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Comment Re:Locality of self. (Score 4, Insightful) 269

I mostly agree, but will mumble a bit.

I'm not even sure that the incremental replacement method would "work".

Defining what we mean by "it worked" when it comes to something judged by subjective experience only is very squishy on whether it really worked, or you just think it worked.

Since we can't even define consciousness well yet, and good luck on The Hard Problem, I'd instead say it doesn't look hopeful, but the jury is still out.

Comment Societal Priorities Are Weird: (Score 2) 125

I doubt Amazon would ban a book detailing how to do a real world harm, say: A detailed manual on how to loot a corporate pension fund and defer the retirement health insurance payments until bankruptcy can be declared. All without getting prosecuted for it. (And, I'd agree that odious though it was, a book about it shouldn't be prohibited.)

But, we can get all bent out of shape and restrict things, especially sex, that meets someone's definition of "icky" or "scary", regardless that it's fiction about things that do not exist outside of human imaginations.

I'm reminded of a person who, when looking for a roommate at college was visibly overstressed by worry that I had a copy of the DnD Players Guide. He assured me that the demons could use the pictures on the cover to come into our world.

I was glad he didn't want to be a roommate, as I was convinced he was mental.

How is this getting bent out of shape over something fictional much different?

Comment Re:And eventually, you have to come out of it .... (Score 1) 286

"Alternatively, you can die a bit later than the rest of humanity"

Isn't that already the case on the day you are born?

Humanity shouldn't just give up. but hey, if you personally want to, that's your karma.

If you're in a city, you're largely screwed. If the initial attack doesn't get you, the collapse of the food production and transport systems will.

But, if you are rural and can get through the first few months, much of the fallout hazard decays away, what's left of society responds as best it can and you might make it. Not easily, but hey, being a hunter gatherer isn't all that easy (or even more so, a subsistence farmer without fossil fuel powered machinery).

Humans overestimate their ability to screw mother nature up. We can screw our modern society selves up quite thoroughly. We're a long ways down from our peak arsenals, and On The Beach notwithstanding, I've never been convinced you'd have made humanity extinct even then, let alone the apocalyptic predictions that you'd end life on earth.

The energy from even the worst possible exchange at the height of the arsenals is tiny compared to the flows of energy in nature. It just is delivered extremely quickly and in ways that are very good at killing people.

Even human caused global warming comes under that limitation. Nature's been through global warming that exceeded what we can do and though the species changed it kept on going. It will, however screw up humans in a big way.

Humans are puny. Just try to tear down a mountain range. Nature does it all the time, just slowly. The only reason nature would notice us is that we move so much faster than nature usually does.

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.