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Comment: Re:Hopefully (Score 2) 173

I get a kick out of how many people posting here assume that anyone using FriendFinder is a blackmail target due to this leaked information. There are singles who just might not care if others know they are out looking for f*buddies. And there are married people who might have open relationships.

Some years ago, at an interview for a security clearance, these issues came up. "What would you do, Mr PPH, if someone threatened to publish pictures of you with some stripper?" Being single at the time I just said I'd order copies to be sent out as Christmas cards.

Things have gotten quite a bit more sane since those days. The DoD is quite willing to work with people involved in alternative lifestyles from a security perspective. And many companies would just as likely remove an intolerant supervisor as an employee that didn't live up to some ideal of a Christian lifestyle.

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