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Comment Re:Subpoenas and the right against self-incriminat (Score 1) 115

BUT individuals have a constitution protection against compelled self-incrimination.

The San Bernadino killers are dead. So I'm not certain exactly how 4th and 5th Amendment rights would work. There's a good chance that the phone contains evidence that would incriminate others. But these others have almost certainly fled and/or destroyed evidence by now. So there isn't likely a imminent threat to be dealt with. So, what exactly is it that they need?

Comment I still see ... (Score 1) 550

... bicycle lanes in TFA. I suspect that the 'no center line' policy will gradually morph into a single traffic lane, just wide enough for two oncoming vehicles to squeeze by slowly. As the shoulders of the street are re-purposed for other uses (who get their own lane markings).

Beware of the unintended consequences. The reaction of drivers encountering an approaching vehicle encroaching into their lane is to steer towards their shoulder. Never mind the painted bike lane. And even at 'slower' speeds, that can be fatal for a cyclist.

Comment Re:PUH-LEASE! (Score 1) 142

1. The amount (by volume) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is so small,

So this process might work best if installed at a major CO2 point source. Like a power plant.

2. It takes at least as much energy to reverse combustion as you get when you burn something.

This is true. So if you produced that additional heat energy needed to convert that CO2 (ideally from a non CO2 producing heat source) then why not just replace the CO2 emitting process with that heat source in the first place.

I think the people that came up with this idea would be the ones who would build the Eiffel Tower to put a flashing red light on top of it so planes won't hit it.

Comment Re:can't the state do something about this? (Score 1) 208

States (utility commissions) generally regulate the relationship between the company and the customers (state residents). Things like utility rates, terms of service, etc. Everything on the back end (subcontractors, labor negotiations, etc.) works pretty much the same as any other private company doing business in that state or across state lines.

Comment Public Utilities (Score 1) 129

From TFA:

a college employee, who had gone to drink water suffered serious injuries and was declared dead

And then there's a photo of a crater in the middle of a muddy rice paddy. And I thought Flint Michigan had problems with drinking water.

Comment Re:The difference between abstraction and reality (Score 2) 272

where my faith doesn't place any demands on your lifestyle.

Yeah, right. Try telling that to Evangelicals. Go back hundreds of years and try telling that to the inquisitor. You are never going to win an argument with "My religion is good and benign. Yours is evil and superstitious." They're all nuts. As long as they keep to themselves, mutter strange words and wear funny hats, we'll let it slide.

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