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Comment: The Problem of Democracy: (Score 1) 212 212

They often change their policies on a turn of an election or public opinion.

In fact, less democratic forces often embolden their followers by saying that the democratic countries will lose interest or determination and give them a victory by default. They're often right.

Absent some sort of very strong constitutional guarantee, Assange would be one election (or one cabinet meeting) from being deported.

It's unlikely that the Russians will be making up with the US any time soon even if Putin died or was replaced, so he should stay there.

Comment: The horse named Elvis has left the building! (Score 2) 91 91

And the horse seems to be happily running free somewhere thousands of miles beyond the barn door.

If this works like many IT security efforts, we'll spend millions replacing the barn door with a bank vault door. And then leave the window next to it open

Comment: Re:Who is getting fired for this? (Score 1) 266 266

"but is an insult not because homosexuality is 'bad'"


So, you're telling me that if a presidential candidate called someone a cocksucker do you think they'd be able to weasel out of it being an implied slam on gays? Really? What planet are you on?

You need to do a better job of rationalization there, bub.

Comment: Re:Who is getting fired for this? (Score -1, Flamebait) 266 266


So.. We use a term that's an implied reference to gays as our insult of choice? Why don't you just come out and call him a faggot like you really mean and have done with it. That way it's clear what you're saying.

Yeah. You're a real progressive there, bub.

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