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Comment: Re:It worked for a while (Score 1) 145

by PPH (#48925287) Attached to: How One Small Company Blocked 15.1 Million Robocalls Last Year

So I just don't answer the home phone any more unless I recognize the number.

Same here. My home phone is generally used for outgoing calls like emergencies and where I want someone like a bank to recognize me (look up customer acount databased on my incoming number).

But here's an interesting thing I noticed lately: I may make one or two calls a week from my home number. And I get very few robocalls (having kept my number out of most marketing databases). But these robocalls all seem to come in within a few seconds of my having hung up from a legitimate call. I'm wondering if my phone company isn't offering some sort of service to these robots to signal when I'm near my phone, having just made or taken another call.

If the phone company is in the pocket of the telemarketers and actively assisting them, we are going to have a difficult time getting around their number spoofing and other trickery.

Comment: Re:Ed industry keeping kids stupid (Score 1) 211

by PPH (#48915211) Attached to: Why Coding Is Not the New Literacy

Brought to you by the teachers' unions. Your kids are morons. We can't teach them. So no fair blaming us if they can't pass achievement tests. Just give us the raises for warehousing your brats and shut the hell up. And also parents of Bubba The Moron. My boy shouldn't be ranked against his peers. While everyone else is studying, he is winning football trophys for the school. So he deserves the same diploma as all the other kids, with no adverse grades attached.

Most of the rest of the world has figured this out already. Take the high achievers and move them into the fast track. Take the low achievers and send them to trade school. But Bubba doesn't want a diploma from Knuckle Draggers Acadamy when he has to go out and compete in the job market. And no teacher wants to teach there.

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