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Comment Re:has the OP ever read the book?!?! (Score 1) 222

if you can break a project down into small parts

This can only happen at a point well along the development timeline. When you understand the functions and interfaces and have the data structures pretty well defined. Or you'll get groups that all say, "You people start coding and I'll go see what the customer needs."

Comment Re:When you do microservices, it isn't one project (Score 1) 222

If you split one big project into five smaller projects,

You will need someone to select the split points and manage the communications between the sub-projects. And when each is done, you'll have to integrate them and test the assembly. Not that this is necessarily bad. But that mangement layer adds complexity and overhead. Agile might work well in an environment where the sub-projects are just teams sitting in adjacent cubicles, working in the same organization. Where interface problems can be solved by grabbing a few people, finding a conference room with a white board and working things out. But not so well if the inter-project communications involves customer/vendor contractual negotiations. And management starts to get it's panties in a bunch over change orders.

In my experience, management is often selected based on the Dilbert Principle. Not the sort of people you want sitting at the nexus of the critical communications path between groups trying to get actual work done. Not to be totally down on Agile, it does formalize the inter-group communications, giving the PHBs well defined documents to rubber stamp and otherwise restricting their ability to invent new processes on the fly.

Comment Re:Coca Cola (Score 1) 565

The fructose is the reason people can drink Cola and not keel over and die in a few minutes.

So glucose intolerant then. Get your diabetes taken care of, watch your diet (maybe just stay away from pop altogether and lose some weight) and don't expect 90% of the population to make compromises for you special snowflakes.

Comment Re:Coca Cola (Score 1) 565

HFCS isn't sugar.

The sugar cartel is why cane sugar costs so much in the US market. And why food manufacturers turn to alternatives like HFCS.

But most consumers vote with their wallet.

Right. Because our market for sweeteners is being tampered with. Level the market and let consumers vote.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 178

train-wreck that is the F-35 program.

Keep in mind that the F-35 was designed for export. So it was intended to be good enough for foreign air forces to say "Ooooo! Shiny!" but be bad enough that we can still knock them down with something like an F-22 should we have to go head to head with an ex-customer*.

*Having high maintenance requirements works to our advantage as well. A few months after the coup, our newfound adversaries will have nothing but a fleet of hangar queens, waiting for spare parts.

Comment Re:136 lbs? (Score 1) 178

The large muscle-bound types have large leg muscles

...should have large leg muscles. But then you haven't been to the gym very much. The large musclebound guys tend to spend most of their time working on arms and chest. There are a few of them that look pretty good from the waits up, but have little stick legs.

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