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by PPH (#48014141) Attached to: Update: At Least 31 People Feared Dead After Japan Volcano Erupts

Then the exchange rate for the dollar drops through the floor because nobody wants to hold them as a reserve currency anymore. Bank capital held in dollars becomes nearly worthless and lending seizes up, probably much worse than in 2008. When the economies finally recover, contracts for foreign goods and resources will probably be settled in Euros, Rubles or Renminbi.

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by PPH (#48009357) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit

What will happen is that utilities will realize that they are not recovering their investments in electrical distribution networks from customers who just use them to trade power back and forth. nd they will change their tarifs to reflec the new useage pattern. Customers will be charged an energy charge for net power consumed pr paid for excess power fed back in. But the utility system investment will be recovered by a charge for power exchanged in either direction. In other words, you will pay a certain amount per peak killowatt drawn from the utility or fed back into it.

Some people will go off grid. Most cannot affort the cost, space requirements and maintenance of a battery bank and will opt to purchase the equivalent of this function from the local utility. Once the utilities get over their old school thinking of selling power and rewrite their tariffs, they will be happy to provide this service.

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by PPH (#48002421) Attached to: NSF Awards $10 Million To Protect America's Processors

... is a process, not just a technology.

How do I know that some microcode hasn't been added to the CPU/GPU I've got plugged into my motherboard? Is there some sort of independant auditing process in place? Not that this would do any good. Customers of components like FPGAs have demanded methods to secure their device code from illicit inspection and copying. And any audit process would be indistinguishable from such inspection. So that isn' going to happen.

If you buy a router, how can you be sure that a back door hasn't been installed, either by the manufacturer or at some point in the unit's transit? And I suspect tht any attempt to secure such a device from tampering by those evil Chinese would trip over NSA requirements to provide exactly the same kind of access.

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