friend, which makes the whole "research" kinda meaningless

One does not need any puritanical/religious beliefs to see that it is in one's selfish best-interest to avoid sex altogether.

Completely true. And that is why we don't put it into everything that moves. However, if you go overboard with it your self-interest might come to an untimely end with nobody to take the flag -- which still is a perfectly valid choice.

Comment Re:Bootlegging Is Newsworthy? (Score 1) 108

So if your company produces entertainment videos, and you somehow magically prohibited Cubans from copying your videos, stopped the crime in its tracks, would your pay period look $0.01 better? No! Your entertainment is probably barely worth the time it takes to watch it, no sane person from a poor country would ever shell out for it.

Comment Re:Lack of choice is the main reason (Score 1) 358

For smallish web-oriented apps and internal scripting there are choices like Php, Python, Perl, and Ruby. But if you want a compiled language

All of the above are compiled at execution time, and can also be compiled to an executable if desired. Also, why on earth would you want a compiled language in the first place -- need to be compiled is a necessary evil, not an advantage.

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 358

vastly better than the scripting languages, even Python. The ability to find problems at compile time is very important indeed

I run lint after every edit in Python. Should be vastly better than compile at finding errors. Need to get Emacs to auto-run for me.

Comment VLC on Android saved my ass today (Score 1) 44

I needed a reliable playback of an MP3 file with ability to to seek for my child's school presentation. Lately I noticed being incapable of doing the simpliests of tasks on Android unless it is handled by the pre-installed software. Something as obvious as drawing on a photo or an MP3 playback result in hours of wading through the junk yard known as the Google Play. There is all sorts of bloatware, spyware, apps that cannot open a file, apps that cannot save a file and everything in between. I got too spoiled by "apt-get install".

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

this study shows that after herbicide-resistant GMO crop is treated with herbicide, rats die from cancer. It is not the GMO itself, but the fact that they make GMO crops to be herbicide-resistant in the first place, cancer is indirectly the result of using it.

Obviously, there is no conclusive research proving that GMO is harmful, or it would not be peddled to us so aggressively. There are, however, a few caveats:
1. The side effects could take decades to develop
2. Side effects cannot be linked to GMO. Let's say people are dying of cancer, but since GMO is not labelled it is hard to collect relevant statistics.
3. Since GMO is linked to corporate profits, the corporations can cut financing to public GMO research via bribe err...lobbying. They do forbid export of GMO to Europe, maybe the Europeans found something?

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

Mad cow disease is a good example of how what you eat can look and taste well and be approved by the FDA, yet kill you long term in the most unexpected way. As far as mad cow being predicted beforehand -- there is plenty of research out there indicating potential problems woth GM, yet it is being brushed off, because money talks.

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