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by martas (#47516127) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry
It is relevant when the focus is placed on sexism rather than fuckwadism. The use of sexist insults is incidental. You could convince every person on the planet that sexism is bad and they shouldn't be sexist, and people who are trying to be hurtful would still use sexist insults because they're effective.

And I wasn't ridiculing anti-anti-trans sentiment, I was ridiculing the fact that these sort of discussions so often center around a specific set of attributes (LGBTQQIAAP+) that do not reflect the absolute (i.e. non-relative) prevalence of abuse which centers on them. OP's assertion was that anyone who is "different from a straight, cis, white man" is attacked. Well, Gabe Newell is all of those things, but how much bullshit do you suppose he's had to deal with because he's obese? "Straight cis white man" has just become a moniker for "evil" in certain circles, which is why I'm sure OP didn't even give any thought as to how informative/useful/relevant each modifier was to the discussion.

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His point is that they're not fuckwads because they're "sexist, racist, homopobic, tranphobic", but that they're "sexist, racist, homopobic, tranphobic" because they're fuckwads. Also, I think it's pretty funny that in the list of "teh patriarchy" adjectives, "cis" has become so standard despite referring to about 0.3% of the population. I guess the more victim classes you have, the stronger your case sounds. In which case, here are some other classes you could have used, thank me later: mentally ill, physically ill, young, old, bald, poorly endowed in the genital area, ugly, pretty, skinny, fat, redhead, bucktoothed, swole, hairy, flat-chested, less-than-fluent in the language being used, cross-eyed, far or near sighted, and virgin. And that's just off the top of my head, I'm sure I could come up with more.

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by martas (#47395767) Attached to: On 4th of July:

there were people who got that the big win was content description, not format description, and many of the problems we have today are because too many people lost sight of that and wanted authors to control presentation instead of readers, forcing us to deal with flash and Javascript and lots of other brokenness

Sounds like someone needs to invent the InTeXnet

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by martas (#47350121) Attached to: Facebook's Emotion Experiment: Too Far, Or Social Network Norm?

People use facebook with the expectation that they are seeing a (reasonably) objective representation of what their friends are trying to express or convey. Facebook is the equivalent of the telephone in a telephone call.

That claim would make sense if people commonly held telephone conversations with hundreds of people simultaneously who say things continuously all day long. There are plenty of forums on the Internet that display information based on simple rules like "most recent post at the top". But as long as you, your family, and just about everyone else in the country are using Facebook instead of one of those forums, then the only thing you're complaining about regarding this story is that they, for once, decided to share the results of one of what has to be hundreds or thousands of similar experiments they've already performed to come up with the IR algorithms they have running now.

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by martas (#47349935) Attached to: Facebook's Emotion Experiment: Too Far, Or Social Network Norm?

"Everyone else is doing it" is a juvenile argument that little kids make to justify behaviors that they shouldn't be engaging in.

Ugh, didn't you disgust yourself while typing that out? There was a lot more to OP's argument than that, as you very well know. And that's on top of the Olympian leap it must have taken to claim that a private company tweaking the information filtering algorithms for their entirely optional leisure service can constitute a violation of personal sovereignty, which is a concept more commonly reserved for discussions on issues like indentured servitude...

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It seems like you're paying a premium to get less hardware.

Otherwise known as portability, otherwise known as the reason why there are computing devices on the market that aren't desktop towers. There is a power vs portability vs cost tradeoff, and the Surface is somewhere between iPads and laptops. That's all. I personally don't have a need for something like that, but I can imagine users who would.

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Yeah, I mean, X forwarding is one of those things that you very rarely need, and when you do, it either doesn't work at all because [inexplicable reasons that can't be fixed without admin on a machine you don't own or having to restart a machine that's 200 miles away], or it sort of works but makes you wish it didn't because it's too slow/glitchy. Typically ssh does the trick, sometimes combined with forwarding gnome-open to view images/pdfs/whatever (which is terrible due to the aforementioned reasons), because scp'ing every time is even more painful. All my needs would be perfectly satisfied with something that combined ssh for some cli, and some kind of automated easy to set up and disable file updating utility (like dropbox without the third party server). Since I only ever need this stuff once in a blue moon ad hoc, setting up svn or something like that is just overkill. Example -- I want to run some code on a remote machine that plots a figure or pdflatex's some file and quickly view the output, without downloading a copy of all the code/data. I have yet to find a way to do this that isn't extremely awkward...

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