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Trek Tech That Most Needs To Be Invented Before I Die:

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Warp Drive
  8742 votes / 27%
  6812 votes / 21%
  5649 votes / 17%
  5306 votes / 16%
270 votes / 0%
Cloaking Device
  721 votes / 2%
  467 votes / 1%
"Fully Functional" Androids
  3958 votes / 12%
31925 total votes.
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Trek Tech That Most Needs To Be Invented Before I Die:

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  • by jayspec462 (609781) on Monday December 27, 2010 @02:57PM (#34678128) Homepage

    I voted for the replicator. End scarcity. That'd be pretty wonderful.

    The idea of a teleporter actually frightens me, though. I can't shake the idea that you're actually destroyed in the teleporter, and when you're recreated at the other end, there's an entirely different "you" created, with all the memories of the final copy. However, the "you" that got into the teleporter ceases to exist. And this terrible death happens to you over and over, with the "new you" and the outside world utterly oblivious.

    It kind of recasts Star Trek into a horrible, inadvertant tragedy. Yes, yes, I know. "It's just a show, I should really just relax."

  • Before I die? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by McGiraf (196030) on Monday December 27, 2010 @03:01PM (#34678154) Homepage

    An immortality device, then I can wait for the other devices.

  • More Power Scotty, (Score:5, Interesting)

    by spribyl (175893) on Monday December 27, 2010 @03:07PM (#34678218)

    How about something to power the list above. You cannot change the laws of physics.

  • Transporter. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by RyanFenton (230700) on Monday December 27, 2010 @04:23PM (#34678918)

    Why? Because they're effectively immortality-by-copy. If you can store someone's transporter data, you can recreate them even after they die. It's arguably not the same causal person - but it would function exactly the same, making the story of one's life much more enduring than what we call a lifetime now.

    Even if it were not used like that, merely being able to keep a copy of the minds of those who have died would be a complete transformation of the field of history - being able to have the actual perspectives still available for later generations, rather than have each generation editing what is allowed to carry forward. Being able to truly remember the past through the direct thoughts of those who have lived it for generations later would do much to dispel the constant inter-generational idea of dismissing previous generations mistakes as "they just didn't think like we did."

    That said, transporters are also horrific, in the sense of this video:

    John Weldon's "To Be" []

    But if you can start to accept the idea of "dying" and being reborn as part of your daily routine, sort of like we accept brain cells (a little part of our core 'us') dying as part of living, then it can allow you to accomplish much with your new definition of self.

    Ryan Fenton

  • Re:Wealth Inequality (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Archangel Michael (180766) on Monday December 27, 2010 @10:37PM (#34682152) Journal

    "Wealth Inequality" is by its own just as shallow a cry as whatever you think of what I said. It forbids people from even attempting to give reason why there is such a thing as "inequality" in wealth.

    The term itself says everyone has the same exact worth, regardless of skill, industriousness or beyond.

    but I've been told I can't. ;)

    THIS is where I have a problem. That is exactly why I said "opportunity" in my previous post. You have no opportunity (real or imagined) to be industrious and earn a living accordingly.

    However the "I've been told I can't" line is used by people who are enslaving others all the time, including those crying "Wealth Inequality". You can't earn more than X without being penalized.

    To be clear here, I'm all for opportunity equality, however we're so far away from this that it sickens me. My kids don't have the opportunity that others have, simply because someone else thinks they have more opportunity already. I tell them otherwise, that problems are simply opportunities in disguise.

    To be fair, comparisons between people is never "fair". I would suck as a jockey, is that fair I can't earn a living being one? (Being 6'5" and 250lbs) Not really. That is a limitation I have to live with.

    The moment you start looking at "outcomes" instead of "potential", you're doomed to arbitrary limits that don't exist in reality.

May the bluebird of happiness twiddle your bits.


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